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Chapter 1259 - Reemergence

Ling Zhanzi’s roar rumbled like a clap of thunder in this region, along with boundless Spiritual Energy continuously being unleashed from him, causing the surrounding space to fluctuate.

At this moment, Ling Zhanzi’s eyes beamed with a lustre and no longer looked weak and exhausted like before. Evidently, he had made use of the ‘Battle Sacrifice’ to restore his Spiritual Energy, and the drained Spiritual Energy had, once again, replenished his body.

Standing on the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body, he looked at Mu Chen. He had finally made a comeback at the last minute, and an exhausted Mu Chen was of no threat to him.

The spectators also shook their heads. Who could have expected that Ling Zhenzi would still have this move and instantly turn the tables around?

“That Ling Zhanzi is too ruthless. He is actually willing to pay such price for the quota.” Some people sighed.

“What is that price considered? As long as he becomes the Seed of the Continent and baptised by the West Heaven Continent's Continent Energy, it will increase his chances of reaching the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Compared to that, what are a million troops?”

“But it won’t be a glory, even if he wins. Mu Chen has proven his strength to participate in the Greater Battlefield as a Lesser Earth Sovereign; he was at a disadvantage, to begin with. But now, that Ling Zhanzi has actually resorted to such unfair means.” Naturally, there were those that felt injustice for Mu Chen, since he had won many people over with his strength.

“This is the cruel fate of the world, and there isn’t any absolute fairness… But it’s not easy for Mu Chen to come this far with his cultivation. With his talent and strength, he will surely have a chance in the future.”


While those voices resounded throughout the surroundings, many people pitied Mu Chen. He had the potential to drag Ling Zhanzi down from being the Overlord amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns in the West Heaven Continent. However, he still failed in the end.

“Looks like you’re out of chances.” Looking at Ling Zhanzi, Ling Jianji gave a ridiculing smile towards Su Mu.

Su Mu’s face was also dark. It was already surprising that Mu Chen could achieve this feat. However, no one expected Ling Zhanzi to be so ruthless.

“It doesn’t matter even if we can’t obtain the quota, at least we can strike down your arrogance. Hmph, Head of the Four Holy Children, the disciple of the West Heaven Battle Emperor was forced to this point by a Lesser Earth Sovereign. I’ll see whether you guys will still dare act so mighty with your fame in the future.” Su Mu sneered.

Ling Jianzi’s eyes sank with anger. He knew that Su Mu’s words weren’t false. Even if Ling Zhanzi defeated Mu Chen in this battle, it wouldn’t increase Ling Zhanzi’s fame, but Mu Chen’s instead.

After all, Mu Chen had accomplished this with the cultivation of a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

“The winner takes all, and it doesn’t matter how others talk about it. The results won’t change.” Ling Jianzi sneered.

While the two of them argued, Mu Chen looked at Ling Zhanzi and couldn’t help smacking his lips. This Ling Zhanzi is truly troublesome.

To deal with that fellow, Mu Chen had practically brought out almost all of his trump cards, but he still couldn’t gain the upper hand. No wonder Ling Zhanzi was the Head of the Four Holy Children, he did have an outstanding factor about it.

“Truly someone taught by a Heavenly Sovereign.” Mu Chen sighed.

“Thanks for your compliments. But even so, I have to invite you out of the battlefield.” Ling Zhanzi responded indifferently. At this moment, he had treated Mu Chen seriously and even felt fearful. Thus, he no longer had the contempt tone he had before.

After suffering quite a bit from Mu Chen, Ling Zhanzi had become smart and would not give Mu Chen any more time. With a stomp of his foot, boundless Spiritual Energy burst out and formed into afterimages before bolting out.

Everyone could tell that Ling Zhanzi wanted to end the battle!

A streak of light flew across with boundless Spiritual Energy covering this region. In just a breath’s time, Ling Zhanzi’s silhouette had appeared before Mu Chen, who was on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body.

With Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy completely exhausted, the Immortal Golden Body had lost its lustre and could no longer move. So even when Ling Zhanzi appeared before it, it did not launch any attacks.

“Hand the Battle Seals over!” Ling Zhanzi coldly roared with his palm pushed forth, shattering space and aimed towards Mu Chen’s chest.

