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Chapter 1254 - Ling Zhanzi’s Might

The six silhouettes stood in formation in the vast heavens and earth with a mighty gale that blew in every direction, causing buzzing noises in the sky.

A powerful pressure enveloped the heavens and earth, causing the atmosphere to freeze to the point that even the clamour in the plaza had instantly quieted down.

Everyone was nervously looking at the screen, since they knew that after the elimination, there would only be one out of the six of them that would receive the title, Seed of the Continent.

But clearly, there were more that thought highly of the three Holy Children. After all, whether it was their fame or achievements, they far surpassed Mu Chen’s group of three.

As for Mu Chen, who took Liu Xingchen’s spot, they briefly pondered and felt that it was still impossible for Mu Chen to face Ling Zhanzi, even if he had quite a few trump cards. After all, even Liu Xingchen was defeated by Ling Zhanzi.

It looked like, just judging the formation alone; the three Holy Children had the advantage…

“Sigh… looks like the three of them will be returning empty-handed.” Someone sighed. The Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple were too powerful, practically unrivalled amongst those of the same cultivation.

“There’s no absolutes in everything, who knows if there’ll be an unexpected twist… There have already been many surprises in this Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.” But there were those that had other views and did not think that the three Holy Children were sure winners. After all, none of those in Mu Chen’s party were pushovers, despite the three Holy Children being powerful.

“But regardless, I’m afraid that this battle can only be described as intense… I wonder who will be the last one standing.”

This sentence caused the spectators to echo along with it. Just the fact that the six of them could last till the end proved how outstanding they were.

Six gazes intertwined in the sky with a bone-piercing chill aura emanating out.

“Haha, three mice are banding together?” Ling Jianzi broke the silence while looking at the opposing three, akin to a hunter looking at his prey.

“Don’t always consider yourself to be the hunter. Furthermore, even the hunter has the chance of being bitten to death by his prey.” Su Mu raised his eyes and looked at Ling Jianzi with a cold smile.

“Oh? Really?” Ling Jianzi shrugged and revealed his teeth with a grin. “Since that’s the case, then we’ll break the limbs of our prey so that they won’t have the strength to counterattack…”

As Ling Jianzi and Su Mu exchanged words, killing intent surged in their eyes. The two of them already had enmity between them.

While Ling Jianzi and Su Mu were facing off, Ling Zhanzi indifferently looked at Mu Chen before smiling. “I believe Liu Xingchen’s Battle Seals are in your hands, right?”

Mu Chen calmly nodded his head in response.

“Hand them over to me and leave. You’re someone chosen by the Flame Emperor, so I don’t want you to embarrass yourself and the Flame Emperor.” Ling Zhanzi stretched his hand out and smiled towards Mu Chen. However, there wasn’t any warmth in his smile but indifference instead.

Facing his indifferent gaze, a smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face and he shook his head. “Nope.”

“Hahaha!” Mu Chen’s simple answer caused Chu Men to burst into laughter. Although Ling Zhanzi’s words sounded mild, the contempt was something that anyone would be angered by. However, Mu Chen’s serious reply had turned Ling Zhanzi’s domineering bearing into a joke.

Staring at Mu Chen, Ling Zhanzi nodded his head after a long time. “Since that’s the case, then don’t blame me for not giving Lord Flame Emperor any face.”

“Giving the Flame Emperor face… perhaps the West Heaven Battle Emperor might be qualified to say those words. As for you… although you’re a disciple groomed by the Battle Emperor, you’re dust compared to him.” Mu Chen helplessly sighed.

Mu Chen wasn’t fond of Ling Zhanzi’s tone, so he ruthlessly refuted without saving any face for the latter.

For Ling Zhanzi, Mu Chen’s rebuttal was rather ruthless, so he briefly stared at Mu Chen before rubbing his forehead. “It looks like you’re courting death.”

His voice was calm, but anyone could sense the killing intent in his words this time.

Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi had also sensed Ling Zhanzi’s state and they looked at Mu Chen in pity. That’s because they understood Ling Zhanzi well, and whenever Ling Zhanzi intended to kill someone, he would rub his forehead out of habit, and this always resulted with his opponents having miserable deaths…

This Mu Chen would soon know the price for enraging Ling Zhanzi.

“Let’s go.” Ling Zhanzi looked at Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi and said.

Ling Jianzi laughed out before he shot towards the distant mountain range with a sharp Sword Aura soaring into the sky, along with his laughter. “Su Mu, let’s see if you can preserve your name as a Celestial Sword after today!”

“Would I be afraid of you?!” Su Mu sneered before he flew out like a great roc, along with a boundless Sword Aura, towards the mountain range.

Seeing that Ling Jianzi had chosen Su Mu, Ling Longzi’s gaze fell onto Chu Men, who had a robust figure as well, and grinned. “Why don’t we play?”

“As you wish!” Chu Men’s silhouette shot out with a violent Spiritual Energy that filled this region as Ling Longzi roared and chased after the former.

With the four of them gone, the vast forest suddenly became quiet, with only Mu Chen and Ling Zhanzi present. Killing intent started to brew in their eyes.

Mu Chen waved his hand without any expression and brought out the Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Armies. He then gathered their Battle Will and formed the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit, then controlled it to charge towards Ling Zhanzi.

Facing the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit that would make ordinary Greater Earth Sovereigns fearful, Ling Zhanzi did not have any ripples in his eyes, but stretched out his hand and stomped on the ground. His silhouette pounced forth.

In just a breath’s time, he had appeared before the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit and his palms clashed with the Battle Will Spirit head-on. A violent shock wave was caused by their confrontation, fluctuating throughout space.

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed at this instance, since he could sense that Ling Zhanzi was akin to a boulder. No matter how the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit tried, it couldn’t make the latter budge.

Ling Zhanzi’s sleeves were torn apart by the shock wave, exposing countless profound marks that covered his arms.

Looking at those marks, Mu Chen’s heart trembled as he realised that those were all Battle Runes!

However, the Battle Runes that should appear on a Battle Will Spirit had actually appeared on Ling Zhanzi’s body!

“Is that the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s unique Spiritual Energy?” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. It was said that the West Heaven Battle Emperor could fuse his own Spiritual Energy and Battle Will into becoming a unique Spiritual Energy, known as the Battle Spiritual Energy!

Ling Zhanzi’s silhouette was tiny in comparison to the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit. The countless Battle Runes flickered on Ling Zhanzi’s arms as he roared, “Get lost!”

As he roared, a light burst out and the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit was sent flying back, dragging a few myriad feet-long mark on the ground.

Ling Zhanzi stood in the air with a majestic and violent Spiritual Energy bursting out from his body. At this instant, he was akin to a god of war.

His gaze flickered while looking at Mu Chen and said in a cold voice, “You’re still lacking to be messing with Battle Will before me!”

As he spoke, he took a step forth, and turned into afterimages, pouncing towards Mu Chen.

But when he was a thousand feet away from Mu Chen, Spiritual Energy roared in this region and a massive Spiritual Array was formed with nine dragons charging out.

Facing the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, Ling Zhanzi showed no signs of retreating. He unleashed his fist against every dragon that appeared before him.

Explosions resounded. Every single strike from his fist contained a terrifying power that caused space to shatter and the dragons were destroyed.

Nine jabs later, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was destroyed. Ling Zhanzi looked unrivalled at this moment!

Mu Chen’s face gradually turned grave at this scene. Although he wasn’t fond of Ling Zhanzi, the latter’s strength could be considered as the most powerful amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns that Mu Chen had seen!

When the spectators outside saw this scene, they were dumbfounded, since they never expect Ling Zhanzi to send the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit flying after a jab, along with nine more jabs to destroy a Spiritual Array.

At this moment, they finally knew how domineering this person was. He was the leader amongst the Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple!

Even Luo Tianshen’s face was covered with fear and worry was in his eyes. He knew that facing such a ferocious Ling Zhanzi; even Mu Chen would be in danger…

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