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Chapter 126 – Spirit Stage


As the wind dragon roared, furious winds bellowed and numerous wind blades swept across the sky. The space left behind seemed to have been ripped apart by these wind blades. This powerful attack instantly changed Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s expressions.

The Spiritual Array that Sun’Er had activated was extremely powerful. It was probably on the same level as Mu Chen’s ‘Golden Revolution Soulreaver Spiritual Array’. It was certain that even someone at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase would die if it hit them.

Before this entire thing had happened, Mu Chen was extremely cautious and made Sun’Er hide quietly for an ambush. He had told her to secretly prepare a Spiritual Array, so that she could arrange it once something terrible happens.

Mu Chen knew that Sun’Er had barely any combat experience. Thus, he could not let her fight against others in a head-on battle. Instead, by making her hide, she could finally display the power that she rightfully possessed.

And the current situation proved that Mu Chen’s arrangements had indeed been correct. Without people disturbing her, the Spiritual Array that Sun’Er arranged was in no way inferior to his own.

Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s face changed as they stared at the approaching wind dragon. It was evident that they had perceived a Spiritual Energy fluctuation that even they would fear. If they were hit by such an attack, it was almost certain that they would be killed.

“It’s not so easy to kill us!”

However, Yang Gong and Zhou Li were not ordinary individuals. They never felt despair, even in such a circumstance. Instead, they let out cold shouts as they gripped their own hands. Then, a clump of light was unleashed from each of their respective hands.


A dense Spiritual Energy erupted out from their palms. At this moment, Ye Qingling and the others noticed that a black iron shield had formed in front of Yang Gong. The black iron shield was covered with mysterious engravings, and a unique fluctuation emitted from it.

And in front of Zhou Li, a grey stone stove had appeared. The stone stove also possessed a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation. On the surface, it too had many unique light engravings.

“Obsidian Spirit Shield!”

“Spirit Stone Stove!”

These words were simultaneously shouted by Yang Gong and Zhou Li. Then, the shield and stove instantly let out a dazzling flashes as they protected the two of them.


By the time the wind dragon had finally arrived, it had built up enough momentum and fiercely smashed against the black shield and stone stove. A formidable Spiritual Energy shockwave instantly resounded out.


Two figures were shot down from the air awkwardly. However, they hurriedly stabilized their stances the moment their feet landed on the ground. The black shield and stone stove turned dimmer and finally disappeared within their hands.

But from their appearance, the two of them did not suffer much damage!

“Spiritual Artifacts?” Once Ye Qingling noticed this scene, her heart sank slightly. Just earlier, Yang Gong and Zhou Li had both pulled out true Spiritual Artifacts. Their family background was truly impressive.

At this moment, Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s expressions both trembled. If it weren’t for their Spiritual Artifacts, the two of them would have actually been killed by that little girl.

“You’ll go and capture that little girl. I’ll stall Ye Qingling!” Yang Gong said in a solemn voice. At this moment, he had put away his jolly attitude. The little girl was too amazing. If another powerful Spiritual Array emerges, they would definitely suffer.


Zhou Li also understood this point, so without further thought, he immediately nodded and rushed towards the distant slope where Sun’Er was.

“Stop right there!”

Seeing Zhou Li charge towards Sun’Er, Ye Qingling’s face instantly changed. She hurriedly rushed out. However, just when she moved, Yang Gong had appeared in front of her. He smiled and said: “Little beauty, you should play with me instead.”

“If you dare touch my sister, I will never forgive you!” Ye Qingling’s eyes were completely cold. A dense Spiritual Energy surged out of her body and she attacked Yang Gong fiercely.


Yang Gong laughed. However, he did not dare to be too careless. Ye Qingling wasn’t weaker than him, if he were to underestimate her, then he would definitely pay a price. Thus, he too pushed his Spiritual Energy to the limits as he faced her.


The two of them went all out, their Spiritual Energy erupted, crushing the nearby boulders and trees to pieces.

Just when Yang Gong started his fight against Ye Qingling, Sun’Er, who was on the distant mountain slope, noticed Zhou Li, who was approaching with murderous intent. She was shocked and immediately ran into the forest behind her.

Zhou Li, who was originally tensed and wary of Sun’Er, watched this scene and was completely startled. It was evident that he never expected Sun’Er, who made both him and Yang Gong feel death, would actually flee immediately.

“Where are you planning to go!?”

However, Zhou Li quickly recovered from the shock. Sun’Er was even more dangerous than Ye Qingling. If she were to hide herself and stealthy arrange a Spiritual Array, they wouldn’t have the luck to survive again. He absolutely had to capture her.


A dense Spiritual Energy surged from Zhou Li’s body. Then, he chased after Sun’Er like a gale…

Rumbling Spiritual Energy surged through Mu Chen’s limbs and bones like a flood. As he circulated the Great Pagoda Art with all his strength, he was constantly absorbing the pure Spiritual Aura from the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia. In the end, it had all flowed into his aura sea and empowered the Spiritual Energy light wheel within it.


