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Chapter 124 – Golden Revolution Soulreaver Array

A golden Spiritual Array slowly expanded out from the air in front of Mu Chen. As the complex Spiritual Energy light beams interweaved with each other, they emitted extremely violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

Ye Qingling and the others weren’t Spiritual Array Masters. Naturally, they weren’t able to understand Spiritual Arrays. However, Sun’Er was staring at the array seriously. In her eyes, the complex and obscure Spiritual Energy light beams were like channels of power transmission. They gradually perfected the entire Spiritual Array.


Mu Chen slowly opened his tightly shut eyes. He lifted his head and stared at the massive golden array with a serious expression. It was the first time for him to use his own strength to arrange a Rank 2 Spiritual Array.

This Spiritual Array was the Rank 2 Spiritual Array that Mu Feng had painfully searched for and found shortly before Mu Chen left the Northern Spiritual Realm. Regarding about this array, Mu Chen had long ago learnt it by heart. However, because the amount of seals he could condense was lacking, he had never attempted to arrange it. But now, he was capable of doing so.

“Next up, I’ll have to trouble you.” After the Spiritual Array was successfully completed, Mu Chen smiled at Ye Qingling.

Hearing this, Ye Qingling was dumbstruck. Then, Sun’Er laughed joyfully and said “Sister sure is stupid. Brother Mu Chen wanted you to lure the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts over, so he could kill them with his Spiritual Array.”

Ye Qingling stared at Sun’Er for a while and immediately nodded. However, she hesitated for a moment and asked: “Are you certain that your Spiritual Array is capable of killing 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts?”

Although Mu Chen’s Rank 2 Spiritual Array was quite impressive, a High Rank Spiritual Beast’s skin was quite tough and sturdy. They had a powerful defense. It was probably quite difficult for the array to massacre all of them in one attack.

“Relax. I know what I’m doing.” Mu Chen smiled slightly.

Once she heard these words, she she lost her hesitation and gave instructions to the crowd. Then, her lovely figure dashed off into the valley.


Mu Chen stared at Ye Qingling’s fading figure before he turned his gaze towards the surrounding mountains. He narrowed his eyes and beckoned Sun’Er over. Then, he slowly whispered into her ears.

Just when Mu Chen and the others were preparing to take action, on the opposite side of the mountain, two figures entered into two nearby camps. There were many people inside each camp, each having nearly 100 people.

“Boss. Someone’s targeting the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia!”

In a camp, a figure suddenly stood up once he heard this information. He was dressed in white and had a face filled with arrogance. He sneered once he heard the message and asked: “Who? Could it be Ge Hai? He actually has the courage to do so?”

“It’s not Ge Hai. It’s another clan. It seems to be the Ye Clan.” Someone replied.

“Ye Clan? Ye Qingling?” The boy in white frowned before he let out a brilliant smile: “So it’s that beauty? She truly is courageous. She actually dares to target something that I’ve taken a fancy to.”

“Boss, what should we do?”

“What do you mean by ‘what should we do’? Immediately prepare to take action. Since that beauty dares to steal from me, then I’ll capture her as well. Haha!” The boy in white laughed. He waved his hand and immediately charged out of the camp. A large amount of troops quickly followed him.

As they rushed out towards the center of the mountain, a large number of troops also exited the other camp…


Shortly after Ye Qingling entered the gorge-like valley, deafening roars rang out and caused the valley to tremble. A violent Spiritual Energy suddenly arose from within the valley.


Ye Qingling’s tender figure was wrapped in Spiritual Energy and turned into a figure of light. She charged out of the valley like lightning. Behind her, three blue giant birds rushed out. As they flapped their wings, Spiritual Energy billowed and covered their claws as they attempted to grasp onto Ye Qingling.

Ye Qingling’s body was like a falling leaf in the winds. She would gently sway and completely evade the attacks from the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts. However, the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations still made her body unsteady.

With just her strength, it wasn’t easy for her to pin down 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts.

While Ye Qingling brought the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts towards the mountain slope where Mu Chen and the others were residing at, Mu Chen’s expression gradually turned more solemn as he fixed his sight on the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts.

“Chi Chi.”

The golden Spiritual Array slowly circulated and emitted a golden Spiritual Energy. The golden light became brighter and brighter as if it was crafted by actual gold.”

“Prepare to intercept.” Mu Chen turned his head towards Wang Sheng and the others.


Wang Sheng and the others immediately responded. The Spiritual Energy within their bodies surged as they stared at the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts that were approaching them. Every single one of them was waiting for the instant Ye Qingling would enter their attack range. Then, dense Spiritual Energy erupted and bombarded against the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts behind Ye Qingling.

Bang Bang!

Numerous attacks landed on the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts’ bodies and sparks flew. However, the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts’ bodies were as tough as steel. The attacks failed to do any damage to them. But at the very least, they had managed to slow them down.

By relying on this brief moment, Ye Qingling escaped the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts and landed quickly on top of the mountain slope. She stared at Mu Chen and her voluptuous chest gently bounced as she muttered: “It’s your turn now.”

