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Chapter 1265 - Victory

The sword lustre filled the heavens and earth, along with the sounds of splashing water. Ling Feizi’s cold expression had been replaced with a solemn one, a trace of fear in her eyes. She never expected Luo Li’s sword to be so terrifying…

When the sword brandished out, the sword lustre filled every corner of the heavens and earth and facing this sword, and it’s actually impossible to avoid it.

“Damn it!” Ling Feizi gritted her teeth with a flash of chill in her eyes. Coming this far, there’s no path of retreat for her, and she wanted to see if there’s still a smile on Luo Li’s face when she blocked this attack of hers.

“Are you really thinking that my Profound Maiden Celestial Body is good to bully?!” Ling Feizi bit her tongue and a mouthful of blood essence flew out, containing incredible Spiritual Energy.

The mouthful of blood flew out and fell onto the moon held by the Profound Maiden Celestial Body. Instantly, fresh blood dyed it, and the glistening moon had immediately turned crimson, along with a terrifying ominous aura that gradually froze the surrounding space…

The crimson moon trembled and flew from the hand of the Profound Maiden Celestial Body, unleashing a torrential crimson lustre. In the end, it had turned into a flash of crimson radiance, piercing through space and quickly flew towards the sword lustre.

The crimson lustre emanated a cold aura that even the Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth had turned into ice the instant it made contact and fell from the sky…

Under countless gazes, the sword lustre and crimson moon clashed together a few breaths later.

In that instant of impact, a dazzling lustre filled every corner of this Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield. The mountain range had also crumbled under the lustre.

Everyone around a few thousand miles in radius had fled with horror on their faces, since they knew that if the shock wave swept them, they would surely be heavily injured, even if they’re not dead.

Shocked gazes watched as the crimson moon sliced the sword lustre apart. However, as the sword lustre dissipated, the crimson moon also dimmed down as the price.

Suddenly, as the crimson moon was cutting through the sword lustre, a glittering longsword flew out of nowhere and came in contact with the moon and a crisp sound rang throughout the sky.

Ling Feizi’s face had instantly turned pale with fear in her eyes as she saw cracks starting to spread out on the crimson moon.

The crimson moon had finally reached its limit and shattered apart. Luo Li had calmly tapped her finger in the air with a fluctuation spreading out, causing the longsword that pierced through the moon to disappear once again.

Ling Feizi felt that something was amiss, so she immediately started to retreat, controlling the Profound Maiden Celestial Body. She seemed to have sensed something, so Spiritual Energy barriers were formed into layers of defence.

However, an ear-piercing voice rang out while she was retreating and her body froze. She slowly lowered her head with great difficulty and saw the longsword pierce through the chest of the Profound Maiden Celestial Body, causing the celestial body to explode.

The Profound Maiden Celestial Body had exploded under the sword lustre and dispersed into Spiritual Energy that descended like a rainstorm.

Ling Feizi had also suffered heavy injuries and spewed a mouthful of blood, before her body slammed against a mountain, causing the entire mountain to collapse in the process.

With that, the sword lustre also started to fade and Luo Li slowly retracted her hand quietly on the Luo Shen Celestial Body. Fixing her gaze on the collapsed mountain, she declared in a gentle voice, “You lost.”

Everyone on the battlefield was dumbfounded. No one expected that despite everything Ling Feizi did, she still wouldn’t be able to withstand Luo Li’s attack. Evidently, Luo Li was the final victor.

Rocks fell from the mountain before Ling Feizi’s silhouette appeared with a trace of blood on the corner of her lips. Her eyes flashed with unwillingness and she gritted her teeth. “I did not admit defeat!”

However, Luo Li did not pay further attention to her, but waved her hand. Her Spiritual Energy flew out and Battle Seals started to fly out of Ling Feizi’s sleeve.

When Ling Feizi saw this, she was angered to the point that she spewed another mouthful of blood. Being heavily injured, she no longer had the power to compete with Luo Li anymore.

When all her Battle Seals were seized, Ling Feizi’s surroundings started to fluctuate. She was about to be kicked out of the battlefield. She directed her hateful gaze at Luo Li and gritted her teeth. “Luo Li, just you wait! I will defeat you, one day!”

