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Chapter 1252 - Su Mu and Chu Men

The moment Mu Chen ascended the peak, a screen of light rose around the plaza with the rankings in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield. When everyone saw Mu Chen being the first ranker, a commotion broke out.

“Heavens, what happened?! How did Mu Chen ascend to the first from the seventh?”

“It’s Liu Xingchen! Liu Xingchen disappeared! It looks like Mu Chen has seized his Battle Seals!”

“Tsk, tsk. Benefiting without any effort.”

“That Mu Chen is really cunning. Liu Xingchen had been heavily injured by Ling Zhanzi, and suffered a great decrease in his strength before he was found by him!”

“But I’m afraid that this isn’t a piece of good news. His actions will surely enrage Ling Zhanzi, so that Mu Chen will be in trouble soon.”


As the whispers resounded, practically everyone felt that Mu Chen only obtained first because of luck. They had witnessed the strength of Ling Zhanzi, and even someone like Liu Xingchen was defeated.

Although Mu Chen was a dark horse, everyone felt that he was still lacking, when compared to Ling Zhanzi.

Luo Tianshen was also looking at the rankings with his brows knitted together. He initially thought that with Mu Chen’s character, he would probably wait till the six of them fought it out before he made his move.

But the sudden changes had instantly rose Mu Chen up to the top, attracting the enmity of Ling Zhanzi…

As someone that knew how powerful Ling Zhanzi was, even if Luo Tianshen had confidence in Mu Chen, he still felt uneasy.

“Haha, this Mu Chen actually ran to first place. This surprise is truly unexpected.” When the Battle Emperor saw this, he smiled towards the Flame Emperor with ridicule in his smile.

Perhaps others might not know, but who was the Battle Emperor and Flame Emperor? They naturally knew that Mu Chen did not fight with Liu Xingchen; the reason why Mu Chen obtained those Battle Seals was purely by luck.

But sometimes, picking benefits in such a battlefield might also attract trouble onto himself.

Hearing the ridiculing words, the Flame Emperor smiled. “Mu Chen was aiming for the first, to begin with, so he would naturally not reject any Battle Seals coming his way. If it’s someone else, then they might not have the guts to pick them up.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor laughed and spoke in a playful tone, “Let’s hope that he can really maintain that position.”

In the northwest region of the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, an ordinary-looking man opened the screen and saw Mu Chen’s name with over forty Battle Seals and knitted his brows with a faint laugh. “Interesting… I never thought that there would be a day when I, Ling Zhanzi, would have victory cut off by someone else.”

Liu Xingchen’s name had disappeared from the rankings, that meant that he had been kicked out of the battlefield. So with some thought about it, he could figure out that Mu Chen had benefited from his battle with Ling Zhanzi.

“Haha, I never expected you to have such a day.” A burst of laughter rang out before two silhouettes flew over and landed by his side; the two were the other Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple, Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi.

Ling Zhanzi glanced at the two of them and smiled. “I heard rumours that Liu Xingchen, Chu Men and Su Mu had joined an alliance to deal with us. With Liu Xingchen dealt with, the two of you will be responsible for the two others.”

Ling Jianzi casually replied, “What Wolf Fang Celestial Sword, I have wanted to meet him long ago. I wonder what expression he will have after I break his sword.”

The robust Ling Longzi also grinned and revealed his teeth. “I’ve also been waiting to test the Tyrant Blade.”

Ling Zhanzi laughed, “The Battlefield is reaching the end, so I recommend we clear up the other fries here before dealing with the three of them. After that, the three of us will fight it out to decide the victor.”

The two others nodded their heads. Although they were competitors, they had to get rid of everyone else first, since they did not wish to suffer the rage of the Battle Emperor if the quota fell to someone else.

Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi were swift with their actions. After they had made a decision, they burst out and disappeared into the horizon.

Looking at their silhouettes, Ling Zhanzi looked at the name at the top of the screen with a smile, “I’ll let you occupy that spot a little longer. When the other fries are cleared up, I will personally throw you down from that position.”

Finishing his words, he waved his hand and the screen disappeared, then his silhouette had also slowly disappeared.

