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Chapter 1236 - One Fist

Mu Chen’s voice resounded, which caused many people to exchanged a look, since Mu Chen’s response had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Not only did he accept the provocation, he even said that he’s not going to dodge and receive the fist head-on.

It’s definitely not easy for a Lesser Earth Sovereign to take an attack of a Greater Earth Sovereign head-on.

On the third floor, Ling Feizi’s gaze also flickered before her lips rose and she chuckled, “I never expected such a heroic youth. I’m having a whole new respect for you, hehe. Bear King, since he has asked for it, then you have to grant his wish.”

Many people inwardly laughed. A woman was truly terrifying when she’s vicious, her words basically blocked all paths of retreat for Mu Chen. 

If Mu Chen was speaking with arrogance, then he must be suffering now.

However, Mu Chen’s expression did not change from Ling Feizi’s words, he remained calm, which made everyone else suspect whether he really had the ability. It’s definitely not easy for a Lesser Earth Sovereign to face a Greater Earth Sovereign.

Xiong Ba’s face was covered with an ominous aura before he ferociously looked at Mu Chen. Evidently, he felt that he was being looked down upon by Mu Chen.

Did that fool not know that he, Xiong Ba, was good at facing others head-on? Even a Greater Earth Sovereign wouldn’t dare to face his violent strength head-on.

“Brat, it looks like you’re tired of living!” Xiong Ba’s reddened eyes looked at Mu Chen like a beast.

“Cut your nonsense. Are you playing or not?” Mu Chen knitted his brows.

Xiong Ba was practically fuming with rage; but, in the end, he still bore the rage with his teeth gritted. “Good, I will fulfil your wish today!”

Xiong Ba’s body roared with a violent aura that left cracks in the surrounding space. His Spiritual Energy was filled with a violence that vaguely echoed with a bear’s roar.

His body also swelled up into a giant at this moment and his face turned a little distorted. He looked like a humanoid violent bear at this moment.

Many people had narrowed their eyes at this scene.

“It’s said that Xiong Ba’s cultivation technique requires the blood of the Sky-Splitting Blood Bear, an ancient Divine Beast. Furthermore, it will also fuse with his Spiritual Energy, causing his Spiritual Energy to be extremely violent with the power to shatter the heavens.” Someone exclaimed.

Even Luo Tianshen’s expression had turned solemn. He couldn’t help but worry that Xiong Ba might kill Mu Chen with a single punch.

Mu Chen also narrowed his eyes amongst the exclaiming crowd and felt the violent Spiritual Energy bursting out from the latter’s body.

Spiritual Energy swept in waves from Xiong Ba’s body, and in the next moment, he had circulated his Spiritual Energy towards the pinnacle and he roared towards the sky with soundwaves rippling from his roar.

Torrential Spiritual Energy fluctuated within his body and his gaze was fixated on Mu Chen. In the next moment, he stomped his feet and reduced the sturdy slab beneath his feet into specks of dust.

He had turned into a beam of light and slowly jabbed with his right fist. In that instant, there was a massive bear that appeared behind him and the palm of the bear joined together with Xiong Ba’s fist.

A scarlet gale swept out, shattering the surrounding space into fragments, and further reduced them into sparkles after coming in contact with the fist.

“Demonic Sky-Splitting Fist!” Xiong Ba roared as he jabbed forth. This scene even made many Greater Earth Sovereign’s faces change. They were startled by Xiong Ba’s move.

That fist practically gathered all of Xiong Ba’s power. Although that fellow looked like a muscle brain, he was actually extremely cunning. He was afraid that Mu Chen might have some means up his sleeve, so he had opted for the most direct method to defeat Mu Chen with the massive Spiritual Energy of a Greater Earth Sovereign.

This attack might look clumsy, but it’s the way of a king. Shattering every obstacle before him and paving his own road!

After all, Mu Chen was merely a Lesser Earth Sovereign, so Xiong Ba’s boundless Spiritual Energy as a Greater Earth Sovereign could destroy the defences of any Lesser Earth Sovereign.

So when Xiong Ba threw that jab forth, many people praised, since the best thing to do while facing this attack was to dodge. However, Mu Chen had previously said that he would not dodge, so he had practically forced himself into a dead end.

The corner of Ling Feizi’s lips rose with a ridicule arc, since she knew that Mu Chen would definitely pay a great price for his arrogance.

