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Chapter 1257 - Immortal Golden Body vs Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body

The three spheres of light behind the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body burst out with a myriad foot-high lustres, and Mu Chen was shocked to see the silhouettes in those spheres…

“What are they?!” Mu Chen’s pupils narrowed as he looked at the three spheres with spiritual lustre gathering in his eyes, which enhanced his vision.

After a clear look, Mu Chen took a deep breath and realised that those three spheres were filled with silhouettes in heavy armour. They were sitting with their boundless Battle Will surging forth.

They were actually a considerable-sized troop!

“The spheres have formed into a tiny space that can raise so many troops?” Mu Chen’s face changed when he noticed that they were still emanating life force, that meant that they’re not puppets!

“So this is the profundity of the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body!”

“By storing troops in those spheres, the troops will provide Battle Will before fusing with the user’s Spiritual Energy, producing endless Battle Spiritual Energy!”

At this moment, Mu Chen understood why Ling Zhanzi could possess such a powerful Battle Will despite not commanding any troops. It turned out that he had hidden his troops in those spheres!

“The Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body is truly formidable.” Mu Chen sighed in his heart, since this was the first time he had seen such a bizarre Sovereign Celestial Body.

Standing on the head of the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body, Ling Zhanzi knew that Mu Chen had seen through the profundity of his Celestial Body when he saw Mu Chen staring at the spheres.

“Pretty keen eyesight.” His voice indifferently resounded with no intentions to hide. He stomped his feet and the lustre that hid the troops gradually disappeared, revealing them.

“In my Battle Will Space, I have a million troops that will provide me with endless Battle Will.” Ling Zhanzi faintly responded.

Although the quality of that million couldn’t be comparable to Mu Chen’s Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Armies, they excelled in quantity. Furthermore, they’re cultivating in the space of the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body so that the Battle Will would be compatible with Ling Zhanzi, and the might was something that even a Greater Earth Sovereign would feel fearful of.

“There aren’t many people nowadays that can force me to reveal the profundity of my Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body…” Ling Zhanzi looked at Mu Chen without any ripples in his eyes, but dense killing intent.

“But all those that have accomplished it have had their heads taken as my spoils of war, and you will not be an exception, either!” When Ling Zhanzi’s voice rang out, the million troops exploded with an earth-shattering roar and their faces turned red. Their eyes were filled to the brim with killing intent with powerful surges of Battle Will soaring into the sky.

Their Battle Will poured towards the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body. Along with the infusion of Battle Will, the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body started to be covered in Battle Runes and an indescribable pressure enveloped throughout this region.

Mu Chen had also abruptly narrowed his eyes when he sensed that the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body was getting stronger.

Earlier, Ling Zhanzi still wasn’t willing to reveal the existence of those troops. But at this moment, he couldn’t be bothered about that. So under his full control, he had immediately brought out the full power of the million-membered troops.

As the terrifying pressure enveloped this land, the ground below started to crumble, and the trees were getting torn apart and reduced to piles of ash.

The pressure was so stunning that even the four that were fighting some distance away were affected by it, and had directed their gazes over.

When Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi saw this state of Ling Zhanzi, they couldn’t help being shocked. They were surprised that Ling Zhanzi was forced to reveal his secret to deal with a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

As disciples of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, they naturally knew how powerful the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body was. However, the two of them weren’t successful in it. Amongst the four of them, only Ling Zhanzi was successful.

In the past, anyone that forced Ling Zhanzi this far were all powerhouses that were extremely close to Perfected Earth Sovereign; thus, they were shocked that a Lesser Earth Sovereign had now accomplished it.

“This Mu Chen truly turned out to be a tiger pretending to be prey!” Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi’s eyes flashed as they swiftly understood. If Mu Chen wasn’t that difficult to deal with, Ling Zhanzi would surely not reveal this secret of his Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body.

Compared to their shock, although Su Mu and Chu Men were shocked by the strength that Mu Chen had revealed, they felt relieved in their hearts. They were previously worried that Mu Chen might lose too quickly, and Ling Zhanzi would be free to change the situation, expelling the two of them out of the battlefield.

But it looked like Mu Chen had succeeded in tangling Ling Zhanzi.

“We have to obtain victory in this period.” A similar thought appeared in Su Mu and Chu Men’s hearts. They had to grasp the time that Mu Chen had fought for them to end their battles so that they could help Mu Chen.

They clearly did not think that Mu Chen could fight with Ling Zhanzi.

