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Chapter 1251 - Liu Xingchen

After seeing Liu Xingchen and Ling Zhanzi leave, Mu Chen hesitated. He knew that there would be an intense battle between the two of them, but he had no intention to chase after them to fish for benefits. The two of them weren’t ordinary people, so he might attract their enmity instead if he followed them.

Thus, Mu Chen did not participate in the battle of those two and left in another direction. He knew that after this battle between the two of them, one of them would be sent out of the battlefield. Regardless of who it was, the winner would surely speed up the elimination rate in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, with an intense finale for the Seed of the Continent contest.

With such thoughts in his heart, Mu Chen’s figure suddenly paused and he looked into the distance after he sensed violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations soaring into the sky.

The fluctuations were so powerful that Mu Chen could sense it, even at this distance. Looking at it from afar, even space had shown signs of distorting.

Mu Chen knew that probably everyone in this Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield had sensed the horrifying fluctuations.

“That Ling Zhanzi and Liu Xingchen are truly extraordinary.” Mu Chen shook his head with a grave expression. Judging on the Spiritual Energy fluctuations, Ling Zhanzi and Liu Xingchen were stronger than any of the other Greater Earth Sovereigns he had previously encountered.

If he encountered the two of them, it’d definitely hard for him to obtain any advantage with the Spirit-Slaughtering and Demon-Extinguishing Armies.

Standing in the sky while he sensed the terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations, Mu Chen intended to wait for the battle to end, since he wished to know who the victor was between them.

Thus, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations grew stronger under his wait and the region over there seemed to have collapsed; it was dark without any light.

This situation lasted for a full hour before Mu Chen started to sense the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations residing.

“The battle ended?” Mu Chen’s gaze flashed before his Battle Seal appeared in his hand with a ranking screen displayed before him. If there’s an outcome in this battle, then one of their Battle Seals should have increased.

“Mhm?” But Mu Chen was surprised. There weren’t any changes to the number of Battle Seals in the rankings.

“Could it be that the two of them have fought to a tie?” Mu Chen mumbled in puzzlement. It looked like Ling Zhanzi and Liu Xingchen weren’t able to defeat the other party, nor were they able to obtain the Battle Seals.

“The West Heaven Continent is truly a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers.” Mu Chen sighed. He was surprised by the fact that Liu Xingchen could safely retreat when facing Ling Zhanzi. After all, Ling Zhanzi was a disciple personally groomed by the Battle Emperor.

With the guidance of a Heavenly Sovereign and the massive resources of the West Heaven Temple, Ling Zhanzi’s cultivation condition was something that even Mu Chen had to sigh at. After all, he had relied on himself all this time.

Mu Chen no longer remained and started to head towards the distance. With fewer people on the battlefield, he could try his luck and see if he could find those hiding fellows and retrieve their Battle Seals.

However, he didn’t have much harvest after sweeping an entire region. Those fellows had clearly become smart and immediately fled when they encountered someone with high Battle Seals.

Furthermore, Mu Chen could sense that more people were starting to make exchanges from the Battle Emperor’s Treasury and left the battlefield.

Clearly, those fellows had decisively chosen to exchange for treasures and leave, since they knew that they had no chance in this contest.

But it would be hard for Mu Chen to hunt for Battle Seals. In the end, he even had to give up this idea, since he knew that after coming this far, the battle would no longer be a small one.

If he wanted to win, then he had to direct his attention at those top rankers…

Mu Chen stopped and let out a long breath, then his gaze started to blaze. He had already made his decision to adjust his condition before making a move against those top rankers.

“Let’s rest a little.” Mu Chen descended towards a mountain range. But when he entered the mountain range, his gaze suddenly narrowed. He looked at the depths of the mountain range. He could sense a vague Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from a somewhat familiar silhouette…

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered before he immediately turned into a beam of light. Ten-odd breaths later, he had appeared in the depths of a mountain and swept his gaze around. He saw a black-robed silhouette with white hair quietly sitting under an enormous tree. It was the Starlight Pavilion Master, Liu Xingchen!

The latter’s face was pale and he was covered in blood from the massive injuries on his body that rid him of the elegant bearing that he once had.

When Mu Chen saw his injuries, his heart trembled. Liu Xingchen’s wounds must have been left by Ling Zhanzi from their battle.

Liu Xingchen had also sensed Mu Chen’s arrival, so he opened his eyes with a bitter smile on his face.

Looking at the heavily wounded Liu Xingchen, Mu Chen’s smile was unusual before he said, “Looks like my luck is pretty good to find a meat pie falling from the sky.”

