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Chapter 1261 - The Final Victor

Ling Zhanzi threw a jab forth with boundless Spiritual Energy gathering over, forming into a massive fist that was a myriad foot high, along with a majestic might that trembled the heavens and earth from that fist.

When he jabbed forth, Ling Zhanzi’s face turned pale, but there was a pride in his eyes. The power behind this fist had practically reached his limit.

This attack was something that even Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereigns would avoid!

“After this fist, even if I am powerless to fight, I will drag Mu Chen out of the battlefield. At that time, the quota will still belong to my West Heaven Temple. And I believe that the Temple Master will surely compensate my losses.” Ling Zhanzi’s gaze flickered. He knew that he could no longer obtain victory against Mu Chen. The only thing he could do was risk his life and drag Mu Chen out of the battlefield with him. In that case, he would have removed an enemy that Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi couldn’t face.

If he succeeded, then he would have made a significant contribution. At that time, the West Heaven Battle Emperor would even reward him for his deed.

With this thought, Ling Zhanzi coldly looked at Mu Chen. When he saw that Mu Chen showed no signs of dodging, a cold sneer rose on the corner of his lips. “Arrogant fellow, do you think that victory is in your grasp?”

Facing his ridiculing gaze, Mu Chen did not pay any attention to him. He could sense that in that instant, when the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation was formed, the black-robed and white-robed Mu Chen trembled and a torrential Battle Will soared into the sky from them, before developing into a boundless ocean above the sky.

That Battle Will was even stronger than when the Spirit-Slaughtering, and Demon-Extinguishing Armies joined together!

“The Battle Will of two people is actually stronger than two elite troops. The Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation is truly profound.” Mu Chen’s eyes flashed with joy in his heart. The might of the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation had exceeded his expectations.

With joy in his heart, Mu Chen laughed out loud and formed seals with a single hand. A colossal fist soon enveloped over.

As Mu Chen formed seals, the ocean of Battle Will roared, and in the next instant, everyone was shocked to see a massive hand stretch out from the sea of Battle Will.

It was a large hand that was more significant than Ling Zhanzi’s fist. Furthermore, what was more shocking was that it was covered in countless Battle Runes.

“That is… a Battle Will Spirit?!” Ling Zhanzi exclaimed in disbelief with his eyes squinted. That’s because, at that moment, Mu Chen did not even use his two troops, so where was this powerful Battle Will coming from?

His shocked gaze soon shifted towards the two other Mu Chens and realised that the boundless Battle Will was originating from the two of them…

“How is this possible?! How did he command the Battle Will of two Lesser Earth Sovereigns?!” His face was drained of all colour. Everyone knew that as one grew powerful, the Battle Will formed by them would also have a powerful will that made controlling them tough.

Trying to command a Lesser Earth Sovereign’s Battle Will was something that only a Ten Million Rune Battle Formation Master could accomplish. But Mu Chen was clearly not at that level. Otherwise, not only him, but even the West Heaven Battle Emperor would be fearful of Mu Chen!

Facing his shock, Mu Chen did not bother to make any explanation before the palm whistled down. In the next instant, Ling Zhanzi’s fist was grabbed by the palm under all the astonished gazes.

When the two clashed, the palm did not budge, but had started to tighten its grip, instantly covering the fist in cracks before it exploded.

Ling Zhanzi’s face instantly turned pale, with despair in his eyes. He never expected that his attack would be so easily dissolved by Mu Chen.

As a powerful Spiritual Energy shock wave swept out, Mu Chen did not even bat an eye before waving his hand. The huge hand that had dimmed a bit continued to move and slammed towards the direction of Ling Zhanzi. Before the palm even landed on the ground, the earth had already collapsed.

With the terrifying fluctuations descending, Ling Zhanzi had recovered from the shock and his entire body turned cold. He felt that Mu Chen had shown no signs of holding back, and if he suffered this move, even he would die!

As death climbed up his heart, Ling Zhanzi showed fear in his eyes. But before that palm landed, space suddenly cracked around him, forming into a spatial crack, and devoured him.

When the spatial crack swallowed Ling Zhanzi up, Battle Seals started to fly out, along with a fine fluctuation that enveloped the massive hand, causing it to rupture into sparkles of light.

Mu Chen’s expression slightly changed at this scene with a smile. Aside from the West Heaven Battle Emperor, who else could rescue Ling Zhanzi and destroy his attack?

Evidently, the West Heaven Battle Emperor wasn’t willing to see his direct disciple fall in the hands of him, Mu Chen.

The West Heaven Battle Emperor’s face was dark while he was on his throne with space ruptured before him, before Ling Zhanzi rolled out of it.

Watching this scene, a commotion burst out, since everyone knew that it was the West Heaven Battle Emperor that rescued Ling Zhanzi.

“Useless!” The West Heaven Battle Emperor looked at Ling Zhanzi in rage. He never expected this disciple, whom he had high hopes for, would lose so pathetically and even needed to be saved.

Ling Zhanzi’s face was pale with a dejected expression on his face.