With this thought, Su Mu and Chu Men frantically unleashed their Spiritual Energies; even their attacks had turned sharper at this moment.

“Haha, the two of you want to quickly deal with us to help that brat?” Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi naturally understood their intentions as they mocked.

“Looks like our warm-up has allowed you to think of us as weaklings. Since that’s the case, then let us show you how cruel reality is!”

Facing Su Mu and Chu Men’s violent attacks, Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi laughed as they started to launch a stronger retaliation, covering the entire region in clashes of intense Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen wasn’t paying attention to those fluctuations. His attention was completely focused on Ling Zhanzi and the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body. When Ling Zhanzi controlled the million-membered troop to fuse Battle Will with his Spiritual Energy, it had caused the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body to turn even more terrifying to the point that Mu Chen felt an intense danger coming from it.

Even Mu Chen had to admit that Ling Zhanzi was an extremely troublesome opponent.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen sat on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body and started to form seals. Facing the ferocious Ling Zhanzi, he had no choice but to do his best.

Ling Zhanzi indifferently looked at Mu Chen and made a move when the power of his Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body had soared.

Waving his hand, the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body burst out with a myriad foot-high lustre before opening its mouth and the endless Battle Will formed into a massive pillar of light that soared into the sky.

At the same time, the Battle Runes on its body separated and soared into the sky as well, pouring into the massive pillar with destructive undulations emanating out.

The spectators in the plaza were shocked when they saw the pillar of light. Even if it was through the screen, they could still sense the dreadful fluctuations.

Liu Xingchen’s face turned unsightly at this scene. Ling Zhanzi did not even use this move when they fought. Clearly, Ling Zhanzi did not think that he, Ling Xingchen, was qualified for him to use this move.

But that meant that Mu Chen would be in danger, since Liu Xingchen did not think that Mu Chen had any chance in facing this attack of Ling Zhanzi.

Compared to the astonished gazes outside, Ling Zhanzi indifferently looked at Mu Chen, before slowly forming seals with his hands.

When he formed the seals, the towering pillar swiftly changed into a massive finger that emanated an ancient aura.

The finger looked incredibly realistic, covered in innumerable Battle Runes with a torrential Battle Will that swept across the heavens and earth. Even the sky had turned dark and was trembling from the pressure.

Looking at Mu Chen with a dark gaze, a cruel smile rose on the corner of Ling Zhanzi’s lips. In the next moment, his deep voice abruptly resounded throughout the heavens and earth.

“Sovereign Ability - Battle Emperor’s Sky-Ripping Finger!”

“Mu Chen, you will die this time!”

When his voice resounded, layers of clouds collapsed and the sky was torn apart. Black holes were formed with fragments of space, as if that finger had destroyed everything.

The land that Mu Chen stood on had also collapsed. He raised his head towards the massive finger with a grave expression. Shortly after, Mu Chen took a deep breath and his seals swiftly changed.

Along with his seals changing, the purplish-golden lustre started to gather on the Immortal Golden Body and formed fifteen runes.

Looking at those fifteen runes, Mu Chen did not stop there, since he knew that it was impossible to resist Ling Zhanzi’s move with just fifteen Divine Immortal Runes.

A crystalline lustre flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes before the crystallised pagoda violently trembled from within his body, extracting his Spiritual Energy to convert and strengthen it.

From the violent force of extraction, even Mu Chen felt a stinging pain from his muscles.

But it was also under this violent extraction that the purplish-golden lustre burst from the Immortal Golden Body with more Divine Immortal Runes being formed.

Sixteen… Eighteen… Twenty… Twenty-three!

When he formed twenty runes, Mu Chen’s eyes had started to turn dark, since he was reaching his limits.

“Should be enough.” Raising his head to look at the finger, Mu Chen’s twenty-three Divine Immortal Runes was currently the limit of his Immortal Golden Body.

“Let’s see if the Sovereign Ability of your Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body or my Immortal Golden Body will stand laughing in the end!” With a will, the twenty-three Divine Immortal Runes pounced forth and the purplish-golden lustre dazzled the entire horizon. At this moment, the twenty-three Divine Immortal Runes had also formed into a finger.

“Divine Immortal Runes - Myriad Transformation Immortal Finger!” A roar rang out from within Mu Chen’s heart before the finger soared into the sky with a mysterious and immortal aura. It then clashed with the massive descending finger under countless astonished gazes in the sky.

In that instant, it appeared as if space had been frozen… 

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