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Chapter 1235 - 80,000,000 for a Fist

The entire building was silent with many dumbfounded gazes falling onto Mu Chen when his voice resounded. No one imagined that such a gentle-looking young man would be so domineering the moment he spoke.

The one he’s speaking with was a Greater Earth Sovereign!

Furthermore, Xiong Ba had decent fame in the West Heaven Continent, known as the Bear King to others. He’s exceptionally ruthless and overbearing, and it was known that he tore apart two Lesser Earth Sovereigns in the past and reduced them to blood paste.

And yet, Mu Chen actually dared to embarrass him.

Many exclamations resounded within the building and Xiong Ba’s eyes instantly turned red with killing intent as he looked at Mu Chen, before revealing his white teeth. “Brat, are you courting death when speaking in this manner to me?”

Facing the enraged Xiong Ba, Mu Chen indifferently smiled. “I’m the Abode Master of the Mu Abode. Even a Perfected Earth Sovereign is my subordinate. You’re merely a Greater Earth Sovereign, so what can you do if I’m speaking in this manner with you?”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, everyone was stunned, before they recalled that Mu Chen was not only a ruler of a force; he even had a Perfected Earth Sovereign as his subordinate. This formation was definitely amongst the top-tiered in the West Heaven Continent.

With this backing, he truly had nothing to be afraid of when facing Xiong Ba.

Xiong Ba also recalled this matter and his face slightly changed, before snorted, “So what? Do you even dare to lead everyone to attack me? Let’s see if the West Heaven Temple will let you do so!”

Although he still ferociously spoke, everyone could tell that his tone wasn’t as oppressive as before.

“Heh, although you have a Perfected Earth Sovereign as your subordinate, can you bring her to the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield?” Xue Lingzi suddenly sneered before Xiong Ba.

Xiong Ba’s eyes suddenly flashed as he smiled. “Indeed, you’re truly cunning. I just doubt if you can participate in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, what has it got to do your subordinates?

“Looks like you must have been terrified by me, so you brought out such an excuse. If you have the ability, then take a fist from me. If you can receive it, not only will I apologise to you, I will also not make things difficult for you in the future… If you can’t even take a fist from me, then hand your qualification to me, so that you won’t die in there.” Xiong Ba grinned. Although he looked robust, he wasn’t just full of muscles in his brain as well.

He had a clear objective, that was Mu Chen’s qualification. That’s because, judging from the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s unhappy attitude towards Mu Chen, the Battle Emperor might allow him to retain the qualification that he took from Mu Chen and even be praised by the West Heaven Battle Emperor.

He had been considering this matter long ago, so that was why he came together with Xue Lingzi to look for Mu Chen.

“Brat, do you dare?” Xiong Ba looked at Mu Chen and barked.

Echos resounded within the building, with many people supporting Xiong Ba. After all, Mu Chen was an outsider to them; most of the participants of the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield felt shameful that a Lesser Earth Sovereign could enter with them. So they were happy to see Mu Chen lose his qualification.

When Luo Tianshen and Luo Li sensed the attitude of everyone else, they slightly knitted their brows. They had underestimated Mu Chen’s unwelcome level in the West Heaven Continent.

All of this was undoubtedly because of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, and Mu Chen wouldn’t have peace from today onwards. Even if he didn’t bother himself with Xiong Ba, there would be others with similar thoughts coming up to him as well, affecting his energy.

Mu Chen naturally sensed this, so he replied with a calm voice, “You want to challenge a fist with me?”

Hearing the reply, Xiong Ba’s eyes flashed with joy. “You agree to it?”

Mu Chen smiled. “What a nice calculation you have there. If I lose, then I would hand over my qualification, and you only apologise if you lose? How much is your apology worth?”

“Then, what do you want?” Xiong Ba knitted his brows.

Mu Chen raised his brows and smiled, “I can accept your condition but on the price of… 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for a fist.”

