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Chapter 1264 - Luo Li’s Might

When that silhouette gradually formed behind Luo Li, a myriad foot of lustre burst out and gathered into a peerless silhouette that looked exactly the same as Luo Li, just that it had a sacred aura that made her look like a fairy.

That silhouette possessed incomparable beauty, as if it is the incarnation of beauty in the world.

When the boundless lustre burst out, it caused the battle in this region to turn silent and countless intoxicated gazes were directed at the girl with long silvery hair.

“What a beautiful Sovereign Celestial Body…” Countless people muttered at this sight.

Even the Flame Emperor and West Heaven Battle Emperor were briefly dazed by the beauty before they sighed, “Truly worthy of being the most beautiful Sovereign Celestial Body in the world…”

The Luo Shen Celestial Body was famed for its beauty since ancient times.

It was said that there were strict requirements in order to cultivate this Sovereign Celestial Body. Firstly, the one cultivating it had to be a virgin, along with a peerless talent and appearance…

Furthermore, once it was cultivated, the Sovereign Celestial Body and the main body would be transformed.

In ancient time, Luo Shen had relied on this to become the Bella of the Great Thousand World, with many outstanding Heavenly Sovereigns beneath her skirt. Thus, one could see how charming the so-called Bella of the Great Thousand World was.

Thus, even someone like the Flame Emperor and West Heaven Battle Emperor couldn’t help exclaiming in admiration when they saw the Luo Shen Celestial Body.

While the two of them were exclaiming, everyone’s eyes were staring at the girl in intoxication and couldn’t help muttering, “How beautiful…”

While everyone was enraptured with the breathtaking Luo Shen Celestial Body and Luo Li, Ling Feizi bit her lip and looked at Luo Li with jealousy.

“Luo Shen Celestial Body? Hmph, it’s only a Sovereign Celestial Body that wins based on appearance, how shameful for its ranking!” Ling Feizi ridiculed.

On the 99th Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, the Luo Shen Celestial Body was ranked 11th, an absolutely terrifying ranking. After all, such a Sovereign Celestial Body was something that not even their West Heaven Battle Emperor could possess.

At this moment, Ling Feizi also did not want Luo Li to take all the attention, so she formed seals with a single hand. Instantly, countless spiritual lustres burst out and a massive Sovereign Immortal Body was formed.

Shockingly, Ling Feizi’s Sovereign Immortal Body also had a female shape, along with a bright moon hanging behind its head.

“This is… the Profound Maiden Celestial Body?!” When Ling Feizi summoned her Sovereign Celestial Body, it had instantly caused a commotion. Although that Sovereign Celestial Body was inferior to the Luo Shen Celestial Body, it was incredibly famous, since it was ranked 30th! It’s something that only a force like a West Heaven Temple could possess.

Standing on the Profound Maiden Celestial Body, Ling Feizi looked coldly at Luo Li and sneered, “Today, I’ll let everyone see that your Luo Shen Celestial Body is only an empty shell without power!”

Without any hesitation, her foot tapped and the moon hanging behind the Profound Maiden Celestial Body burst forth with a myriad foot of moonlight that pierced through space and swept towards the Luo Shen Celestial Body. In the path of the gentle light, it had left countless marks in its path.

As the moonlight that contained killing intent enveloped the area, Luo Li raised her eyes and gently lifted her hand. The Luo Shen Celestial Body also raised its head and an intense lump of spiritual lustre burst into countless petals.

When those petals drifted about and came in contact with the moonlight, the petals started to grow into flower buds and enveloped the moonlight.

It was a breathtaking sight from the petals in the sky.

Many people inwardly exclaimed at such a beautiful confrontation, but they knew how dangerous it was. Whether it was the petals or moonlight, they were incredibly lethal.

When Ling Feizi saw how Luo Li easily resolved her attacks, her face turned a little more grave. Although her heart was filled with jealousy, she wasn’t a fool, and she had started to treat this confrontation more seriously from the previous clash.

“It looks like general means won’t be able to do anything to her.” Ling Feizi clenched her teeth with a chill flashing across her eyes. She no longer hesitated and the Profound Maiden Celestial Body extended its fair hand out; however, it wasn’t moving in the direction of Luo Li, but to the bright moon behind it.

