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Chapter 1253 - Decisive Battle

When Su Mu held onto the sword, a dreadful Sword Aura burst out from him that wreaked havoc between the heavens and earth with marks left behind by the stunning Sword Aura.

As he looked at Mu Chen, the warm attitude he had before had been completely wiped away.

Diplomacy before violence, since they’re done with the first, now it’s time for violence… since they wanted to test Mu Chen’s strength. If Mu Chen wasn’t qualified, then they would immediately make a move to seize the Battle Seals back from Mu Chen, since the equality between them was built by the foundation of strength.

If Mu Chen wanted to receive equal treatment, then he would have to show convincing strength.

Mu Chen was also clear about this, so he wasn’t unhappy and gently nodded his head. “Then, please enlighten me.”

Seeing that there wasn’t any fear on Mu Chen’s face, Su Mu lightly nodded his head. He had heard of Mu Chen’s recent fame, so he knew that Mu Chen must have some strength.

But they’re going to face the three Holy Children, and the three of them were incredibly famous in the West Heaven Continent. So they had to verify if Mu Chen had the strength. Otherwise, even if they faced the three Holy Children, Mu Chen would be the fastest to lose and ruin their plan.

If that’s the case, they would rather seize the seals from Mu Chen and exchange them for treasures before leaving the battlefield…

Su Mu no longer hesitated and pulled the sword out of its sheath, then gently brandished it.

When he brandished the sword, ripples fluctuated across space like a stream of water. In the next instant, his sword blossomed and a thousand foot-long sword-shaped Sword Aura tore the heavens apart while flying towards Mu Chen.

The sword seemed like it could tear any obstructions apart. Facing such a sharp sword, even Greater Earth Sovereigns would dodge and not dare to confront it head-on. Evidently, Su Mu did not hold back in this move!

“Wolf Fang’s Celestial Sword, truly as reputed.” Mu Chen praised the sword-shaped Sword Aura before he waved his sleeve. Boundless Battle Will soared into the sky and turned into a Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit that roared and shielded him.

The sword slammed against the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit, which was roaring with a surging Battle Will as it attempted to block it. But in the next moment, the boundless Battle Will was being sliced apart, leaving a mark on the body of the Battle Will Spirit that nearly split it apart.

This Sword Aura from Su Mu actually cut the defence of the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit!

But when it pierced through the defence, the sword also dimmed and slowed down, but continued to fly towards Mu Chen, as if it wouldn’t stop until it tasted blood.

As the sword swiftly expanded in Mu Chen’s eyes, and was about to enter a hundred feet in radius, a Spiritual Array appeared around Mu Chen and nine dragons were roaring, letting out dragon breaths and clashed with the sword.

The sword continued to push forth, constantly destroying the dragon breaths and pierced through the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, and appeared before Mu Chen, aiming towards the centre of his brows.

“Formidable.” Seeing that even the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit and Nine Dragon God-Killing Array could stop Su Mu’s sword, Mu Chen praised before crystallised flickers flashed in his pupils.

The sword immediately arrived and just when it was about to pierce the centre of Mu Chen’s brows, a crystallised light beam shot out of Mu Chen’s forehead and formed into an exquisite crystal pagoda.

The sword and pagoda clashed!

The mountain that Mu Chen sat on was instantly sliced into countless rocks, before they rolled down. A crystallised lustre blossomed, enveloping the sword, causing the sword to gradually disappear.

When the sword disappeared, the crystallised pagoda returned to Mu Chen’s brows before he waved his hand, dispersing the Battle Will Spirit, then smiled towards Su Mu. “Wolf Fang’s Celestial Sword, well deserving of your name.”

Mu Chen wasn’t lying. That sword had shown that even amongst Greater Earth Sovereigns, Su Mu was definitely an elite, since his Sword Aura had even broken through his Battle Formation and Spiritual Array.

“That sword isn’t simple.” Mu Chen glanced at Su Mu’s sword. Although the sword didn’t look remarkable, the sword was probably comparable to Mandala’s Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, a Middle Rank Saint Artifact.

Seeing that Mu Chen was unharmed, Su Mu narrowed his eyes before he exchanged a glance with Chu Men and saw the graveness in each other’s eyes.

Although that sword wasn’t Su Mu’s strongest, he did not hold back. But his attack was still blocked by Mu Chen, and most importantly, Mu Chen still had energy to spare.

