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Chapter 1260 - Might of the Peerless Divine Ability

Ling Zhanzi’s figure charged out of the crater before he looked at Mu Chen’s direction in disbelief. He never expected that in that final moment, Mu Chen would suddenly unleash such boundless Spiritual Energy!

He looked across the horizon before his eyes stopped on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body, and his pupils abruptly narrowed.

That’s because, under the sunset, there were three silhouettes that looked identical to Mu Chen on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body!

All three of them were Mu Chen!

“Spiritual Energy clones?” Ling Zhanzi exclaimed in disbelief, but he soon overthrew that, since he could sense that the Spiritual Energy fluctuations from the black-robed and white-robed silhouettes weren’t any weaker than Mu Chen’s main body!

It’s naturally impossible for Spiritual Energy clones to achieve that level.

But if they’re not Spiritual Energy clones, what can they be? In that instant, Ling Zhanzi was a little blanked.

The white-robed Mu Chen looked down at Ling Zhanzi with a light smile. “If you want the Battle Seals…”

“Have you asked us?” The black-robed Mu Chen smiled.

“You two, who are the two of you?! It’s impossible for there to be external help!” Ling Zhanzi’s face was pale as he spoke.

He couldn’t ascertain the identity of the black-robed and white-robed Mu Chens, so he could only determine them as external help… or in other words, triplet brothers?

Facing Ling Zhanzi’s words, the black-robed and white-robed versions of Mu Chen smiled then stretched their hands out and put them on Mu Chen’s shoulders. Instantly, the boundless Spiritual Energy in their bodies endlessly surged into Mu Chen’s body.

With the infusion of those Spiritual Energies, Mu Chen’s dimmed pupils had instantly restored its lustre, along with a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation that slowly emanated from his body.

Sensing the surging Spiritual Energy in his body, Mu Chen stood up and looked at Ling Zhanzi, who was astonished, with a smile. “Looks like you’re not the one that will stay laughing till the end.”

“You!” Ling Zhanzi looked at Mu Chen, who had recovered his Spiritual Energy, in disbelief. That’s because the Spiritual Energy in the bodies of others contained their will, so it’s practically impossible for them to be absorbed and used by others. However, Mu Chen could actually absorb the Spiritual Energy from those two to replenish himself.

That only meant that the three of them were one, and they’re not external help but something that Mu Chen had done!

“But, how is this possible…?” Ling Zhanzi still couldn’t believe this fact. With this ability, wouldn’t that mean that Mu Chen could split himself into three with all three having the same cultivation? If that’s the case, if anyone fought with Mu Chen, it would be the same as facing three similarly powerful Mu Chens?

Just thinking about it gave Ling Zhanzi a headache. Only a single Mu Chen was so troublesome, but if there were three Mu Chens, how was he going to deal with them?

Despite the surging emotions, Ling Zhanzi took a deep breath to suppress his emotions. “I never thought that you would still have such a shocking card up your sleeves… But it only looks fake and flashy!”

This trump card was a little too terrifying to accept, so Ling Zhanzi had no choice but to doubt whether Mu Chen was playing a trick on him and was trying to intimidate his opponent into giving up.

The three Mu Chens exchanged a look with unusual smiles on their lips. “Then, you can have a taste.”

After they spoke, the three of them burst out at the same time, turning into three streaks of light that charged towards Ling Zhanzi.

Seeing the three of them pouncing forth, why would Ling Zhanzi dare to hesitate? He immediately pushed his palm forth. His Spiritual Energy and a gale converged in his palm, turning into a dragon-shaped Spiritual Energy that pounced towards the three Mu Chens.

The black and white Mu Chens moved at the same time with crystallised Spiritual Energy sweeping out. They then clashed against the dragon-shaped Spiritual Energy.

When the two sides clashed, crystallised Spiritual Energy splashed out, destroying Ling Zhanzi’s move.

“What?!” Seeing his move being instantly erased, Ling Zhanzi was shocked. Although Mu Chen has many means, he was still a Lesser Earth Sovereign. Previously, when they fought, it was Mu Chen that suffered in terms of Spiritual Energy. But when they clash now, it was him that suffered.

“Damn it, how is this possible?! Even if the black and white Mu Chens have the cultivation of Lesser Earth Sovereigns, it’s impossible for them to join together and erase my attack!” Ling Zhanzi was a Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereign. Not to mention two Lesser Earth Sovereigns, even if a few more joined in, it’s impossible to confront him. But right now, two Lesser Earth Sovereign Mu Chens had accomplished it, even making him suffer a little.

“Don’t get distracted at this time.” While Ling Zhanzi was absent-minded, a faint laugh suddenly resounded from the back. Mu Chen’s main body had appeared behind him without him knowing, throwing a jab with a calm expression.

“Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch!” Spiritual Energy instantly exploded, along with a self-sacrificial aura that made Ling Zhanzi feel his scalp go numb. However, he did not panic. He threw a palm forth, along with boundless Spiritual Energy. Previously, it took two Mu Chens to destroy his attack, but this Mu Chen was all alone right now.

When the fist and palm clashed, violent Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc. It was merely a single contact, but it caused Ling Zhanzi’s face to drastically change. He felt that Mu Chen was much stronger than he was before!

Shock waves of Spiritual Energy swept out and Mu Chen’s body trembled, before taking several steps back. On the other hand, Ling Zhanzi looked more pathetic. He had taken ten-odd steps back, leaving deep footprints on the ground with every step.

“You! How did you become so much stronger?!” Ling Zhanzi looked at Mu Chen’s main body in shock. That jab was several times stronger than Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy at the beginning of their battle!

Mu Chen smiled. After his clones had arrived, they had formed a connection together, so any one of them could unleash the power of the three of them combined. Adding on to the fact that his main body and clones were connected at a deep level, the amplification was even more shocking. So he was no longer afraid of competing with Ling Zhanzi in terms of Spiritual Energy.

However, there’s no need for Mu Chen to tell that to Ling Zhanzi. With a thought, the three Mu Chens pounced forth with boundless Spiritual Energy and they enveloped Ling Zhanzi.

Although Ling Zhanzi had given his all, he still constantly retreated from fighting the three Mu Chens, looking exceedingly terrible and at a disadvantage at this moment.

Another clash of Spiritual Energy took place and Ling Zhanzi was blown back. His face drastically changed before he barked, “Ling Jianzi, Ling Longzi, aid me now!”

At this time, he couldn’t be concerned with his reputation and hoped that Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi could come over to deal with Mu Chen with him.

When Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi heard his roar, their faces slightly changed and immediately wanted to help, since they knew that if Ling Zhanzi lost, none of them would be able to obstruct Mu Chen.

However, Su Mu and Chu Men hindered their paths when they wanted to help.

“Haha, have you asked us if you’re allowed to help?” Su Mu and Chu Men felt great at this instant, since they had previously suffered ridicule from the two of them. Seeing their current state, the two of them felt extremely satisfied at this moment.

Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi did not speak, but immediately unleashed ferocious attacks. At this moment, they couldn’t be bothered about holding back and unleashed all their cards. At that moment, the two of them suppressed Su Mu and Chu Man. As for the two of them, they could only clench their teeth to bear the pressure to hinder the two of them, even at the price of being injured.

On the other hand, Ling Zhanzi’s situation grew perilous.

A storm of Spiritual Energy swept out and Ling Zhanzi’s hair scattered about with a trace of blood on the corner of his lips as he looked at the three Mu Chens walking in his direction. His eyes had instantly turned red, akin to a beast that was forced into the corner.

“Mu Chen, even if I have to be defeated by you today, I will not let you have a good time!” Ling Zhanzi roared with a cold flash in his eyes. He bit his tongue and a mouthful of blood essence flew out and formed into crimson flames that enveloped him.

Those flames had quickly ignited the blood in his body, causing his body to be blazing with fire and an extremely violent Spiritual Energy soared into the sky like a smoke signal.

“Burning your blood essence?” Mu Chen’s gaze flashed at this scene. Ling Zhanzi was truly a ruthless person, not only to his enemies but to himself as well. He was actually igniting his blood essence, that meant that it would take a long time for him to recover. Furthermore, it might even leave repercussions behind and hinder his future cultivation.

“Mu Chen, come out of the battlefield with me! The quota can only fall in the hands of my West Heaven Temple!” Ling Zhanzi laughed like a madman. He had forsaken his life to drag Mu Chen out of the battlefield. At that time, it wouldn’t be difficult for Ling Longzi and Ling Jianzi to defeat Su Mu and Chu Men.

Boundless Spiritual Energy whistled around Ling Zhanzi, forming into a tornado. He looked like a demonic god at this moment, fixating his eyes on Mu Chen. He suddenly formed seals and threw a jab forth.

“Greater Divine Ability - Battle Emperor Spiritual Fist!” When he threw his fist out, the sky turned so dark that even the spectators in the plaza had their faces drastically changed. That fist was practically Ling Zhanzi’s strongest move without using his Sovereign Celestial Body!

Evidently, Ling Zhanzi had been forced into a corner.

Many people had a change in their expressions. They saw that Mu Chen, who was standing before Ling Zhanzi, let out a burst of laughter. He took a step forth while the two clones took a step back. Although their movements seemed casual, they had instantly formed a profound array.

After Mu Chen took a step forth, his voice resounded while looking at Ling Zhanzi’s fist, “Since that’s the case, then let’s have you be the first sacrifice to the Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation!”

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