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Chapter 128 – Spoils of War

Outside of the valley, Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s men gradually stopped moving. Their expressions changed as they stared at Mu Chen, who had complete control over their bosses. Then, they exchanged gazes with each other and stopped moving as well.

He was capable of defeating the Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouses, Yang Gong and Zhou Li, easily. As for them, what were they worth compared to these powerful individuals?

“Motherf*cker. Weren’t you acting quite arrogant earlier? Who told this motherf*cker to hit me?” Wang Sheng, who had bruises on his face, sent a person, who was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, flying with a kick, while cursing. He hadn’t often been greeted like this before.

The person who suffered a kick from Wang Sheng did not dare to fight back. After all, the situation wasn’t the same as before.

“What do you want?”

On the mountain slope, Yang Gong and Zhou Li gritted their teeth. A cold chill permeated from the fingers that had stopped near their throats. It made them unwilling to make even the slightest movement. The boy in front of them had extremely calm eyes. They had no doubt that they would have to pay a bloody price if they dared to take the slightest action.

Mu Chen stared at the two of them and said faintly: “Since the fight is over, we will first talk about the price of fighting against us. Hand it over.”

Mu Chen’s eyes were focused on the symbols located on Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s foreheads. From the dazzling golden color, it was evident that both of these individuals had Rank 5 Symbols.


Hearing that Mu Chen wanted to steal their symbols, Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s expressions changed. They had spent a lot of effort in order to increase their symbols to Rank 5.

“You can choose not to do so. However, I will wipe your symbol away. If that happens, I believe that the two of you will be eliminated from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, right?” Mu Chen muttered as if he didn’t care.

Yang Gong and Zhou Li instantly turned pale. Their eyes trembled as they stared at Mu Chen, who said these words calmly. The latter’s methods were more decisive and vicious than they thought.

“Have you made up your mind?” Mu Chen smiled at the two of them.

“Fine. I’ll treat it as if you’re heartless!” Yang Gong exchanged gazes with Zhou Li and each noticed the bitterness within the other’s eyes. They gnashed their teeth and concentrated. Then, the glittering golden symbols let out two brilliant lights as the symbols turned dim.

Mu Chen absorbed one of the golden lights into the symbol on his forehead. It instantly brightened up and turned into a dark golden color. At this moment, his symbol had levelled up into Rank 6.

After Mu Chen had finished absorbing the Spiritual Aura from Yang Gong’s symbol, he flicked his finger and sent Zhou Li’s portion over to Ye Qingling. When the latter noticed this, she hesitated for a moment. But after seeing Mu Chen direct a nod at her, she absorbed the Spiritual Aura from the symbol. At this moment, the symbol on her forehead also brightened up.

“Now, can you let us go?” Yang Gong gritted his teeth as he asked.

Mu Chen glanced at the two of them and he let out a mocking smile: “You were bullying such a cute girl earlier. Thus, you must compensate for it.”

“We’ve already given the Spiritual Aura within our symbols to you. What else do you want!” Yang Gong shouted furiously.

“I noticed earlier that you two seemed to have pulled out something interesting.” Mu Chen’s eyes slowly scanned the two figures. If he were to use the triple Limitless Death Seals with his Spirit Stage Initial Phase strength, that wouldn’t be something that an ordinary Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse could withstand. However, the two of them managed to endure it.

Hearing these words, Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s faces turned pale. This thief! He actually dares to snatch away our Spiritual Artifacts? Those are our protective items!

“We don’t have anything like that!” Yang Gong and Zhou Li gritted their teeth as they replied.

“If that’s the case…” Mu Chen smiled slightly. His black eyes suddenly turned cold. His fingers disappeared from their throats and appeared in front of their foreheads.

After receiving powerful winds from Mu Chen’s finger, the dim symbols on their forehead actually showed signs of breaking.

Feeling the chill on their foreheads, Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s legs turned slightly weak. If their symbol was erased, they wouldn’t be qualified to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“How about now? This is your final chance.” Mu Chen directed a smile at the two of them. However, this smile made both Yang Gong and Zhou Li shudder. This person truly doesn’t follow the typical pattern…

Yang Gong and Zhou Li sighed powerlessly. They finally gave up on resisting and extended their palms over. A light emerged on their palms and quickly turned into two clumps of light.

Within the clumps of light, one could vaguely detect a black shield and a grey stone stove.

“This is a Spiritual Artifact?” Mu Chen frowned. He looked at Yang Gong and Zhou Li in surprise. It seemed that they truly had powerful backgrounds as both of them possessed Spiritual Artifacts. Even his father didn’t have such items.

Mu Chen was surprised deep inside. However, his hand did not hesitate as he grabbed onto the black shield and the stone stove. The two Spiritual Artifacts resisted for a while within his hand. But in the end, they were suppressed forcibly by Mu Chen and placed within his Mustard Seed Bracelet.

“Thank you for your gifts.”

Mu Chen finally retracted his fingers and chuckled.

Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s faces were completely blue. They stared ruthlessly at Mu Chen: “Boy, since you dare to steal from the two of us, if you have guts, I dare you to leave your name behind. We won’t easily accept this!”

