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Chapter 125 – Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia

A green light that was filled with vitality surrounded the emerald-like Spirit Zoysia. An enticing aroma was constantly being emitted from the grass, which would cause anyone’s mouth water.

“So this is the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia?”

From behind, Ye Qingling’s voice rang out. As she exclaimed at the sight of the Spirit Zoysia sitting on the slope, Mu Chen noticed that she had also brought Wang Sheng and the others over.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. He then looked at Ye Qingling and spoke: “The Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia belongs to me this time. Consider it a favor, okay?”

“This information came from you. Moreover, you were the one that defeated the Spiritual Beasts outside. This item naturally belongs to you. There is no need to talk about favors.” Ye Qingling smiled: “However, there are still many worldly treasures inside the valley. Although they aren’t as outstanding compared to the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia, they are still decent. It will be beneficial to our cultivation.”

“Pick as much as you want.” Mu Chen laughed.

“Then I’ll have to thank you.” Ye Qingling nodded. She did not say anything more and waved her hand as she brought the others to pick the other worldly treasures in the area.

Mu Chen moved quickly and rushed over to the location of the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia. His hand was wrapped with Spiritual Energy as he inserted it directly into the slope. Afterwards, he dug out the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia along with a massive boulder.

Once the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia was plucked by Mu Chen, an emerald light flowed out and entered the symbol on Mu Chen’s forehead. The golden light from the symbol instantly turned richer and showed signs of increasing from a Rank 5 to a Rank 6.

After feeling the changes that were made to his symbol, Mu Chen’s eyes were filled with surprise. It seemed that searching for worldly treasures could be a decent method of increasing the symbol’s ranks. Unfortunately, it was extremely rare to find worldly treasures that were filled with Spiritual Aura such as the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia.

Mu Chen lowered his head to look at the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia on top of the boulder. The beauty of this worldly treasure could only be seen close up. Within the sparkling colors, a dense and pure Spiritual Energy fluctuation was emitted.

Mu Chen smelled the enticing aroma, and the Spiritual Energy within his body shook. A strange feeling filled his heart.

It was the feeling of wanting to attempt a breakthrough.

“I’ll absorb it here right now and attempt to breakthrough to the Spirit Stage!”

This idea flashed through Mu Chen’s mind, and his eyes twinkled. He sat down decisively upon the floor of the valley,  then he took a deep breath and gradually calmed down.

As he was calming himself,  his hands were covering the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia from both above and below. Suddenly, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy began to surge out.


The boulder, which the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia was on, turned into dust underneath the Spiritual Energy pressure, and the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia also cracked open slightly.

An emerald liquid filled with extraordinary Spiritual Energy flowed out and the valley instantly turned hazy as a seductive scent spread out.

The pressure of the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s hands gradually increased, and it finally compressed the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia into a clump of emerald liquid. The liquid was filled with an extraordinary Spiritual Energy which caused Mu Chen’s hands to tremble.


As Mu Chen inhaled, the emerald liquid rose up and turned into a stream of green droplets which entered Mu Chen’s mouth.


Once the emerald liquid, which was filled with extraordinary Spiritual Energy, entered Mu Chen’s body, and his skin immediately turned green. His entire being seemed to swell.


An amazing Spiritual Energy was raging like a flood within Mu Chen’s body. He hurriedly gathered his thoughts and circulated the Great Pagoda Art in order to swiftly ingest the massive Spiritual Energy within his body.

However, the Spiritual Energy from the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia was truly enormous. Now that it had entered Mu Chen’s body, it actually showed signs of losing control.

Just when Mu Chen was somewhat troubled by it, a sudden suction of energy appeared from within his aura sea. It immediately took a portion of the pure Spiritual Energy away.

This scene initially stunned Mu Chen, but he immediately concentrated and noticed that the Spiritual Energy entered the Nine Nether Bird’s body, who was laying down on top of the mandala flower.

As the Nine Nether Bird absorbed the Zoysia’s Spiritual Energy, the dim color on its body instantly lighten up; then, black flames started to rise from its body once again.

“What are you looking at? It was you who made me this weak. Right now, you have way too much Spiritual Energy. It wouldn’t harm you if I take a bit away from you.” The Nine Nether Bird seemed to be aware of Mu Chen’s gaze, and a cold message was immediately conveyed over.

Mu Chen smiled bitterly and said hesitantly: “Are you planning to attack me secretly again?” He remembered the previous time during his breakthrough when the Nine Nether Bird secretly attacked him.

And now, the breakthrough this time was even more important that before. If anything terrible happened, he would truly regret it.

“If you have this wish, I can indulge it for you.” A mocking thought was conveyed over by the Nine Nether Bird.

Mu Chen smiled awkwardly and relaxed. Then, he ignored the Nine Nether Bird and focused on ingesting the massive Spiritual Energy within his body as he prepared to breakthrough into the Spirit Stage.

In the valley, Ye Qingling and the others were picking the other Spirit Trees’ Spirit Fruits. The Spiritual Auras from these Spirit Fruits were far inferior compared to the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia. However, they was still beneficial for cultivation.

“What a rich Spiritual Aura.”

Wang Sheng suddenly turned around and stared at the depths of the valley. An enticing aroma emitted from that location along with dense Spiritual Aura.