As the dense Spiritual Energy entered, the Spiritual Energy light wheel expanded constantly. It finally became the size of an adult’s palm, and the area surrounding  the light wheel was covered with lights. It had the appearance of a vast, mysterious universe.

Mu Chen felt the Spiritual Energy within his aura sea increase at an alarming speed, yet his mind gradually calmed down.

With the Great Pagoda Art circulating at full strength, he had finally ingested the last portion of pure Spiritual Energy from the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia.

Once the final portion entered his Spiritual Energy light wheel, a strange feeling instantly filled Mu Chen’s heart. This feeling was as though everlasting ripples had appeared in a calm, serene spring.

At this moment, the Spiritual Energy light wheel had completely stopped circulating. Waves of Spiritual Energy rippled on the surface of the light wheel. Then, Mu Chen examined the Spiritual Energy that had gushed out and gathered on the surface of the Spiritual Energy light wheel.

The Spiritual Energy converged and, once the light dispersed, a petite light figure, who was sitting cross-legged, had emerged on top of the Spiritual Energy light wheel. It was extremely blurry, yet it seemed to be quite similar to Mu Chen. But because it was too blurry, it was impossible to look at it clearly.

In the instant that the petite light figure was formed, a mysterious feeling appeared within Mu Chen’s heart. He immediately concentrated and changes appeared within his gaze. He had actually turned into the petite figure who was sitting cross-legged on top of the Spiritual Energy light wheel.

“So this is a Spirit?”

Mu Chen realized that this was probably the biggest change as a Spirit Stage compared to the Spiritual Rotation Stage. Once he condensed this spirit, he had truly stepped into the realms of the Spirit Stage.

Mu Chen’s thoughts quickly fused with the petite spirit, and he opened his eyes. His figure quickly moved, and he emerged outside of the mandala flower. Then, he smiled as he stared at the Nine Nether Bird within it.

At this moment, the Nine Nether Bird instantly became alert once it noticed the petite figure outside. Once a human reached the Spirit Stage, they would have the ability to ingest a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. In other words, Mu Chen has finally obtained a measure to deal with it now.

It had never doubted how appealing it was to humans. As long as they ingested its Soul Essence, they would be able to obtain the mighty abilities of a Nine Nether Bird. To many powerhouses, this was extremely tempting.


The petite spirit grinned at the Nine Nether Bird, and it let out a malicious laugh.

“As expected, humans are truly up to no good!” The Nine Nether Bird’s black flames instantly rose and thoughts filled with rage echoed within Mu Chen’s aura sea.

“If you want to ingest me, I will not let you get away with it easily!” The Nine Nether Bird spread out its wings as it shouted angrily.

The petite spirit watched the Nine Nether Bird who overreacted and was completely speechless. He said helplessly: “But I never said that I wanted to ingest you?”

The black flames rising from the Nine Nether Bird’s body instantly froze. It was skeptical as it asked: “Then why did you come over here!?”

“I have just condensed a spirit, so I wanted to show it off to you.” Mu Chen’s voice was filled with ridicule. It was evident that he had acted this way on purpose. The Nine Nether Bird had never given him face. Thus, now that he was able to torment it, he felt pretty great.

The Nine Nether Bird finally realized the meaning behind Mu Chen’s actions and anger instantly filled its eyes. The wings that emitted black flames swept severely against the light barrier: “Scram!”

This violent bird… Mu Chen smiled. He said seriously: “Relax. My promise is definitely true. I understand that I would benefit a lot if I ingest you. But no matter how powerful one is, I look down upon people who can’t even keep a promise. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry. If it wasn’t for your help, I probably wouldn’t have a father anymore.”

The Nine Nether Bird slowly folded its wings. Although its eyes were still filled with fierceness, the depths of its eyes had softened up. Although this bastard was quite vindictive, at least he was still commendable in certain areas.

After Mu Chen finished saying these words, he controlled the petite spirit and returned it back to the Spiritual Energy light wheel. As long as he entered the Spirit Stage, this petite spirit would be capable of automatically circulating the Great Pagoda Art. It would achieve an effect of cultivation. In addition, once he started circulating the Great Pagoda Art with his own body, the cultivation would be twice as effective. Thus, this petite spirit was extremely beneficial to his cultivation.

“The Spirit Stage is truly impressive.”

Mu Chen let out an praise. His mind focused as he completed the final circulation of his Great Pagoda Art before finally exiting the cultivation state.


But at this moment, he felt a buzzing sound emerging from within his body. He hesitated slightly and carefully sensed this buzzing sound. Then, he discovered that a sudden surge of information appearing from his heart.

Mu Chen checked the information that was delivered to him and a hint of surprise filled his heart. Had he actually activated something within the Great Pagoda Art due to his breakthrough into the Spirit Stage?

“The Great Pagoda Art that mother left behind is truly mysterious.”

Mu Chen gathered his thoughts and completely read the information handed to him. It seemed that a mysterious Spiritual Art was hidden within the information. It was…

Vajra Pagoda?

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