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Chapter 1237 - Bet

A deep ditch stretched from the hall to the gate and everyone gradually had their faces turning grave. The scene from before was too abnormal. They had no idea what happened.

Xiong Ba’s fist was something that even a Greater Earth Sovereign must face with his full strength. However, Mu Chen merely lifted his hand to block it, with the result of Xiong Ba’s Spiritual Energy suddenly vanished and he even suffered a fist from Mu Chen, vomiting blood.

It was an unusual scene, no matter how they looked at it.

Thus, all of them directed their confused gazes at the calm Mu Chen. They naturally wouldn’t think that Xiong Ba was faking it, so there was only a conclusion. Mu Chen had used a method that they couldn’t detect to defeat Xiong Ba.

But regardless of anything… they understood from the scene of Xiong Ba losing that despite Mu Chen being merely a Lesser Earth Sovereign, he had an extraordinary capability and did have the qualifications to participate in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

Some of those that were previously unhappy with Mu Chen turned silent and started to remember his name. That’s because they had started to feel threatened by Mu Chen.

If they were careless in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, then Xiong Ba’s outcome would be an example for them…

Xiong Ba stood up with his eyes reddened while everyone had thoughts circulating in their hearts. The violent Spiritual Energy that had previously disappeared roared and gushed out.

His chest instantly recovered, since Mu Chen did not have the intention to kill, previously. Thus, it only made him look to be in a mess, but posed no danger to the vitality of a Greater Earth Sovereign.

However… he had completely embarrassed himself, even if he wasn’t greatly injured.

“Bastard, what trick did you use?!” Xiong Ba roared as he looked at Mu Chen with his red eyes.

Xiong Ba’s depression in his heart had been accumulated to the peak. He never expected to suddenly lose control of the Spiritual Energy in his body. It was definitely something that Mu Chen did.

Facing his roar, Mu Chen paid no attention to him and a jade bottle flew into his hand. “You skills are just inferior to mine.”

“I’m not convinced!” Xiong Ba roared as he stomped his feet and pounced forth.

But facing his movements, Mu Chen merely lifted his eyelids and indifferently said, “Another fist? Then another 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

Xiong Ba immediately jammed the breaks and furiously looked at Mu Chen, then roared, “You still want more? Dream on!”

Mu Chen smiled. “Sure, then, I can get the Perfected Earth Sovereign of my Mu Abode to find you for it. I believe that with this reason, even the West Heaven Battle Emperor cannot interfere in this matter.”

Xiong Ba’s face was pale and his hands trembled. His rage nearly made him kill Mu Chen on the spot, but he managed to suppress the anger, since the youth before him wasn’t an ordinary Lesser Earth Sovereign. This Lesser Earth Sovereign had a force and connection that cannot be underestimated.

“You better remember this!” Xiong Ba’s face drastically changed before he left behind a sentence and left under everyone’s ridiculing gaze.

When Xue Lingzi saw how Xiong Ba left, his face was also a little unsightly before he looked at Mu Chen. He never imagined that even Xiong Ba couldn’t do a thing to him.

“That brat has grown stronger!” Xue Lingzi gritted his teeth. Compared to a month ago, Xue Lingzi was certain that Mu Chen still couldn’t achieve this feat, resisting the attack of a Greater Earth Sovereign so easily.

But within a month, Mu Chen’s strength had greatly grown.

“If you want to make a move, do it yourself and don’t make use of others.” Mu Chen coldly looked at Xue Lingzi with a smile. He could naturally tell that Xiong Ba was being made use of by Xue Lingzi to cause trouble for him.

Xue Lingzi coldly snorted, then replied, “Although I have no idea what you used, many people will be guarding against this means of yours after entering the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield. At that time, you won’t have a good time.”

Although Xue Lingzi was sinister and cunning, his eyesight wasn’t weak and he could tell that Xiong Ba lost when his Spiritual Energy came in contact with Mu Chen. In the future, this card of Mu Chen’s would also be less effective.