Liu Xingchen smiled at Mu Chen’s words and sighed, “As a disciple of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, he is truly extraordinary. Initially, I thought that I could still confront him, but it turns out that I have overestimated myself and underestimated him.”

“It looks like you lost the battle and fled.” Mu Chen now understood that Liu Xingchen and Ling Zhanzi did not fight to a tie, but Liu Xingchen was heavily injured by Ling Zhanzi and fled. No wonder Ling Zhanzi wasn’t able to obtain Liu Xingchen’s Battle Seals.

With a bitter smile and nod of his head, Liu Xingchen sighed, “Ling Zhanzi is ruthless and it looks like I have failed to live up to Brother Su and Brother Chu’s alliance agreement.”

“Alliance?” Mu Chen’s heart shook. Liu Xingchen should be talking about Su Me and Chu Men. Mu Chen did not know that they had an alliance going on.

“It cannot be considered as an alliance, but more like an agreement. The three of us were unconvinced about the three Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple, so we wanted to see who’s better through this Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield. Thus, we have an agreement to join hands and confront them, but I am now heavily injured by Ling Zhanzi, so I have failed to live up to their expectations.” Liu Xingchen said.

So it turned out that Liu Xingchen, Su Mu and Chu Man were also fearful of the three Holy Children; thus, they made an alliance. But it was a pity that Liu Xingchen got heavily injured, so if the three Holy Children joined together, then they could probably forget about the Seed of the Continent’s quota.

“But why are you telling me this? You want me to give up on you?” Mu Chen smiled as he looked at Liu Xingchen. With the substantial injuries of the latter, Liu Xingchen’s strength had significantly decreased, so he was pretty confident about being able to snatch the Battle Seals.

Hearing his words, Liu Xingchen laughed, “On the contrary, I intend to willingly give you my Battle Seals. I’m just afraid that you won’t dare to take them.”

“Why?” Mu Chen responded.

Liu Xingchen smiled. “I am extremely weakened. By the time I fully recover, the battlefield would have come to an end. So I have no purpose in staying here, nor do I want to let Ling Zhanzi have my Battle Seals. If you have the guts, I am willing to give you my Battle Seals.

“But Ling Zhanzi has treated me like his prey, so who would dare to pilfer his prey in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield? If my Battle Seals fall into your hands, you will instantly exceed him in the rankings and become the first ranker. At that time, he will certainly come after you.

“Facing Ling Zhanzi, do you dare to accept my Battle Seals?” Liu Xingchen smiled, looking at Mu Chen as if he wanted to see if there’s any fear on Mu Chen’s face.

But to his surprise, Mu Chen’s expression remained calm without any fluctuations. He waited till Liu Xingchen finished speaking before smiling. “Why not? I intended to get first, so even without your Battle Seals, I would also look for Ling Zhanzi and have a battle.”

Liu Xingchen was stunned while looking at Mu Chen. Gradually, his expression turned stern. He couldn’t see any strands of fear in the eyes of the latter. Furthermore, Mu Chen’s confidence wasn’t an act.

That meant that Mu Chen had really intended to fight with Ling Zhanzi…

Liu Xingchen naturally heard of Mu Chen, and someone with Mu Chen’s achievements wasn’t an overconfident and foolish person. Since that’s the case, that meant that Mu Chen had a certain amount of confidence in fighting Ling Zhanzi.

“I initially thought that only I could confront Ling Zhanzi in this Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield. But it looks like I have overestimated my ability.” Liu Xingchen retracted his gaze after a long time.

“So, what’s your decision?” Mu Chen smiled.

Liu Xingchen’s laughter roared before he waved his sleeve and a couple dozen Battle Seals flew in Mu Chen’s direction. “So be it. Ling Zhanzi has defeated me, but I did not lose out since I can cause some trouble for him.

“Mu Chen, if you really have the guts, then accept these Battle Seals. I will wait for the battle between you and Ling Zhanzi outside, and I hope that I will not be disappointed.”

Looking at the Battle Seals, Mu Chen swept his hand and stored all of them before cupping his fists together. “Then, I’ll have to ask Brother Liu to wait patiently.”

Liu Xingchen nodded his head with a smile before he gradually turned faint and disappeared from the battlefield.

When Liu Xingchen disappeared, the Battle Seal in Mu Chen’s hand flickered and he instantly ascended to the peak of the rankings.

First place, Mu Chen with a total of 43 Battle Seals!

Whether it was inside or outside of the battlefield, this caused a significant tremor.

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