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Chapter 1258 - Monstrous

The two fingers streaked across the horizon and clashed together. In that moment of contact, the entire region froze for a moment. The Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth fled in every direction, as if they were afraid of being demolished by the destructive prowess.

A visible storm of Spiritual Energy violently swept out from the point of collision and the storm tore the ground in its path apart.

The massive forest had utterly disappeared with all life forms wiped out from underneath the shock wave…

Everyone was dumbfounded by the destructive power and felt their scalps going numb. Even if a Greater Earth Sovereign was caught in this shock wave, they would most likely fall.

“This… aren’t the two of them a little too monstrous? This is a confrontation between a Greater and Lesser Earth Sovereign, so why is it so terrifying?!” There were Greater Earth Sovereigns that watched this scene with bitter expressions. This level of confrontation had exceeded their imaginations, causing them to suffer quite a bit of a shock.

“Monsters…” Many people joined in and sighed, “I wonder who obtained the upper hand from this confrontation?”

“It should most likely be Ling Zhanzi. The Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body is too terrifying, and he still has the help of a million troops’ Battle Will! Even if Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body is mysterious, he is still a Lesser Earth Sovereign in the end. So I don’t think he can confront Ling Zhanzi.”

“Who knows… that Mu Chen is even more of a monster than Ling Zhanzi. If Mu Chen was also in the Greater Earth Sovereign, I’m afraid that not even Ling Zhanzi could fight him.”

This sentence had caused many people to fall into deep thoughts. The fighting strength that Mu Chen had displayed was too terrifying. He was only in the Lesser Earth Sovereign, yet he forced Ling Zhanzi this far. What if he stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign? How frightening would he be?

At that time, could it be that he could even fight with Perfected Earth Sovereigns?

Everyone felt their scalps going numb and shook their heads at this thought. Although Perfected Earth Sovereigns only seemed like a realm above Greater Earth Sovereigns, the difference between the two was drastic.

Perfected Earth Sovereigns were known as the gateway of Heavenly Sovereigns. As an existence closest to Heavenly Sovereigns, not a single Perfected Earth Sovereign was a pushover.

This was something that could be seen from the numbers on the three battlefields. There were a few hundred in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, nearly two hundred in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, and less than ten in the Perfected Earth Sovereign Battlefield…

Thus, one could tell how terrifying Perfected Earth Sovereigns were. As long as those of that level didn’t provoke a Heavenly Sovereign, they’re practically invincible in the Great Thousand World.

That also meant that many people had refused the possibility of Mu Chen being able to confront Perfected Earth Sovereigns as a Greater Earth Sovereign…

While the thoughts of the spectators were running wild, the West Heaven Battle Emperor and Flame Emperor also had their eyes glued to the screen…

“That Mu Chen is truly somewhat capable… That Sovereign Celestial Body of his can certainly be ranked amongst the Top 15. It’s no wonder why he can force Ling Zhanzi this far.” The West Heaven Battle Emperor slowly said. At this moment, he had seen how powerful the Immortal Golden Body was and started to admit Mu Chen’s strength.

“In terms of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body is truly inferior.”

The Flame Emperor smiled. “Who do you think will emerge victorious?”

After a brief silence, the West Heaven Battle Emperor replied, “In this battle, I’m afraid neither of them can obtain the upper hand. I predict that the result will be both of them being gravely injured…”

Although he wasn’t willing to admit that Ling Zhanzi was forced this far by Mu Chen, the West Heaven Battle Emperor wasn’t someone without magnanimity, since he knew that the Flame Emperor could naturally see it more precisely than himself.

However, he soon narrowed his eyes and continued, “But, although Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body is powerful, he would lose because of his cultivation. After this clash, his Spiritual Energy is practically drained. He will no longer be able to fight with Ling Zhanzi, so… although it wasn’t a glory for Ling Zhanzi to win in this manner, he will still be the last one standing.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor was, after all, a Heavenly Sovereign. So his eyesight naturally exceeded everyone else’s. While others still couldn’t judge the outcome, he had already seen through it.