While everyone was looking at this scene feeling either pity or joy, Mu Chen took a deep breath and spread his legs out, then slowly stretched his palm out with the intention to receive the fist of the other party.

However, no one had noticed the crystallised flickers in the depths of Mu Chen’s eyes. His Spiritual Energy had instantly poured into the crystal pagoda and was converted into the crystallised Spiritual Energy.

When the faint crystallised lustre started to emit from Mu Chen’s body, Xiong Ba’s violent fist had already arrived.

“Die!” Xiong Ba roared with a sinister expression. A terrifying ominous aura had also enveloped him as he jabbed at Mu Chen’s palm.

When the fist and palm came together, a rumbling noise resounded and Mu Chen’s clothes violently fluttered. His palm had also turned red with drops of blood from Xiong Ba’s violent Spiritual Energy.

The scarlet Spiritual Energy turned into a hurricane that enveloped the two of them.

“Let’s see how I will tear your body into pieces!” Xiong Ba laughed and, in the next moment, the crimson Spiritual Energy violently poured into Mu Chen’s body. He intended to destroy Mu Chen’s body from the inside out.

This wasn’t his first time doing something so brutal. He had also done this in the past, resulting in two Lesser Earth Sovereigns being turned into puddles of blood.

When the violent scarlet Spiritual Energy was being poured into Mu Chen’s body, Xiong Ba suddenly saw a ridiculing smile on Mu Chen’s face.

“You’re about to die and you’re still trying to act?!” Xiong Ba’s gaze turned dark. He wanted to ignite the violent Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body.

But in that instant, he suddenly narrowed his pupils and was shocked to discover that he had lost the connection with the Spiritual Energy that he had been pouring into Mu Chen’s body.

It felt as if Mu Chen’s body was a black hole that devoured every Spiritual Energy that came in.

“How is this possible?” Xiong Ba’s face was covered with disbelief.

On the contrary, Mu Chen had a cold smile. Xiong Ba’s Spiritual Energy was, indeed, violent, but it was a pity that Mu Chen wasn’t afraid of foriegn Spiritual Energy invading his body.

The crystallised Spiritual Energy roared within his body and the scarlet Spiritual Energy instantly turned quiet upon coming in contact, being completely sealed.

At this moment, everyone else also felt that something was amiss and their faces immediately changed. They could sense that no matter how Xiong Ba tried to ignite his Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body, there wasn’t the slightest commotion from the latter’s body, not even his feet moved.

“What’s going on?!” Everyone had grave expressions with shock in their hearts.

While everyone was shocked, Mu Chen gave Xiong Ba a smile. “You want your Spiritual Energy back? Sure, you can have it all back.”

He clenched his other hand and a scarlet Spiritual Energy burst out, forming into a hundred foot-wide scarlet ball that contained violent Spiritual Energy and tossed it towards Xiong Ba.

Facing Mu Chen’s actions, Xiong Ba violently roared with laughter when the scarlet sphere of Spiritual Energy swiftly entered his body, like how water entered the ocean.

“Haha, you fool. You want to use my Spiritual Energy to attack me? What a wishful thought!” Xiong Ba burst into laughter.

“Really?” Mu Chen responded with a weird smile.

When he finished speaking, Xiong Ba’s face drastically changed. He realised that the Spiritual Energy that he had re-absorbed affected all his Spiritual Energy and he instantly lost control of it.

In a few breaths’ time, the dense Spiritual Energy around him had instantly disappeared.

“My Spiritual Energy?!” Xiong Ba’s eyes flashed with dense shock at this scene.

“Why don’t you take a fist from me, now?” However, before he could investigate his body, Mu Chen took a step forth and his jab flew towards the chest of Xiong Ba, who had lost all his Spiritual Energy.

Xiong Ba suffered a heavy blow and he flew out, dragging a long mark on the ground before a mouthful of blood spewed from his mouth. Even his chest had collapsed.

The surroundings were in silence. Despite there being many powerhouses here, all of them were dumbfounded, since they never expected that not only did Xiong Ba’s fist not do a thing to Mu Chen, he even lost control of his Spiritual Energy and was blown back this manner by the latter!

Mu Chen withdrew his fist under all the dumbfounded gazes and smiled. He then raised his face and looked at the paled Ling Feizi. “Thanks for the 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

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