“80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for a fist? Are you even worth that price?!” Xiong Ba roared and his brows twitched.

Many people held their laughter back. It was a price that could buy a Low Rank Saint Artifact, and Mu Chen was truly ruthless with his price.

“I’m not worth it, but I believe the qualification to participate in the Seed of the Continent is.” Mu Chen smiled and his gaze soon turned cold. “If you can’t afford the price, then get lost from here and stop embarrassing yourself!”

Xiong Ba’s eyes turned red as an ominous aura shrouded around him. 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid wasn’t a small amount, and it was something that not even he could afford it at this moment.

Xiong Ba looked at Xue Lingzi and noticed the awkward expression on the latter. His Blood God Clan had paid a great price to deal with the Luo God Clan, so even if he could afford 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, he wasn’t willing to use it on Xiong Ba. It’s too wasteful, and Xue Lingzi had a firsthand experience of Mu Chen’s weirdness. Since Mu Chen dared to accept the challenge, then Xue Lingzi had to be cautious, so that he didn't waste the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for nothing.

Seeing Xue Lingzi’s awkward expression, Xiong Ba, felt extremely angered with his face turning red. He never expected that he would be in such an embarrassing position because of Mu Chen’s counterattack.

Seeing Xiong Ba being embarrassed, Mu Chen laughed. The reason why he asked for such a high price was to embarrass Xiong Ba and let a barrier around him at the same time. He wanted to let others know that if they really intended to seize the qualification from him, then they needed to be prepared to pay 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Otherwise, if one came after another at him, even Ironman wouldn’t last.

Everyone was disappointed by Xiong Ba’s appearance, since they initially wanted to make use of Xiong Ba to test Mu Chen. But looking at it now, Xiong Ba had failed to live up to their expectations.

“Haha, 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? What an inflated price, but forget it. I will pay for him.” A pampered laughed suddenly laughed out when everyone thought that the matter was about to come to an end and everyone directed their gazes to the third floor. A flirtatious silhouette walked out into everyone’s gaze.

“The fourth Holy Child, Ling Feizi!”

“Why has she decided to join in this matter?”

“Haha, this Ling Feizi is naturally here to target Luo Li. Tsk, tsk. Competitions between women are sometimes even more brutal than men…”


Along with the bewitching lady’s appearance, whispers suddenly broke out in the building.

Ling Feizi had directed her gaze at Luo Li the moment she appeared. Sensing the provocative glance, Luo Li had also raised her head and sparks flew off from the contact of their gazes.

How could everyone not know that the competition between the two popular girls of the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield had started?

Ling Feizi waved her hand and a bottle flew towards Xiong Ba before she let out a pampered laughter. “Here are 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Bear King won’t disappoint me, right?”

Xiong Ba caught the bottle with joy flashing on his face and he laughed, “Please be rest assured, Miss Ling Feizi. I will make that brat regret coming to our West Heaven Continent!”

Ling Feizi laughed. 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid wasn’t a small amount for her as well, but she could use it to get rid of Mu Chen, she could help the Battle Emperor vent his anger and embarrass Luo Li as well. Thus, it was all worth it for her.

She smiled then looked at Luo Li. The composure of the latter made her feel uncomfortable, before she inwardly sneered. She’d see how Luo Li would maintain that attitude of hers after Mu Chen loses!

Grabbing onto the jade bottle, Xiong Ba looked at Mu Chen with a vicious smile. “Brat, let us see what excuse you can find this time!”

In his view, Mu Chen was just trying to make things difficult for him with his condition.

Mu Chen smiled before he cast a glance at Ling Feizi. With his keen sight, he could naturally tell that Ling Feizi came for Luo Li, so there’s no reason for him to take a step back.

Thus, Mu Chen took a step forth and gently bowed with his hand out towards Xiong Ba. “Since you’re rich enough… then I’ll stand here and take a fist from you without dodging.”

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