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Chapter 1262 - Battlefield that belongs to the two ladies

Mu Chen could sense a spatial fluctuation when the battlefield distorted. When his gaze lit up, he could hear ear-deafening cheers that resounded from the surroundings.

When Mu Chen swept his gaze out, he realised that he was standing in the plaza with respect and revered gazes directed at him from the surroundings.

When Mu Chen entered the battlefield, no one paid any attention to him. At that time, it was only the three Holy Children, Liu Xingchen, Su Mu and Chu Men that noticed him.

Although Mu Chen had some fame, many people did not think that he could compete against Greater Earth Sovereigns as a Lesser Earth Sovereign. They only felt that he would be thrown out of the battlefield. Thus, many people were looking at Mu Chen with a ridiculing gazes when he entered the battlefield.

However, who could have expected that this underdog would cause everyone to be shocked with disbelief time and time again?

It was so much so that even someone as powerful as Ling Zhanzi was defeated by Mu Chen. He became a stepping stone for Mu Chen to be the most dazzling existence in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

At this moment, looking at Mu Chen again, even those top-tiered powerhouses felt fearful in their hearts, since they knew that the prospects of someone like Mu Chen were unlimited. It was so much so that he might even have a possibility to reach the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Thus, it was best for them not to offend such a monstrous figure.

As for those that participated in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, those that lost their Battle Seals to Mu Chen instantly suppressed their unhappiness and enmity for him, since they couldn’t afford to offend such a person.

Facing those respectful gazes, Mu Chen was calm before he looked upon the stairs and saw two mighty figures directing their gazes over as well.

The West Heaven Battle Emperor’s gaze was still the same, indifferent. Mu Chen had given a stunning performance in the battlefield, and even obtained the quota of the Greater Earth Sovereign battlefield.

Such an achievement could be considered as a miracle, but for someone like the West Heaven Battle Emperor, it wasn’t something that he would be left in shock about. After all, there were too many monstrous figures in the Great Thousand World, but not many of them could step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

As long as Mu Chen was not a Heavenly Sovereign, even if he was a Perfected Earth Sovereign, he’s nothing in the eyes of someone like the West Heaven Battle Emperor.

But facing the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s indifferent gaze, Mu Chen had ignored it, since he knew that not all the pinnacle experts had a breadth of mind and eyesight like the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, he also did not possess the strength to have a Heavenly Sovereign look at him squarely. So there’s no need to force it, since Mu Chen believed that a day would come when he surpassed the West Heaven Battle Emperor. Except he still needed time to achieve that.

Ignoring the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s gaze, the Flame Emperor smiled and nodded his head at Mu Chen. His smile was gratified; after all, he had recommended Mu Chen to participate. Although he also didn’t think that Mu Chen would succeed, the outcome proved that his eyesight hadn’t failed him.

Mu Chen naturally respected the Flame Emperor a lot, so he immediately cupped his hands and bowed towards the latter. “This Junior was fortunate enough to last till the end and did not embarrass Senior Flame Emperor.”

The Flame Emperor smiled. “You have to thank the Battle Emperor’s generosity. After all, your Seed of the Continent came from the West Heaven Continent.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen turned to the West Heaven Battle Emperor and cupped his hands together. “Thank you for your generosity, Battle Emperor.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor’s lips twitched the moment he thought about how one of three quotas for the Seed of the Continent was going to fall into the hands of Mu Chen,

That was a Seed of the Continent, practically a pass to become a Heavenly Sovereign in the Great Thousand world!

Although not every Seed of the Continent could become a Heavenly Sovereign, their chances were higher than others.

The baptism was something that could only be done after hundreds of years of waiting. He initially wanted to bestow them to his loyal followers, and the strength of his West Heaven Temple would grow if a Heavenly Sovereign appeared in the future.

So how could the West Heaven Battle Emperor be comfortable that it was split apart by Mu Chen?

But regardless of anything, he had to forcefully swallow it down in the face of the Flame Emperor. If he knew about this, he wouldn’t have taken the Flame Emperor’s Dragon-Phoenix Deity Pellet back then.

Although the pellet was precious, it’s so much more inferior to the Seed of the Continent…

So facing Mu Chen’s words, the West Heaven Battle Emperor could only nod his head without any emotion. “Since you won with your own capability, I will not say anything. You will wait for now until the whole thing has ended, and I will naturally guide you to the baptism.”

