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Chapter 1256 - Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body

When Ling Zhanzi’s voice rang out, a torrential Spiritual Energy converged behind him, and a massive silhouette gradually took form. In a few breaths’ time, the enormous body had been fully condensed and appeared in the eyes of everyone, attracting countless amounts of attention.

It’s a silhouette that was a myriad foot high with three spheres hovering behind its head that constantly spun with an indescribable pressure that swept out, causing space to distort from the pressure.

When this Sovereign Immortal Body appeared, it had caused a commotion in West Heaven City with respect and envy in everyone’s eyes because they knew the origin of this Sovereign Immortal Body.

The Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body, ranked 24th in the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

In ancient times, there was a pinnacle powerhouse known as the Primordial Battle Emperor that created the Battle Spiritual Energy, a fusion between Battle Will and Spiritual Energy. His fighting strength was so terrifying that he could be at the top ranks, even in ancient times.

But the Primordial Battle Emperor fell with his inheritance lost, but the West Heaven Battle Emperor found it with luck. Using that legacy, the West Heaven Battle Emperor swiftly grew and stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm as well.

This Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body was left behind by that Primordial Battle Emperor, and required a harsh condition to cultivate. Amongst the four Holy Children, only Ling Zhanzi was able to successfully cultivate it, and it was terrifying.

After all, not just any force could possess a 24th ranked Sovereign Celestial Body…

“What is the origin of Mu Chen’s Sovereign Immortal Body? Why haven’t I seen it before?”

“Haha, Mu Chen’s Sovereign Immortal Body is merely a few hundred feet high. How much Spiritual Energy can that figure contain?”

“The comparison is truly a dwarf and a giant… I’m afraid that Mu Chen’s Sovereign Immortal Body will be immediately shattered after a move.”


Whispers filled the heavens and earth as the West Heaven Battle Emperor watched with his eyes narrowed. But he wasn’t looking at Ling Zhanzi’s Sovereign Immortal Body, but Mu Chen’s purplish-golden Sovereign Immortal Body.

Perhaps others couldn’t sense anything, but with the perception of a Heavenly Sovereign, the West Heaven Battle Emperor could sense the dreadful power contained in that small body.

However, even though he couldn’t tell its origin, he knew that Mu Chen’s Sovereign Immortal Body wasn’t at all weaker than the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body.

“That Mu Chen is truly fortunate to possess such a Sovereign Immortal Body… No wonder the Flame Emperor pays such importance to him.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor looked at the Flame Emperor and smiled. “With this Sovereign Immortal Body, he might possess the strength to fight with Ling Zhanzi. But if he wants to win, I’m afraid that it won’t be easy.”

Despite the strength that Mu Chen had shown, there’s still a limit from his cultivation as a Lesser Earth Sovereign. It’s not easy for him to leap through the difference in cultivation, not to mention that Ling Zhanzi was an elite amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns.

If Mu Chen was a Greater Earth Sovereign at this moment, then the West Heaven Battle Emperor might have to admit that he had a high chance of beating Ling Zhanzi, but it’s a pity that there’s no such thing as ‘if’ in the world…

The Flame Emperor did not respond to the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s words but merely replied with a smile.

For some reason, the West Heaven Battle Emperor felt uneasy when he saw the Flame Emperor’s smile. Whenever the Flame Emperor showed this smile, Mu Chen would bring out a shocking trump card.

“That brat still has a more powerful trump card?” The West Heaven Battle Emperor looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette in shock and his brows were knitted together.

“The Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body…” Standing on the Immortal Golden Body, Mu Chen looked at the massive silhouette and his gaze flashed. He was a little surprised that Ling Zhanzi would possess such a high ranking Sovereign Immortal Body.

No wonder Ling Zhanzi would disregard all the Greater Earth Sovereigns. With that Sovereign Immortal Body, there’s nothing ordinary Greater Earth Sovereigns could do to him.

“In the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, only Liu Xingchen has forced me to bring out my Sovereign Immortal Body. But he paid a great price because of it. Now, I wonder if you will also pay a great price.” Ling Zhanzi appeared on the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body and looked down at Mu Chen.

When he finished speaking, the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body burst out with lustre. Lights gathered in the sky and formed into spears with Battle Runes covering it, emanating a torrential Battle Will.