Ye Qingling paused for a moment. She immediately understood that Mu Chen was probably ingesting the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia and frowned: “Do we have people keeping an eye out for trouble?”

“Yes. Relax, Sister Ye. We have people being vigilant,” Wang Sheng laughed.


Just when Wang Sheng said these words, a humming sound rang out from outside the valley. The crowd of people inside the valley instantly changed their expressions. Once she heard this sound, Ye Qingling immediately rushed to a high slope and stared out into the distance.


Two other figures quickly rushed over to the high slope from nearby. They said in panic: “Sister Ye, this is bad. We discovered two groups charging over towards us.”

Ye Qingling’s face changed slightly and asked: “Is it the Ge Clan?”

“No. We did not discover Ge Hai’s figure from these two groups,” One of the men muttered.

Ye Qingling’s eyes turned serious and murmured: “It seemed that Ge Hai wasn’t the only one that knew of the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia being here. That bastard truly had bad intentions from the start!”

“Sister Ye, what should we do?” Wang Sheng hurriedly asked. The two groups of men were definitely comparable to the Ge Clan. Otherwise, Ge Hai wouldn’t have let their groups exist. With them rushing over to this location, how could they resist against them with just this amount of manpower?

Ye Qingling glanced at the valley and bit her teeth. She immediately responded: “We should stop them for now. Mu Chen is currently breaking through to the Spirit Stage. He cannot be disturbed right now.”

Wang Sheng exchanged gazes with the others. Could they even stop them? But since Ye Qingling was the one that said this, they could only comply with it.

Ye Qingling rushed up to the highest point of the valley and stared out to the distance. Then, she discovered two groups of men charging over to this location rapidly. Each group had dozens of individuals.

“Haha. Little Beauty, we meet again!” A figure rushed out from the group on the left. A dense Spiritual Energy emitted from his body as he let out a frivolous laughter.

“Yang Gong?”

Ye Qingling stared at the figure dressed in white and immediately frowned. She had met this person before. Although the latter had not participated in the Spiritual Road, his family was quite prosperous. By relying on numerous resources, he managed to enter the Spirit Stage Initial Phase.

“Hmph, your Ye Clan truly has guts. You dare steal the item that I, Zhou Li, had taken a liking to! You must have a death wish!” From the other group of men, a figure dressed in black charged out with a cold expression. He stared unkindly at Ye Qingling.

“It’s the Yang Clan and the Zhou Clan…” Wang Sheng and the others’ expressions immediately changed. The two groups were well-known forces within this region. Their strength was in no way inferior to their Ye Clan.

Ye Qingling stared coldly at Yang Gong and Zhou Li. Both of them were at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. With her alone, it would be difficult for her to fight against them.

“Ye Qingling, hand over the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia!” Zhou Li shouted. He had been eyeing at the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia for a few days. If it hadn’t been for Yang Gong, he would have probably taken action already. How could he have expected that Ye Qingling would make a pre-emptive move on it?

Ye Qingling’s eyes flashed with an uneasy look. She smiled: “About the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia, it seemed that the other side wants it as well. If I were to hand it over to you, they would probably be dissatisfied.”

Zhou Li frowned and glanced at Yang Gong.

“Ohoho. Not only are you beautiful, but you’re also as cunning as a fox. I like it.” Yang Gong laughed and looked at Zhou Li as he said: “Brother Zhou must have seen through this sort of psychological action, right? Why don’t we temporarily join forces to capture this beauty? When that happens, the beauty will belong to me and I’ll let you have the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia. How’s that?”


Zhou Li’s eyes lit up. His personality was different than Yang Gong. Thus, the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia was more attractive to him.

Ye Qingling’s face changed slightly when she noticed that the two of them formed a temporary alliance.

“Haha. Little Beauty, you should just follow me around. I will definitely treat you well.” Yang Gong laughed loudly. Then, he charged directly at Ye Qingling. At the same time, Zhou Li rushed over as well. They surrounded Ye Qingling.

Ye Qingling’s expression turned slightly cold, and a dense Spiritual Energy also erupted from her. Although it would be difficult for her to face two Spirit Stage powerhouses, there was no other choice. She could only stall for as long as possible.


But just when Ye Qingling was about to attack, an extremely violent Spiritual Energy suddenly emitted from a slope nearby. The surrounding forest was instantly destroyed by it.

This violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation instantly surprised both Yang Gong and Zhou Li. They hurriedly turned their gaze over and noticed a massive Spiritual Array slowly emerging on the slope. In front of the Spiritual Array, a lovable and cute girl with twintails were staring at them grumpily.

“Since you’re bullying my sister, you must be looking for a beating!?”

Sun’Er voice resounded out as her hands quickly formed a few seals. The massive Spiritual Array above her immediately circulated, and violent Spiritual Energy quickly gathered.

“Wind Dragon Skysmash Array!”


Within the massive blue Spiritual Array, a blue light gathered and swept across the sky. An enormous wind dragon burst out from the array carrying sand and rumbling Spiritual Energy towards the Yang Gong and Zhou Li.

As Yang Gong and Zhou Li stared at the formidable wind dragon, their faces instantly changed.

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