“Despicable old thing!” Luo Tianshen gritted his teeth. He was enraged by Xue Lingzi.

Mu Chen remained calm while looking at Xue Lingzi and smiled. “If we encounter one another, I will let you know that I still have other cards up my sleeve…”

Xue Lingzi’s heart also throbbed when he saw Mu Chen’s expression and sneered, “Oh? Then I’m yearning for that moment. But you have to be careful not to be killed by me. Otherwise, not even the Flame Emperor can take revenge for you.”

“Haha, how can an old fart like you have that sort of ability?” Mu Chen laughed.

Xue Lingzi’s forehead had veins twitching from Mu Chen’s contempt. However, he still endured it amd cast an eerie glance at Mu Chen before waving his sleeve and walked away.

After Xue Lingzi and Xiong Ba left, the atmosphere in the building gradually recovered. But after the first battle, everyone looked at Mu Chen with a little more fear and a little less contempt.

It looked like Mu Chen had achieved his motive with Xiong Ba. At least there wouldn’t be anyone that would try to pick on him.

Even if they wanted to, they had to think if they could afford the price…

When Ling Feizi watched Xiong Ba leave from the third floor, her face was green as she raged, “Trash!”

She had paid the price of 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid because she wanted to see Xiong Ba grind away Mu Chen’s confidence, and she could use it to ridicule Luo Li as well. However, she never expected Xiong Ba to be so useless. Not only was he not able to do anything to Mu Chen, he even gave Mu Chen her Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Even as a Holy Child of the West Heaven Temple, it’s a considerable amount for her.

“Miss Ling Feizi, if you’re really bored, why don’t you make more preparations. When we’re in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, I will play with you however you want.” While Ling Feizi was raging, Luo Li suddenly raised her head and coldy looked at the former before her voice resounded.

When Luo Li’s voice resounded, everyone focused their attention on her. It seems that Ling Feizi trying to use Xiong Ba to deal with Mu Chen had angered this Empress of the Luo God Clan.

At this moment, Luo Li was furious and she could tell that Ling Feizi had a deep enmity for her. She could ignore it, but she cannot ignore the fact that Ling Feizi tried to cause trouble for Mu Chen.

Thus, this was the reason why she suddenly spoke out to Ling Feizi.

On the third floor, Ling Feizi never expected Luo Li to be so direct. She was briefly stunned before she sneered in anger, “Sure, I’ll accompany you till the end and we’ll see who wins!”

Finishing her words, she also couldn’t be bothered to stay. She waved her sleeve and left.

“You have to be cautious of that woman.” Looking at Ling Feizi’s silhouette, Mu Chen reminded Luo Li. Sometimes, competition between women was even more ruthless than one between men.

Ling Feizi was clearly not a simple person.

Luo Li gently smiled at his reminder. “I know, I haven’t been living for nothing for all these years, as well…”

Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head. Luo Li had naturally changed, since she could carry the entire Luo God Clan. Perhaps Ling Feizi wasn’t a simple person, but Mu Chen didn’t feel that she could obtain an advantage when facing Luo Li.

“Let’s go.” Luo Tianshen said, wanting to bring the two of them to rest.

“Wait for a moment.” Mu Chen suddenly smiled and looked at the popularity tablet, then passed the bottle of 80,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to the servant with a smile. “I’ll bet all the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid here.”

“I wonder, who do you want to bet on?” The servant was briefly stunned.

Mu Chen grinned. Since everyone in the West Heaven Continent was unhappy with him, then there’s no need for him to hide. Thus, his voice resounded once more, “I bet on myself winning.”

Instantly, everyone’s hearts trembled with shock flashing in their eyes. Mu Chen was actually betting on himself to win in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield?

This young man… is truly bold.

Could it be that there would be a dark horse in this Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield that no one had expected?

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