Every single spear could tear apart a Lesser Earth Sovereign, and with such an amount, even a Greater Earth Sovereign wouldn’t be able to escape. This was a spectacular scene.

“Sovereign Ability - Storm of Battle Spears.” Ling Zhanzi flicked his finger and the spears flew out like a rainstorm. It was akin to a massive black cloud that enveloped towards Mu Chen and his Immortal Golden Body with an ear-piercing noise consistently resounding through the horizon.

Looking at the shadow cast by the spears, Mu Chen’s expression turned grave with his eyes slightly narrowed before his hands swiftly joined together and the Immortal Golden Body beneath his foot burst out with a purplish-golden lustre. “Immortal Lustre!” 

A purplish-golden light fluctuated in the surrounding and formed into a purplish-golden eggshell that enveloped Mu Chen and the Immortal Golden Body.

The Immortal Golden Body was the evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body, and the defensive ability far exceeded the latter. With the Immortal Lustre, it gave the Immortal Golden Body an even more sturdy defence.

As the purplish-golden lustre burst out, the spears slammed against the purplish-golden glow before they slowed down and froze in place while they were a few feet away from the Immortal Golden Body.

Looking from afar, the Immortal Golden Body was covered in spears like a hedgehog.

“Get lost!” Mu Chen widened his eyes and the purplish-golden lustre swept out, before he stomped his foot. The Immortal Golden Body roared and the soundwaves rippled out like a hurricane and blew the spears back.

The spears that were swept back were shot in the direction of Ling Zhanzi.

“Hmph!” Ling Zhanzi’s formed seals with his hand and the spears dissolved into Battle Will before they surrounded him.

The Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body stomped its foot and its massive figure pounced forth, along with a torrential Spiritual Energy, and charged towards the Immortal Golden Body in a barbaric manner.

The ground beneath the Immortal Golden Body also crumbled but Mu Chen showed no traces of retreating when facing the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body. He controlled his Immortal Golden Body to charge forth as well.

Two massive silhouettes tangled together in the forest and they brandished their fists, along with an enormous Spiritual Energy that caused space to shatter and the ground to crumble before a gigantic ravine spread out between the heavens and earth.

The spectators in the plaza were dumbfounded at this moment as they looked at the two fighting silhouettes, especially when they saw how Mu Chen’s tiny Immortal Golden Body could withstand the destructive attacks of the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body, their eyes nearly popped out of their eye sockets.

It’s the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body. Even a Greater Earth Sovereign couldn’t withstand one of its jabs. But even so, it couldn’t do a thing to Mu Chen’s mysterious Sovereign Immortal Body?

They initially felt that after Ling Zhanzi summoned his Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body, the situation would be one-sided. But in reality… Mu Chen’s mysterious Sovereign Immortal Body wasn’t any weaker than the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body!

The earth-shaking battle wreaked havoc in the forest and hills were flattened in the path of the two silhouettes…

The Immortal Golden Body and Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body clashed together with a myriad of energy waves sweeping out, with space shattering and fragments flying out.

When the two silhouettes were shot back, their massive silhouettes caused mountains to crumble.

Ling Zhanzi stood on the shoulder of the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body with his face blackened. He never expected that Mu Chen could actually confront him to this degree and that the mysterious Sovereign Immortal Body would be so troublesome to deal with.

“What Sovereign Immortal Body did that fellow cultivate? Why is it not any weaker than my Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body?” Reluctance flashed in Ling Zhanzi’s eyes. He had swept through many opponents that were at the same level with this Sovereign Immortal Body. But today, he actually couldn’t do anything to Mu Chen.

“This fellow is abnormal, and it’s unwise to drag the battle. Let’s finish it now!” Ling Zhanzi’s gaze flickered as he looked at Mu Chen with a trace of solemnness, no longer having the contempt from before.

Facing Mu Chen, Ling Zhanzi clearly knew that he couldn’t hold back if he wanted to win.

He no longer hesitated and took a deep breath. There was a flash of cold light in his eyes. He stomped his foot, and his seals started to change.

As his seals changed, the three spheres of light behind the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body instantly burst forth with a dazzling lustre, and Mu Chen seemed to have noticed that those spheres seemed to be filled with silhouettes, then his pupils narrowed abruptly.

There are actually elite troops in those spheres!

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