With a faint smile, the Flame Emperor nodded his head. “What the Battle Emperor said isn’t false… but, I’m afraid that it won’t be that easy to beat Mu Chen.”

Seeing the mysterious smile hanging on the Flame Emperor’s lips, the West Heaven Battle Emperor felt the corner of his lips twitch with unease rising in his heart.

Could it be that Mu Chen still has other trump cards?! How is that possible!

Everyone held their breaths while nervously looking at the screen. In the battlefield, the storm of Spiritual Energy finally faded and the situation gradually cleared up.

The first thing they noticed was that the forest had disappeared, everything within a thousand mile-radius had been levelled to the ground with sinister cracks laid on the ground.

The ground was also split into two, with the Battle Emperor Celestial Body and Immortal Golden Body standing on opposite sides…

But this confrontation lasted briefly before everyone saw the two Sovereign Immortal Bodies collapse on the ground on one knee with loud rumbles.

The two Sovereign Immortal Bodies were swiftly dimming from the exhaustion of Spiritual Energy.

As the spectators watched this, they were dumbfounded, since this meant that the confrontation ended with both of them injured!

When the four others saw Mu Chen and Ling Zhanzi from afar, they were shocked to see this scene, since the outcome had exceeded their expectations.

No one expected Mu Chen to fight with Ling Zhanzi to a tie!

“That brat is too monstrous!” Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi muttered with a flash of fear in their eyes. After all, Mu Chen was only a Lesser Earth Sovereign. Even as Greater Earth Sovereigns, they also couldn’t fight with Ling Zhanzi.

Under the countless shocked gazes, Ling Zhanzi’s face was dark. He stood on the shoulder of the Battle Emperor Celestial Body and fixed his gaze onto Mu Chen like an eagle.

Not only were others shocked, but even he was shocked by this outcome.

“What Sovereign Celestial Body is that?! Why is it so terrifying!” Ling Zhanzi clenched his fists. He could naturally tell that it was all due to that mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen could fight with him to this result.

Ling Zhanzi’s gaze was dark, but a brief moment later, he gradually recollected himself and coldly looked at Mu Chen. “I never thought that there would be a day when I, Ling Zhanzi, would look so terrible. Mu Chen, I have to admit that you are extraordinary.”

Standing on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body, Mu Chen’s face was a little pale. The previous confrontation had exhausted him greatly.

With a smile, he responded to Ling Zhanzi, “Thanks for your compliments.”

With his eyes narrowed, Ling Zhanzi’s gaze flashed with coldness as he slowly said, “But do you still have enough Spiritual Energy to control that Sovereign Celestial Body of yours? Without your Sovereign Celestial Body, can you still fight me?”

“You have also exhausted yourself, right?” Mu Chen smiled in response.

Ling Zhanzi slightly nodded his head before raising his head to look at the three spheres and a flash of ruthlessness appeared in his eyes.

Ling Zhanzi stomped his foot and bit his fingertip. He then drew a blood seal in the air before him and said in a deep roar, “Battle Sacrifice!”

When his voice resounded, the million-membered troops in the three spheres held their chests wand a mouthful of blood came from their mouths.

Their blood soared into the sky and ignited before forming into a boundless Spiritual Energy that integrated with Ling Zhanzi’s body.

With their blood essence, Ling Zhanzi’s diminishing Spiritual Energy instantly grew and he returned to his peak condition in just a few breaths’ time.

Many people spectating this had their faces drained, since no one had expected Ling Zhanzi to be so ruthless. He used such an extreme method to extract the energy from his troops to recover. Even if he could recover with this, it had done such significant damage to his troops, and he might even have to groom another force from scratch again…

But still, Ling Zhanzi couldn’t be concerned with that to obtain the quota.

Under the dumbfounded gazes, Ling Zhanzi coldly looked at Mu Chen with boundless Spiritual Energy soaring around him along with his roar.

“Mu Chen… how are you going to fight with me this time?!

“You’re still not qualified to take the title, Seed of the Continent, from me!

“So… get out of this battlefield!”

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