“The first so easily…” While outside was in a tremor, Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders while smiling. Perhaps in the eyes of everyone else, his ranking was something he had obtained through luck.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t too bothered about that, since it would all be revealed if he had relied on luck or strength.

“I also don’t have to seize other Battle Seals anymore. I’ll just have to wait till the finale.” Mu Chen moved and appeared on a mountain before he sat down with a calm expression. At this moment, he no longer needed to snatch Battle Seals. He knew that the finale wouldn’t start without him.

Mu Chen closed his eyes and continued to study the Spiritual Trinity Spiritual Array. However, it did not last for a long time, since he could sense two Spiritual Energy fluctuations swiftly coming in his direction.

He opened his eyes and glanced in the direction they were coming from and saw two silhouettes standing in the sky.

One of them had azure robes with a mottled sword on his back, emanating a sharp sword intent that even made the eyes sting from looking at him.

The other person was a robust man with long hair fluttering down, looking unruly and domineering.

“Wolf Fang’s Celestial Sword Su Mu and Tyrant Blade Chu Men.” Mu Chen raised his head and smiled. He wasn’t surprised that they would look for him.

“So you’re the one that snatched Brother Liu’s Battle Seals?” Chu Men looked at Mu Chen with a sharp gaze.

“I just happened to encounter him.” Mu Chen faintly smiled.

Chu Men was a little enraged and said, “Brother Liu was clearly waiting for the two of us to help him recover. At that time, the three of us would be able to fight the three Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple. But in the end, you took advantage of his injuries and kicked him out!”

Mu Chen knitted his brows upon hearing his words. “Everyone is an enemy in the battlefield, why should I let Liu Xingchen go? What has your agreement got to do with me, either?”

Hearing his words, Su Mu’s gaze flashed. “Looks like Brother Liu has told you about it.”

Casting a glance at the two of them, Mu Chen said, “Liu Xingchen fought with Ling Zhanzi and suffered heavy injuries. He knew that he had no luck after confronting Ling Zhanzi, so he gave his Battle Seals to me. However, he did not do it with good intentions. He wants me to face Ling Zhanzi.”

“How boastful!” Chu Man had a tyrant’s attitude, to begin with, and his face turned black. “Such arrogance, to say that you have the qualifications to fight with Ling Zhanzi!”

Even Liu Xingchen was defeated by Ling Zhanzi, and yet Mu Chen was merely a Lesser Earth Sovereign, so his words were simply hilarious.

“You’re not the one to determine my qualifications.” Mu Chen smiled.

“You!” Chu Men raged.

Su Mu stopped Chu Men and turned to Mu Chen and said in a gentle tone, “Brother Mu, we aren’t concerned if Brother Liu gave you the Battle Seals or if you snatched them. I only want to say that if Brother Mu intends to exchange the Battle Seals for treasures and retire, then the two of us will be taking the Battle Seals back.”

With a calm voice, Mu Chen replied, “My objective is the quota.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s reply, Su Mu felt relieved and smiled. “Since that’s the case, does Brother Mu know the current situation of the battlefield?

“The three Holy Children are sweeping the fries, and if it goes as we have expected, they will do it successfully. And if we’re also swept out, can Brother Mu fight with the three of them yourself? And remain first?”

“What are you trying to say?” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered.

Su Mu smiled. “I just wish that Brother Mu can replace Brother Liu’s spot. The three of us will join forces together to confront the three Holy Children. Otherwise, we won’t have anything to do with the quota.”

“Sure.” Mu Chen straightforwardly nodded his head. He did need helpers to stop the other two Holy Children. Otherwise, even if he had the Three Pures, it’s still impossible for him to fight with the three of them.

Su Mu wasn’t surprised that Mu Chen would agree. As long as Mu Chen wanted to aim for first place, then he would definitely need helpers. And in the current battlefield, only he and Chu Men could provide the help that Mu Chen needed.

Su Mu smiled. “Since that’s the case, then that’s great… However, we need to verify something.”

“What is it?” Mu Chen raised his head.

Su Mu smiled, then held onto the hilt of his sword before a terrifying sword aura soared into the sky.

“We need to verify… if Brother Mu is qualified to work together with us.”

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