Mu Chen nodded with a smile. His sharp eyes stared at the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts that were approaching the mountain slope. Then, he gently placed his hands together and the golden Spiritual Array behind him instantly emitted a brilliant golden light. A ferocious Spiritual Energy surged from the array.


The three High Rank Spiritual Beasts seemed to be aware of the dangerous fluctuations emitting from the golden Spiritual Array and they immediately slowed down. Cries rang out from their mouths as a dense Spiritual Energy filled their bodies.

“Golden Revolution Soulreaver Array!”

A cold light flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. A piercing cry suddenly resounded from his mouth.

At this moment, a dazzling golden light arose like a sun. As the golden light gathered, the array trembled and a massive brilliant golden light blasted from the Spiritual Array.


The golden light rushed out and immediately turned into a sharp jagged golden wheel. The light wheel rotated crazily as it let out a buzzing sound. Then, the golden light extended out uncertainly as if it had ripped apart the air.


Mu Chen’s fingers touched it for a moment. Afterwards, the golden light wheel blazed like golden lightning towards the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts.

As the golden light wheel rushed over, the feathers of the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts were standing up straight. A hint of panic seemed to flash through their eyes. It was evident that they detected the danger from this golden light wheel.

The 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts hesitated for a moment before they suddenly turned around to flee. They immediately extended their wings in order to fly away. After all, a High Rank Spiritual Beast possessed a little bit of intelligence and knew how to act to avoid impending doom. They were certain that they would die if they were to be hit by the dangerous golden wheel directly.

“You want to run?”

Seeing this, Mu Chen smiled. He had spent a great effort in order to arrange the Rank 2 Spiritual Array. Wouldn’t it be a huge loss if he let these 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts escape?


With Mu Chen’s thoughts, the golden light wheel’s speed accelerated and was like  golden lighting within the sky. It rapidly caught up with one of the High Rank Spiritual Beasts and landed on its body.


The high speed rotating golden light wheel possessed a terrifying destructive power. Even against a High Rank Spiritual Beast, which possessed a powerful defense, it still tore through the layers of defense and pierced through its body.

Blood sprayed out within the sky.

With a sharp cry, the High Rank Spiritual Beast fell from the sky.

The golden light wheel did not disappear after defeating one of the High Rank Spiritual Beasts. It immediately caught up with the second and third Spiritual Beasts and ripped through their bodies as well.

Pu Pu.

A large amount of blood fell down from the sky like a cloud of blood. After it pierced through 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts, the Spiritual Energy of the golden light wheel was depleted and it faded away gradually.

Mu Chen stared at the bloody mist. He could feel that the other two High Rank Spiritual Beasts were still alive and was not instantly killed like the first one. After all, the golden light wheel had consumed quite a bit of Spiritual Energy after it had eliminated the first Spiritual Beast…


From the bloody mist, a fierce and brutal cry resounded out. The two High Rank Spiritual Beasts charged over fiercely as their eyes locked onto Mu Chen. They immediately flapped their wings and rushed over directly towards him.

“Be careful!” Seeing this, Ye Qingling was stunned and immediately attempted to help.

However, Mu Chen did not retreat. Instead, he let out a sneer: “It’s a powerless action.”


Mu Chen’s hands clenched tightly and, once again, Spiritual Seals integrated themselves into the air. A lightning quickly condensed behind him and rapidly formed into a lightning array.

Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array!


A violent lightning descended like a dragon onto the two gravely injured High Rank Spiritual Beasts.


As they were struck heavily, blood sprayed out from the two High Rank Spiritual Beasts. In the end, they let out a pitiful cry before they fell down.

On the side, Ye Qingling, Wang Sheng and the others stared at Mu Chen. They were shocked that he was actually capable of rapidly condensing a second Spiritual Array to continue his assault. The speed in which Mu Chen arranged the Spiritual Array was way too fast.

“If only Sun’Er could arrange a Spiritual Array like this…” Ye Qingling thought. When Mu Chen arranged a Spiritual Array, he was so calm that nothing could influence him. All his fear and panic was completely isolated by him. As for Sun’Er, she would fail in arranging a Spiritual Array once she was frightened. It was truly unknown how long it would take before she could perform the same feat as Mu Chen.

“You can follow me after you collect these Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences.”

Mu Chen muttered to Ye Qingling and the others after he defeated the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts. Then, he immediately dashed over into the valley. In a few short seconds, he had already entered the depths of the valley.

The valley was quite verdant and had plenty of Spiritual Aura. Moreover, there were a variety of Spirit Fruits containing Spiritual Aura within the valley from Spirit Trees. This place was truly what Ge Hai had said. It was a place filled with treasures.

Mu Chen’s eyes only glanced at them for a moment before he immediately headed into the depths of the valley. Although these Spirit Fruits were decent, they weren’t something that he needed.

After a while, Mu Chen finally stopped. His eyes were firmly fixed on a mountain slope. At that location, a lush emerald clump of light had gathered.

Inside the clump of light, he could vaguely see a tiny, emerald Spirit Zoysia. From its appearance, it looked like a polished jade as it was sparkling and translucent. An amazing Spiritual Energy slowly being emitted by it.

Mu Chen stared at the emerald Spirit Zoysia eagerly.

“Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia!”

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