Mu Chen also knew that the West Heaven Battle Emperor must be feeling unhappy in his heart. However, Mu Chen wasn’t bothered about it, so he retreated from the plaza with a smile and returned to Luo Tianshen.

Luo Tianshen’s gaze fell on him with splendour for a long time before he patted Mu Chen’s shoulder and smiled. “Beautifully done. That lass, Luo Li, has really good eyesight.”

Mu Chen smiled before he cast a deep and profound glance at Luo Tianshen. Back in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, that wasn’t what he said.

Seeing Mu Chen’s gaze, Luo Tianshen couldn’t help feeling awkward and coughed, “You dealt with Xue Lingzi, it is a great favour to our Luo God Clan… Luo Li will also be grateful to you.”

When he spoke till the end, his gaze turned dark. Back then, Luo Li’s father had died in the hands of Xue Lingzi due to the substantial injuries.

“We’re family, so why are we talking about this? In the future, Luo God Clan will get better.” Mu Chen replied.

Luo Tianshen suppressed his emotions and nodded his head. The current Luo God Clan was already entirely under Luo Li’s control, in addition to Luo Li obtaining Luo Shen’s inheritance. In the future, she might be the second Luo Shen, and when that time comes, their Luo God Clan might restore their glory.

“The two other battlefields still don’t have an outcome?” Mu Chen shifted his topic.

“The Perfected Earth Sovereign Battlefield has been determined, and the winner isn’t a stranger. It’s Senior Winter from the West Heaven Temple.” Luo Tianshen said.

“Him?” Mu Chen was stunned before he clicked his tongue. If it wasn’t for him and Luo Li, wouldn’t the three quotas belong to the West Heaven Temple?

“What about the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield?” Mu Chen asked.

“There’s no result for the time being. After all, there are many people on the battlefield, but the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield isn’t any less interesting than yours was.” Speaking of the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, Luo Tianshen’s eyes had curved into smiles.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Chen asked curiously.

“Compared to the chaotic battles for you, the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield is split into two camps, with over a hundred people in each camp…” Luo Tianshen said with his eyes narrowed into smiles.

“Two camps?” Mu Chen was stunned. There would only be one quota from the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, so why were there two camps? How would the quota be distributed?

“The leader of one camp is Ling Feizi. Not long after she entered the battlefield, she started recruiting people by using the name of the West Heaven Temple and started to sweep the battlefield, snatching the Battle Seals of many in the process.”

“But there were also many people that were enraged by Ling Feizi’s movements. They also started to cooperate; however, they were still defeated by Ling Feizi several times.”

“However, Luo Li also started to pull people in at this moment, absorbing those that had complaints about Ling Feizi and formed another camp that wasn’t any weaker than Ling Feizi’s camp…”

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered before he smiled. “Ling Feizi probably did this is to deal with Luo Li. Luo Li must have also sensed it, so she adopted a similar counterattack.”

Ling Feizi was prejudice of Luo Li, to begin with, so she naturally wouldn’t want to see Luo Li shine on the battlefield, thus adopting this measure.

She also must not have any confidence to deal with Luo Li, so she chose such a method to rope in people to deal with her.

However, Luo Li wasn’t a pushover. She started her retaliation after sensing Ling Feizi’s motive.

Although Ling Feizi had borrowed the name of the West Heaven Temple to rope in many people, she had also underestimated Luo Li. Luo Li had laid low and allowed Ling Feizi to sweep around, which caused unhappiness in others, before she started to rope people in as well, instantly halving the work with similar efficiency.

“Everyone says that the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield has turned into the stage for those two girls.” Luo Tianshen didn’t know whether to cry or smile. The fight had suddenly turned into the camps of Ling Feizi and Luo Li.

“But judging from the looks of it, the final battle should be arriving. Right now, aside from the two camps, there aren’t any more people in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield…”

Mu Chen nodded his head and just when he wanted to speak, he suddenly raised his head to see a massive screen above the plaza that projected the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

At this moment, the two parties had flown over and descended on a mountain range.

Mu Chen swept his gaze and couldn’t bear his smile when he saw the familiar figure standing at the front. This had really become the battlefield of the two girls…

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