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Chapter 1263 - The Two Ladies

Gales blew on the mountain range with two crowds that emanated powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations. Even the clouds had been torn apart from the pressure.

The two parties stood on either side of the mountain range with enmity filled in their eyes.

There’s a silhouette that stood at the front of the camp on the right side. She wore black clothes that outlined her figure and pearly-white skin. She also had a stunning appearance that made gazes focus on her face.

Furthermore, she also had an elegant bearing that made her look like an Empress. Aside from Luo Li, there’s no one so outstanding in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

Over a hundred Lesser Earth Sovereigns were standing behind Luo Li, looking towards her with traces of respect.

When Ling Feizi swept the entire Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, many people were fleeing. Although there were those that were courageous enough to fight, their outcomes ended with them being booted out of the battlefield.

It was under this fearful state that Luo Li stood up and swiftly gathered a batch of people before launching an assault against Ling Feizi’s camp before retreating.

After that event, they swiftly grew and constantly roped people in that were unhappy towards Ling Feizi. In the end, based on her outstanding charm, she even roped in those neutral standing parties. Right now, their formation wasn’t any weaker than Ling Feizi’s camp.

In just half a month, Luo Li went from starting with nothing to having this massive camp that wasn’t any weaker than Ling Feizi’s. Facing such a means, others had no choice but to gasp with admiration.

Therefore, everyone here felt respect for Luo Li. None of them looked down on her identity as a female.

Standing behind Luo Li was an azure-clothed man who had an outstanding appearance and extraordinary bearing. He looked at everyone soaring with fighting intent and smiled. “Empress Luo is competent. In just half a month, you went from having a merely ten-odd of us to this state and we can even start a war with Ling Feizi.”

This person was Lu Fengxian, and he was quite famous amongst the Lesser Earth Sovereigns in the West Heaven Continent. It was said that he could make an attempt to break through to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm.

He was also the strongest amongst those that Luo Li had roped in.

“Ling Feizi is too overbearing, and she is merely relying on the name of the West Heaven Temple. In terms of ability, I don’t think that she is comparable to Empress Luo.” Beside the azure-robed man, a robust man spoke out. His name was Teng Kui, only inferior to Lu Fengxian.

“When Empress Luo gives the order, I will break apart their formation!” Standing behind Teng Kui was a slender figure with a golden lustre flashing from the centre of his brows that occasionally emanated tiger roars.

As he spoke, he glanced at Lu Fengxian with provocation in his eyes. But when he turned to look at the silhouette standing at the front, there was a flash of admiration in his eyes.

His name was Yu Hu, known as the Tiger King in the West Heaven Temple. He was extremely powerful, and when he fought, not even Lu Fengxian could deal with him.

The three of them were incredibly famous amongst the Lesser Earth Sovereigns, and all of them were Luo Li’s subordinates right now, heeding her orders.

Sensing the provocation in Yu Hu’s eye, Lu Fengxian helplessly smiled. Even someone that treated women as grass couldn’t help being attracted by Luo Li. No wonder even the West Heaven Battle Emperor would invite someone like Luo Li as the Holy Maiden.

As the saying went, heroes were fond of beauties. With so many people under Luo Li’s command, there were at least half of them attracted by her charm. However, most of them were ashamed of their inferiority, thus they did not show it.

Hearing their words, Luo Li turned around and smiled. “The three of you don’t have to fight. At this point, we’re just fighting with generals against generals and troops against troops. Just doing your best will do.”

“We’re willing to heed your order!” Lu Fengxian and the rest cupped their hands  together, along with those standing behind her, instantly forming into a spectacular scene.

“That bitch!” Hearing the high morale in Luo Li’s camp, Ling Feizi’s face was cold at this scene and she gritted her teeth.

As the disciple of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, she’s practically like a princess in the West Heaven Continent. In the past, who knows how many people have surrounded her, but it all started to change when Luo Li appeared and her name started to hang on the lips of those elites.

Just a while back, the West Heaven Battle Emperor even gave out a decree to have Luo Li as the Holy Maiden, a position much higher than hers.

This matter had instantly roused the jealousy in Ling Feizi’s heart. So she only had one motive in this trip in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, to suppress Luo Li and shame her.

She wanted to let everyone in the West Heaven Continent know that Luo Li was inferior to her!

“Shu Yu, Shu Guang and Shu Chen. I’ll leave Lu Fengxian and the other two to you three.” Ling Feizi took a deep breath before she looked at the three that stood behind her.

The three of them came from the Shu Sect, a top-tiered force that was supported by the West Heaven Temple, and the three of them were elites amongst the younger generation. They’re even more famous than Lu Fengxian and the rest.

Hearing Ling Feizi’s words, the three of them curled their lips, but they had nodded their heads in the end. After all, Ling Feizi was the disciple of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, so she had a noble status.

“Hmph, I’ll see how this party that Luo Li has gathered in a rush will compete against my West Heaven Temple!” Ling Feizi sneered. In terms of quality, her side was stronger, since her group belonged to the supporters of the West Heaven Temple. Thus, the Battle Emperor would naturally give them more resources, so their reputations and strengths were naturally stronger than Luo Li’s side.

When she finished speaking, she waved her hand and turned into a beam of light that flew out, along with the large group following after her. In just ten-odd breaths, the two parties had already approached.

Luo Li raised her head and coldly looked at Ling Feizi, before the two ladies raised their hands and waved them down at the same time.

“Move out!” When their voices rang out, boundless Spiritual Energy soared into the sky and hundreds of silhouettes flew out, along with innumerable attacks being unleashed.

The violent attacks had caused the ground to violently tremble and some of the powerful ones amongst the two camps flew through the shock wave and found their opponents, instantly unleashing their moves over without any hesitation.

Another group of three stopped Lu Fengxian's group of three and the two sides had immediately summoned their Sovereign Immortal Bodies to fight without any words.

Fireworks exploded in the sky, but each of them was extremely dangerous, with a destructive prowess that constantly caused the mountain range to crumble.

When the fireworks covered the skies, Luo Li and Ling Feizi stood in confrontation, facing each other.

“I never expected you to have some means and gather the losers that were fleeing.” Ling Feizi coldly said as she looked at Luo Li.

“You’ve been too bossy, so there are people that naturally hate you. Speaking of which, it’s all thanks to you that I could gather them up so swiftly.” Luo Li smiled.

“Just a mobbed group.” Ling Feizi’s brows were raised, before she couldn’t take Luo Li’s attitude anymore, “Hmph, I believe hat Mu Chen must be kneeling before Ling Zhanzi, begging for his life by now.”

She knew that Luo Li seemed to be concerned of Mu Chen, so she knew that she could start from that guy if she wanted to disturb Luo Li’s mood.

Just as she had expected, she saw Luo Li’s smile slowly retract while calmly looking at Ling Feizi. Although Luo Li was calmly looking at Ling Feizi, Ling Feizi felt traces of a chill. She knew that her words had angered this elegant lady.

“Sometimes, saying the wrong things and doing the wrong things have a price to pay… and I hope that you can afford it.” Luo Li’s calm voice rang out without any fluctuations. When her voice resounded, a powerful Spiritual Energy burst out from her body and covered the sky.

At the same time, a gorgeous figure appeared behind her, along with a formless pressure that shrouded this entire space. When Mu Chen saw this scene, his eyes narrowed and shortly after, he smiled. “The Luo Shen Celestial Body… it looks like Ling Feizi has enraged Luo Li… someone’s going to suffer now.”

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