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Chapter 1255 - Pinnacle Confrontation

Ling Zhanzi stood in the sky of the majestic forest with powerful Spiritual Energy sweeping into gale around him. Battle Runes flickered on his arms, making him look like a god of war at this moment. He was filled with intimidation.

Ling Zhanzi indifferently glanced at the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit that had been sent flying by him, as well as the destroyed Spiritual Array, with a ridiculing smile on his face. “If this is all you have, then I’ll be too disappointed.”

There wasn’t any change in Mu Chen’s expression, but there was a solemn look in his eyes. Ling Zhanzi was undoubtedly the most powerful person that he had seen amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns.

According to his estimations, Ling Zhanzi should be at the Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereign Realm with a step away from the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

“Truly worthy of being the Battle Emperor’s direct disciple…” Mu Chen muttered as he raised his head. There wasn’t any fear in his eyes. He smiled. “Since you want to know, then come and give it a try. I believe I won’t disappoint you.”

Even if Ling Zhanzi was powerful, he, Mu Chen, wasn’t a pushover and the winner today had yet to be determined.

“Really? Let’s hope that’s the case or it would be too pointless.” Ling Zhanzi turned into afterimages and pounced forth while lightly nodding his head and appeared before Mu Chen in the next instant. He threw a jab forth with a dazzling lustre bursting from the Battle Runes on his arm, shattering space into countless fragments from that fist of his.

As Ling Zhanzi’s fist grew bigger in Mu Chen’s eyes, Mu Chen did not dodge, since he wished to experience the strength of a Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereign.

The crystal pagoda flashed in the depths of his eyes, converting the Spiritual Energy in his body into the crystallised Spiritual Energy before he balled his hand into a fist and threw a jab forth.

His fist flickered with a crystalline lustre and the Spiritual Energy in his body surged forth without any restraint, condensing into a crystallised sleeve around his fist.

When the two fists violently clashed, visible fluctuations could be seen rippling out and the trees within a myriad foot in the radius of the forest beneath the two of them were reduced to ashes…

As splinters of wood flew, Mu Chen’s body trembled and he was blown back, drawing a thousand foot long mark on the ground…

When Mu Chen stabilised his body, his face was briefly red before he calmed down and felt a stinging pain on his fist while looking at Ling Zhanzi with a blazing gaze. “What powerful Spiritual Energy, is this the power of a Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereign?”

Ling Zhanzi also took ten-odd steps back. But compared to Mu Chen, he was in a better state; however, his gaze became a little darker at this moment.

Although Mu Chen was blown a few thousand feet away by his fist, Mu Chen did not suffer any injuries.

Ling Zhanzi lowered his head to look at his fist and saw a layer of crystalline lustre. It was the remnants of Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy when his fist came in contact with Mu Chen’s fist. It was when Ling Zhanzi clashed with Mu Chen that the crystallised Spiritual Energy invaded his arm, which made Ling Zhanzi shocked to realise that his Battle Spiritual Energy that was in the path of the crystallised Spiritual Energy had been sealed.

But fortunately, he swiftly circulated his Spiritual Energy to suppress and expel the crystallised Spiritual Energy. But even so, the might of his jab was affected by it, becoming weaker.

In the end, this jab, which he had intended to claim Mu Chen’s life with, only managed to blow Mu Chen away.

“That fellow’s Spiritual Energy is a little weird. Even my Battle Spiritual Energy was affected by it.” Ling Zhanzi lightly knitted his brows. His Battle Spiritual Energy was on a higher grade compared to ordinary Spiritual Energy, but it was still affected by Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy. Wouldn’t that mean that the crystallised Spiritual Energy that Mu Chen had cultivated was superior to his Battle Spiritual Energy?

“Hmph, you truly have a thing or two up your sleeves. But just this alone is impossible to change your outcome!” Ling Zhanzi coldly fixed his eyes on Mu Chen. Even if Mu Chen’s crystallised Spiritual Energy was unusual, Mu Chen was only a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

“Interesting, I’ll see how many times this Spiritual Energy of yours can save you.” Ling Zhanzi coldly said before he took in a deep breath. More Battle Runes started to appear on his arm, along with a dangerous aura that emanated from his body.

Sensing the danger, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. It seemed that Ling Zhanzi had finally decided to be serious.

Ling Zhanzi stood in the sky, and as more Battle Runes appeared on his arms, a violent gale blew in this region. When it had brewed to the limit, a lustre flashed in his eyes.