However, the Battle Emperor paid no attention to him. His eyes were still glued onto Mu Chen, who was on the screen. He looked at the three identical silhouettes with a flash of astonishment in his eyes. “There were rumours that in the ancient times, the Heavenly Emperor possessed a Peerless Divine Ability, the Three Pures. However, it had been lost for tens of thousands of years. I never expected it to be in his hands. What great fortune he has there.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor was, after all, a Heavenly Sovereign. So after a brief ponder, he had seen through the origin of Mu Chen’s clones.

When he spoke, even the Battle Emperor’s voice was slightly blazing, since such a Peerless Divine Ability was extremely attractive, even for Heavenly Sovereigns.

“Haha, not a bad eyesight there, Battle Emperor. Mu Chen has, indeed, obtained the inheritance of the Heavenly Emperor. The Martial Ancestor and I were also present there, and we even received a request from the Heavenly Emperor himself to take care of Mu Chen for him.” The Flame Emperor faintly smiled.

Hearing the Flame Emperor’s words, the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s heart trembled. How could he not tell that the Flame Emperor was warning him not to make a move for Mu Chen’s Three Pures? If he did, he would be provoking both the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor…

In the Great Thousand World, with the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor joining hands together, even an Ancient Clan wouldn’t have a good time…

Thus, the fire in the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s eyes weakened. Although a Peerless Divine Ability was extremely previous, he wouldn’t have the fortune to enjoy it if he offended the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor in the process.

Although the Flame Emperor appeared warm right now, the West Heaven Battle Emperor knew that the Flame Emperor was merely giving him face. After all, the West Heaven Temple’s strength couldn’t go against the Endless Fire Territory.

While the Flame Emperor and West Heaven Battle Emperor conversed, a commotion burst out from the plaza and many people sighed that the outcome had exceeded their expectations.

Luo Tianshen’s face had also turned red. He was feeling disbelief at this moment as well. That’s because he did not expect Ling Zhanzi to lose to Mu Chen…

“He is just a Lesser Earth Sovereign… If he steps into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, I’m afraid that no one can compete with him beneath the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm.” Luo Tianshen’s face was flushed as he looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette with a complicated gaze. A few years ago, when they met, he never imagined that Mu Chen would go from a weak youth to such a compelling character in just a few years.

“Luo Li’s eyesight is truly better than this terrible old man…” Even Luo Tianshen had no idea how many times he had repeated this sentence.

While the outside world was in an uproar from Ling Zhanzi’s defeat, Mu Chen retracted the Battle Will and dismissed the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation before looking at two other directions.

At this moment, Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi were still in an intense battle, completely suppressing Su Mu and Chu Men.

However, their hearts trembled when Mu Chen’s gaze was directed over to them. They immediately retreated when they looked at Mu Chen with fear and caution.

The three Mu Chens moved and looked at Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi before saying in a cold tone, “You guys still want to fight?”

Fixed upon the cold gazes of three Mu Chen, Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi felt their hearts turning cold. After all, they had witnessed the defeat of Ling Zhanzi. Thus, their fear of Mu Chen had reached the limit at this moment.

They knew that their outcome was determined when Ling Zhanzi failed.

“You two got lucky!” Ling Longzi and Ling Jianzi glanced at Su Mu and Chu Men with reluctance. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen, they would be able to obtain victory in their battles with just a little more time.

Exchanging a glance, they gritted their teeth and tossed out all the Battle Seals in their possession before they retreated from this battlefield.

Facing Mu Chen, they had no will to fight at all.

After seeing Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi leave the battlefield, Su Mu and Chu Men felt relieved before looking at Mu Chen with complicated gazes. They had never thought that this helper that they got at the last moment would be so ferocious and defeat Ling Zhanzi…

“Brother Mu is truly extraordinary. This time, we’re the ones who received benefits from you… I’m afraid that only someone like Brother Mu can obtain the quota.” Su Mu and Chu Men understood the situation well. There was only one quota, and it’s surely impossible for Mu Chen to give it to them. Thus, they casually gave it up. With this, they might even be able to deepen their relationship with Mu Chen.

Hearing the words of those two, a warm smile rose on Mu Chen’s face. He politely smiled at the two of them. “If it wasn’t for the help I got from the two of you, I’m afraid that the battle today would have been unexpected.”

As he spoke, Mu Chen flicked his fingers and the Battle Seals that Ling Zhanzi and Ling Longzi threw out flew towards the two of them. “Use these Battle Seals and choose some treasures for yourselves so that this trip won’t be in vain.”

Since the two of them were wise, Mu Chen had to give them some benefits.

Seeing those Battle Seals, Su Mu and Chu Men revealed joyful expressions, since they would be able to make an exchange for some of the treasures that they had been eyeing.

“We thank Brother Mu for being so generous!” The two of them also weren’t polite and took the Battle Seals then swiftly exchanged them for treasures on the Battle Emperor Treasury.

After they used up all their Battle Seals, their figures also started to disappear and were sent out of the battlefield.

When they exited, the two of them cupped their hands towards Mu Chen with smiles. “We will congratulate Brother Mu here for becoming a Seed of the Continent…”

When they finished speaking, they had already disappeared.

When they disappeared, Mu Chen felt heavily relieved before seeing that this battlefield started to gradually distort and knew that this was the sign of the battle coming to an end.

Raising his head into the sky, Mu Chen faintly smiled. “Seed of the Continent… Now I’m looking forward to it…”

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