However, Luo Li wasn’t even bothered by her speech.

In the end, Ling Feizi’s silhouette disappeared into a spatial vortex, since she had lost her qualification.

After defeating Ling Feizi, Luo Li directed her gaze at the camp of Ling Feizi and tapped her foot. The Luo Shen Celestial Body flew out along with her. A sharp sword lustre soared into the sky once again, enveloping towards those Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

Facing Luo Li’s attack, the three from the Shu Sect bitterly smiled, and after a brief struggle in their hearts, they realised that even if they joined hands together, it wouldn’t be possible for them to fight with the Luo Shen Celestial Body.

“We admit defeat!” After realising the cruel reality, the three of them could only surrender. hey understood that Luo Li wasn’t someone that a Lesser Earth Sovereign could confront. Right now, she’s most likely the strongest Lesser Earth Sovereign in the West Heaven Continent, with a massive gap between her and them!

They bitterly smiled at this reality. They were elites, but after seeing Luo Li, they understood that there’s always someone stronger than them.

When the three of them surrendered, Luo Li also stopped and stood on the Luo Shen Celestial Body, looking at them. The three elites of the Shu Sect could only toss out all the Battle Seals in their possession in depression.

When Lu Fengxian’s group of three saw how Luo Li made the three from Shu Sect surrender so easily, their faces were plastered with complicated expressions.

Such a beauty was fit to be known as a matchless genius. Although they’re also known as geniuses, they knew how laughable that was today.

Facing the peerless beauty, even someone as prideful as Lu Fengxian felt ashamed of his inferiority. How could anyone match up to such beauty?

Yu Hu also bitterly smiled, suppressing the admiration in his heart.

How is that Mu Chen worthy of her favour…? They exchanged a look and sighed in their hearts. At this moment, they felt endlessly jealous of Mu Chen.

“Anyone still want to fight?” While the three of them sighed, Luo Li turned to look at the Lesser Earth Sovereigns from Ling Feizi’s camp and her voice gently resounded, causing many people’s faces to turn dark.

Coming this far, how could they not tell that they stood in the wrong camp? With Ling Feizi’s defeat, they would also pay the price for standing with the wrong camp.

Facing this situation, many people had their hearts turn cold, but they could only hand out the Battle Seals before leaving the battlefield.

In just a few minutes, Ling Feizi’s camp had been reduced to barely thirty. They were those that didn’t want to give up and even tried to flee.

Luo Li waved her hand and over a hundred silhouettes flew out. The time for an incense to burn later, those people had all been cleared out.

Right now, only Luo Li’s camp remained in this Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield. They handed over all of the other camp’s Battle Seals, which amounted to over a few hundred.

Luo Li took out her Battle Seals, as well. She looked around and smiled. “Since we have won, we will distribute based on contributions.”

Everyone nodded their heads, since their contributions were all recorded. Thus, they immediately made their move and obtained the amount of Battle Seals that they’re entitled to.

Ten-odd breaths later, there were only eighty-odd Battle Seals floating in the sky that belonged to Luo Li.

However, she did not touch those Battle Seals. She waved her hand and distributed her Battle Seals away.

Everyone wasn’t surprised by her actions, since they knew what that meant. Luo Li gave up on her Battle Seals, since she needed the quota.

No one objected to this, since it was all within expectations. Furthermore, only Luo Li could be qualified to obtain that quota with her strength.

If it wasn’t for Luo Li, they would have already been kicked out of the battlefield by Ling Feizi. How else could they obtain so many Battle Seals to exchange for treasures?

Thus, everyone faced Luo Li and said in respectful voices, “We express our gratitude to Empress Luo!”

After exchanging for treasures, everyone started to leave the battlefield, aside from Luo Li. Evidently, the final victor of this Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield had an owner now.

Raising her face, Luo Li looked in the void and smiled. It was a gorgeous smile that could topple any empire. Although she had no idea about the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield’s situation, she had a feeling that Mu Chen had won.

Because, right from the beginning, she had absolute trust in him…

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