He slowly raised his palm, and his palm started to expand, growing to a massive size in just a few breaths’ time.

That hand was covered in countless Battle Runes and a torrential Battle Will had gathered. At that moment, that hand seemed like it belonged to the hand of a god of war that descended from the sky.

Instantly, it had caused the Spiritual Energy in this entire region to boil.

“Greater Divine Ability - Heavenseizing Palm!” Ling Zhanzi indifferently looked at Mu Chen before he slammed his palm down with a cold voice that rang throughout this entire region.


It was when this hand descended; a commotion rang out amongst the spectators.

“It’s a Greater Divine Ability?!”

“This Ling Zhanzi is so ruthless. He intends to kill!”

“Now Mu Chen is in a perilous spot.”

Countless experts looked at the screen with shock on their faces. Ling Zhanzi’s attack was something that would make even a Greater Earth Sovereign feel like his scalp was becoming numb.

Liu Xingchen was also at the plaza with fear rising in his eyes when he saw the large hand. It was because of this that he suffered quite a bit from Ling Zhanzi.

There seemed to be a million Battle Runes on this hand, along with his Spiritual Energy. It’s so ferocious that even a Greater Earth Sovereign might fall if they were careless.

Liu Xingchen looked at the tiny silhouette beneath the hand and muttered, “Mu Chen… can you withstand that…?”


Mu Chen also looked at that massive hand. He never expected Ling Zhanzi to execute a Greater Divine Ability.

“Truly the disciple of the Battle Emperor.” Mu Chen couldn’t help exclaiming.

Ling Zhanzi’s eyes coldly flashed with an indifferent expression without a word before the hand descended in the direction of Mu Chen, causing the ground to collapse in huge patches.

A huge shadow was cast over. Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the hand before taking a deep breath, and his hands joined together.

A powerful Spiritual Energy burst out from his body and in the next instant, a massive silhouette gradually formed behind Mu Chen.

This golden silhouette stood behind Mu Chen with a purplish-golden lustre emanating from it that made it look mysterious.

Evidently, facing Ling Zhanzi, Mu Chen did not dare to hold back and immediately brought out the Immortal Golden Body.

When the Immortal Golden Body appeared, Spiritual Energy had formed into a river and the purplish-golden river was dazzling with a golden lustre before swiftly forming into twenty runes…

Mu Chen’s seal changed and the twenty runes soared, before converging into a massive purplish-golden umbrella.

“Divine Immortal Runes - Myriad Transformation!”

“Violet-Gold Umbrella!”

Mu Chen waved his hand and the massive umbrella clashed with the enormous hand.

When it clashed, a loud roar rang out between the heavens and earth. The umbrella had bent in and was on the verge of shattering.

But when everyone thought that the umbrella was about to shatter, purplish-golden runes flashed and a mysterious purplish-golden lustre swept across the horizon.

The curved umbrella sprang back, along with a terrifying force that poured down onto the hand.

Rumbling sounds rang out and everyone was shocked to see that the Battle Runes were starting to shatter at this moment. In a few breaths’ time, the hand had flown back and shrunk down to its standard size.

Ling Zhanzi’s face turned dark and his hand was trembling with traces of blood. Evidently, his hand had suffered some injuries from the rebound.

“Interesting, how interesting…” Ling Zhanzi’s sharp gaze stared at the Immortal Golden Body beneath Mu Chen’s feet. This was the Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen had cultivated, one that he had never seen before, so it wouldn't be simple!

Standing on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body, Mu Chen looked at Ling Zhanzi and slowly said, “Bring out your Sovereign Immortal Body or you won’t be able to do anything to me.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Ling Zhanzi did not ridicule him this time. Through the previous clash, he knew that it was impossible for him to do anything to Mu Chen as long as Mu Chen had his Sovereign Immortal Body.

One could only use a Sovereign Celestial Body to confront another Sovereign Celestial Body.

Ling Zhanzi coldly stared at Mu Chen and said, “Mu Chen, even if you lose, you can be proud that you forced me to bring out my Sovereign Immortal Body!”

When he finished speaking, dazzling rays of light burst out from his back, along with roars that echoed between the heavens and earth.

A massive figure gradually formed behind Ling Zhanzi and a powerful pressure gradually gathered in this region at the same time.

As the pressure spread out, Ling Zhanzi’s deep voice rang out between the heavens and earth, “Appear… Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body!”

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