Hearing this, Mu Chen smiled: “Mu Chen. I’ll welcome the two of you to cause trouble for me again. However, you should listen carefully. If you dare cause trouble for me, and get defeated by me again, I might erase your symbols if you fail to hand over satisfactory compensation.”

As they looked at Mu Chen’s smile, Yang Gong and Zhou Li’s hearts jumped. This bastard actually wants us to trouble him? Is he hoping for us to become individuals, who would hand over many treasures to him?

“You just wait!”

However, they could lose the fight, but not the battle. Even though they were already in a mess, Yang Gong and Zhou Li still had to act mighty and cool. They shouted out and immediately retreated.

Once they noticed their bosses depart, the unfortunate fellows below quickly scurried away. They did not dare to stay at this location.

Hidden in a distant forest, Ge Hai, Ge Qing and the others watched this scene unhappily. They were gritting their teeth to the point where they nearly shattered. Originally, they planned on reaping the benefits from other individuals, but it actually turned out like this.

“Big Brother, what should we do?” Ge Qing smiled bitterly. He was completely shocked. Just earlier, Mu Chen had completely subdued two opponents alone. It was evident that his combat abilities had far surpassed any ordinary Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse. If they wanted to defeat him, they would need at least a Spirit Stage Middle Phase powerhouse!

Ge Hai gritted his teeth and his expressions changed for a moment. Finally, a hint of depression emerged on his face. He said: “Forget it. Let’s withdraw first. Right now, we aren’t their opponents at all. Let’s hurry and leave. It would be troubling if he discovers us.”

His heart trembled as he spoke these words. He hurriedly turned his head and noticed Mu Chen staring at him from the distant mountain slope.

“Hurry and run!”

Ge Hai was completely startled. He no longer cared about the others and ran away. He understood that, if he was to fall into Mu Chen’s hands again, the latter would definitely erase his symbol if he didn’t kill him.

“That bastard. Just you watch. We have already spread news about your existence in this Northern Heavens World. Since you had so many enemies in the Spiritual Road, there ought to be someone in this Northern Heavens World who will find you! When that happens, let’s see how you’ll suffer!”

Ge Hai cursed in his mind as he fled. Right now, he could only hope for a powerful individual to take care of Mu Chen…

“They truly refused to give up their evil intentions.”

From afar, Mu Chen stared calmly in the direction in which Ge Hai and the others were escaping. However, he did not chase them down. He already hadn’t cared about a person like Ge Hai in the Spiritual Road. There was no need for him to care about such a person in the Great Thousand World either.

If he truly refused to give up and he stumbled into his hands, all Mu Chen could do was to make him suffer.

Mu Chen slowly retracted his gaze and turned around towards Ye Qingling and the others. He directed a smile at Sun’Er, who was in Ye Qingling’s arms, and asked: “Little girl, are you okay?”

Sun’Er shook her head and pouted. Then, she lowered her head and said: “Brother Mu Chen, I’m sorry. I almost ruined everything.”

Previously, Mu Chen had told her that he would give her a major task. He made her hide nearby in order to protect them. But who would have expected that she was the one that was captured? Moreover, she was used to threaten her sister. This made the little girl quite unhappy.

“You’ve already done quite well. If it wasn’t for you buying time for me, I wouldn’t have had the time to ingest the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia.”

Mu Chen smiled and rubbed Sun’Er’s head. Then, his face turned solemn as he spoke: “However, you should still act a little bit braver next time. Your sister can’t protect you forever. Moreover, you have great potential. Perhaps in the future, you will meet powerful individuals. When that happens, you might be the one that has to protect your sister. If you are still afraid then, your sister could be injured. You wouldn’t like to see such a thing happen right?”

Sun’Er possessed an extremely terrifying talent in terms of Spiritual Arrays and Mu Chen knew about this. Her training in Spiritual Arrays was more complete than his. After all, the majority of his knowledge about Spiritual Arrays was taught by Mister Wen Ling. Perhaps Wen Ling was considered an excellent Spiritual Array Master within the Northern Spiritual Realm, it was evident that he was far inferior to a true Spiritual Array Master.

If Sun’Er was able to be courageous and wouldn’t become a mess in a crisis, Mu Chen believed that perhaps he would not be Sun’Er’s opponent based on Spiritual Arrays.

Sun’Er stared at Mu Chen’s handsome and gentle face as she nodded seriously. Brother Mu Chen was correct. She could not allow her sister to protect her forever. She had to become stronger in order to protect her sister in the future.

As she watched this scene, a hint of warmth and comfort flashed through Ye Qingling’s eyes. She directed a grateful smile towards Mu Chen as she understood the good intentions that the latter had towards Sun’Er.

Mu Chen also let out a satisfied smile. Then, he gripped his hand and light emerged from his palm. In an instant, the black shield and stone stove that he had stolen from Yang Gong and Zhou Li appeared. An unique Spiritual Energy fluctuation was emitting from each of these items at the same time.

Mu Chen stared curiously at the black shield and stone stove in his hands. He wanted to carefully examine his spoils of war.

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