That meant that his sword wasn’t enough to force Mu Chen to bring out his trump cards, and what they witnessed were merely the cards that Mu Chen had already revealed to everyone…

Just this fact alone, Su Mu and Chu Men felt something unfathomable from a Lesser Earth Sovereign like Mu Chen.

“So guys, am I qualified now?” Mu Chen looked at the two of them before he stood up with a smile.

Su Mu nodded his head, and even Chu Men’s expression became more friendly. Clearly, Mu Chen’s strength had won their acknowledgement.

“No wonder Brother Mu’s fame has been soaring lately. Witnessing it with my own eyes, the rumours aren’t false, indeed.” Su Mu and Chu Men walked towards Mu Chen as they smiled.

Mu Chen smiled while modestly replying to them before changing the topic, “I wonder what do you two have planned?”

He was naturally speaking about the plan to deal with the three Holy Children.

After glancing at Su Mu, Chu Men said, “According to our estimations, the three Holy Children should be clearing up the battlefield now. I believe that it won’t take long for everyone, aside the three of us, to be kicked out of the battlefield.”

“They’ve decided to have one decisive battle…” Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. The three Holy Children were clearly intending to clean up the battlefield so that there wouldn’t be anyone that tried to fish for benefits.

“If we’re going to face them in the final battle, how are we going to distribute our opponents?” Mu Chen asked again.

After scratching his head, Chu Men responded, “According to our agreement with Brother Liu, I should be dealing with Ling Longzi, who has a powerful physique. Both of us are on the same path of cultivation, so we can fight each other head-on.”

“On the other hand, Brother Su will face Ling Jianzi, since the two of them are considered as the most famous in sword arts, and they also have enmity in the past, so they intended to settle it now.”

As he spoke, Chu Men and Su Mu awkwardly looked at Mu Chen. If that’s the case, then the most powerful amongst the three Holy Children, Ling Zhanzi, would be Mu Chen’s responsibility.

“If Brother Mu isn’t too good with that, I can handle Ling Zhanzi.” Su Mu briefly pondered, before he gritted his teeth.

He naturally knew how powerful Ling Zhanzi was, and the most powerful amongst them, Liu Xingchen, was defeated by the former. So even if he faced Ling Zhanzi, there’s no chance for him to win, he could only drag the time out and wait for Mu Chen and Chu Men to obtain victory before turning the tables around.

After a brief thought, Mu Chen shook his head with a smile. “Thanks for your goodwill, but since I have taken Brother Liu’s Battle Seals, then I will naturally take his responsibility.

“Furthermore… I have seized Ling Zhanzi’s trophy, so he will surely not let me off.”

Mu Chen still refused Su Mu’s goodwill. He actually didn’t trust the latter too much. After all, they’re going to be facing three-on-three, so if anything happened to Su Mu, then the entire plan would fall, and this was something that Mu Chen didn’t wish to see.

If that’s the case, he would rather be the one facing Ling Zhanzi. After all, in contrast to the fear and uneasiness that the two of them were feeling, he wasn’t afraid of Ling Zhanzi and even hoped to fight the latter instead, since Ling Zhanzi would be a good whetstone for him to test his limits!

Seeing the smile on Mu Chen’s face, Su Mu and Chu Men were briefly stunned. They could sense that Mu Chen didn’t have a trace of fear for Ling Zhanzi.

“Perhaps… he might really be able to fight against Ling Zhanzi.” The two of them were infected by Mu Chen’s mood and felt more comfortable with expectations rising in their hearts.

“Since that’s the case, we’ll wait here and wait for the final battle to arrive.” Mu Chen smiled towards the two of them before sitting down on the crown of an ancient tree.

Su Mu and Chu Men sat on the two nearby mountains and their gazes flickered. Spiritual Energy constantly surged from their bodies, showing the waves in their bodies.

As time slowly flowed under their wait, a day had passed…

However, the three of them could sense that this region had become emptier and quieter. Evidently, this battlefield had been swept clean…

When the blazing sun rose on the horizon and the sunlight shone down, the eyes of Mu Chen, Su Mu and Chu Men suddenly opened and they looked towards the sky in the west. Space suddenly distorted in that direction with three silhouettes streaking across the horizon.

In the blink of an eye, the three silhouettes appeared, standing a myriad-foot away from the three of them.

Looking at those three silhouettes, Mu Chen’s group of three slowly stood up and faced the opposing three as the sky gradually turned dark in anticipation.

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