When the hand touched the moon, a stunning cold aura burst out, akin to a divine weapon that could split the heavens and earth into two.

Ling Feizi abruptly formed seals before her cold voice echoed, “Sovereign Ability - Maiden’s Full Moon!”

Holding onto the moon, the Profound Maiden Celestial Body slashed down and moonlight covered this region. A myriad foot-wide blade aura burst forth from the moon and pounced towards Luo Li.

Under the sharp aura, even space had been sliced apart, and countless Lesser Earth Sovereigns felt a chill down their spines before their faces started to change.

The sharp aura was akin to a bolt of lightning and appeared before the Luo Shen Celestial Body in the next moment.

Luo Li maintained a composed expression without any changes despite the terrifying attack. It was such elegance that increased her charm even more.

When the sharp aura was about to slash down, the Luo Shen Celestial Body formed seals with a single hand, and a spiritual lustre burst out before it. A glittering river started to flow out into a torrential wave that crashed against the sharp aura.

The earth trembled. The wave was torn apart, while the sharp aura crumbled…

Ling Feizi’s eyes turned colder and she brandished her hand. In the next moment, hundreds of sharp auras burst out like a rainstorm, along with killing intent that enveloped towards Luo Li.

An endless wave of the glittering river continued to flow out from the Luo Shen Celestial Body and joined together, forming into a massively infinite river. No matter how the sharp aura slashed, it was all destroyed by the waves.

In just a few minutes, Ling Feizi had already unleashed over a hundred attacks, and every single one of those could even slaughter a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

But in the end, those attacks couldn’t break through the river that shrouded around the Luo Shen Celestial Body.

Astonished gazes were directed at the intense battle between the two ladies. Such an attack was something that would make even a Greater Earth Sovereign change their expression. The two ladies could absolutely stand at the peak amongst all the Lesser Earth Sovereigns, and they might even be able to confront a Greater Earth Sovereign.

But… judging from the looks of it, Ling Feizi’s attacks were powerful, but they couldn’t get through Luo Shen Celestial Body’s defences…

“Do you only know how to defend?” Seeing that her effort was futile, Ling Feizi’s face grew unsightly. She did not expect the Luo Shen Celestial Body to have such robust defences. Even her attacks couldn’t make it through that defence.

“I just wanted to test the level of the Profound Maiden Celestial Body.” Luo Li smiled as she continued, “But it looks like there’s nothing remarkable about it.”

Ling Feizi was enraged as she laughed, “Impudent!”

Luo Li smiled; she did not bother replying to Ling Feizi. Instead, her hands started to form seals.

The glittering river swiftly flowed, it was akin to a massive water dragon that coiled around the Luo Shen Celestial Body.

The Luo Shen Celestial Body slowly stretched out its hand and grabbed ahold of the glittering river and it instantly formed into a longsword. When the Luo Shen Celestial Body wielded the sword, an extremely sharp sword aura soared into the sky, even the mountain range down below had been split into two!

“It’s rude not to reciprocate. Since that’s the case, please receive this sword of mine. If you can receive it, I will admit my defeat.” Luo Li gently smiled and spoke with elegance and confidence.

“Then wait to admit your loss!” Ling Feizi laughed from the anger before she gritted her teeth and ridiculed.

Despite her words, her eyes had turned serious. She had sensed a fatal danger at this moment.

Luo Li brilliantly smiled before the longsword stabbed forth, along with a boundless sword lustre that swept throughout the heavens and earth.

“Sovereign Ability - Sword of the Luo River!” In the past, Luo Li had cultivated a Divine Art known as the Luo River of the Sword. Although the names were similar, they were drastically different.

When Luo Li’s voice resounded, an endless sword lustre swept out, along with splashes of water; however, those splashes contained an extremely dreadful sharp sword aura.

Everyone was looking at this with a drastic change in their expressions. When they looked at the torrential waves, their heart trembled.

The sword aura dominated thirty thousand miles in radius. At this moment, they finally understood why the Luo Shen Celestial Body was ranked 11th of the 99th Ranking of Sovereign Celestial Bodies…

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