Although Mu Chen didn’t look to have any power to retaliate, Ling Zhanzi was being cautious and decided to send a palm out to heavily injure Mu Chen before anything else.

Everyone inwardly sighed at this scene. It looked like this time, Mu Chen had failed.

As the palm expanded in Mu Chen’s eyes, Mu Chen did not have any panic on his face; instead, there was a smear of a faint smile.

Seeing his smile, Ling Zhanzi’s pupils trembled with uneasiness rising in his heart. But as a ruthless and decisive person, he surged the Spiritual Energy in his body and his palm became even sharper. Regardless if Mu Chen was acting or not, it’s impossible to escape from the suppression of Spiritual Energy at this distance.

Space fluctuated, and when Ling Zhanzi’s palm appeared before Mu Chen and nearly reached his chest, a slender hand suddenly stretched out and clashed with Ling Zhanzi’s palm.

Boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuated and Ling Zhanzi’s body trembled. His palm was blocked, but by the time he reacted, a lash of a kick, along with Spiritual Energy, bolted towards his chest.

The surrounding air burst apart with Ling Zhanzi caught by surprise and was blown into the ground, creating a massive crater in the process.

The changes occurred too suddenly, and the spectators only recover with shock on their faces after seeing Ling Zhanzi being blown away.

“What happened?”

“How can Mu Chen still have such robust Spiritual Energy?!”

A commotion broke out with gazes of disbelief looking in the direction of Mu Chen. When they saw Mu Chen, the entire plaza was shrouded in silence.

Everyone had their mouths widened from shock, as if they had just seen a ghost. They saw two other silhouettes standing beside Mu Chen, a black-robed and white-robed silhouette with powerful fluctuations around them.

But what left them even more shocked wasn’t their Spiritual Energy fluctuations, but the two of them had identical appearances to Mu Chen!

“This… what’s going on?”

“Why are there two other people who look so similar to Mu Chen?! Are they his triplet brothers?”

“What nonsense, they must be Spiritual Energy clones!”

“How is that possible?! Mu Chen is only a Lesser Earth Sovereign; how can he create two Spiritual Energy clones on the same level as him?!”


A commotion burst out and everyone had disbelief written on their faces. They were dumbfounded by this scene. They initially thought that the battle had ended, but who could have known that such an incident would occur…

Liu Xingchen was shocked at this scene. He naturally wouldn’t believe that the two similar-looking silhouettes were Mu Chen’s triplet brothers. So he was tilting towards the idea of Spiritual Energy clones, but he couldn’t understand why Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy clones were so powerful…

Furthermore, his Spiritual Energy clones looked so realistic! They weren’t any different from his main body!

Under the commotion, the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s face was covered in shock before he abruptly stood up and looked at the two silhouettes in a daze.

Perhaps others couldn’t tell anything, but he was a Heavenly Sovereign. So how could he not know that those two weren’t Spiritual Energy clones, but actual bodies!

Furthermore, the three of them had the same aura down to even their Spiritual Energy fluctuations. Neither of them showed any signs of being a Spiritual Energy clone!

If they were Spiritual Energy clones, they wouldn’t look so realistic. Such realistic cloning was something that only a Heavenly Sovereign could accomplish. But Mu Chen was merely a Lesser Earth Sovereign!

Furthermore, the strength of a Spiritual Energy clone made by Spiritual Energy would definitely be inferior to his main body. But the cultivation of Mu Chen’s clones was exactly the same as his main body!

This was something that not even Heavenly Sovereigns could accomplish!

The Flame Emperor also had similar thoughts when he looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette. Smacking his lips, he inwardly sighed in his heart, I never thought that he would actually succeed…

Tens of thousands of years later, the Three Pures have finally reemerged.

He naturally knew about Mu Chen obtaining the Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance, as well as the Three Pures. Such a Peerless Divine Ability wasn’t something that just anyone could cultivate, but Mu Chen had accomplished this feat.

Looking at the three silhouettes, the Flame Emperor turned to look at the West Heaven Battle Emperor with a burst of laughter that caused the latter’s face to twitch. “Looks like miracles still appeared in the end… Haha, I have to thank the Battle Emperor in Mu Chen’s stead for the present.”

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