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Chapter 1234 - Favoured Winner

When Mu Chen and Luo Li reached the West Heaven Battle City, it was already filled with people. What made them feel astonished was the boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations that occasionally soared into the sky, the ripples all belonged to Earth Sovereigns.

“What a gathering of heroes…” Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing. This scene even surpassed the opening of the Ancient Haven Palace back then.

“This is the Seed of the Continent contest, after all. In the Great Thousand World, the title as a Seed of the Continent is equivalent to a ticket to Heavenly Sovereign Realm. No Earth Sovereign can resist this temptation, and if it wasn’t for the fact that every force was only limited to one quota, even I would have jumped out from the temptation and test my luck.” Luo Tianshen smiled.

Although the Luo God Clan had just stabilised, Luo Tianshen still personally led Mu Chen and Luo Li to West Heaven Battle City. After all, the Battle Emperor’s decree had caused many people to feel rejection of Mu Chen. So he followed along for safety reasons, in case anything happened.

“With Grandpa’s strength, even if you joined the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, you won’t be able to win.” Luo Li smiled.

At this moment, Luo Li was dressed in black, which suited her delicate figure and outlined her figure. But she wore a veil on her face. When she cultivated the Luo Shen Celestial Body, her appearance had also become even more beautiful. It was so much so that even Mu Chen would be dazed from looking at her. So, in order for her to avoid any trouble, she had worn a veil to cover her face.

However, she had no idea how much attention she had attracted with her figure alone.

When Luo Tianshen heard such blunt words from his granddaughter, he immediately flared up, “This brat, Mu Chen, can join the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield with his strength in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, so why aren’t you saying that about him?”

“Even such a figure like the Flame Emperor feels that he can win, how can your eyesight be compared to Senior Flame Emperor?” Luo Li chuckled.

“What a sharp-tongued lass!” Luo Tianshen rolled his eyes before glaring at Mu Chen with hatred and flew into West Heaven Battle City in anger.

Mu Chen shrugged while Luo Li winked her eyes at him. Her wink caused his heart to jolt before he stretched his hand out and held onto her tender hand.

Luo Li struggled a little, but she gave up, allowing him to hold her hands with her face blushing. Under all the envious gazes, they followed behind Luo Tianshen.

The three of them entered the city and headed towards a building in the southwest. This was also the gathering point for the Seed of the Continent Battlefield.

The three of them spent a little time to arrive in the building and were shocked. That’s because they could clearly feel that this building had a few hundred powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations converging and clashing.

That also meant that there were at least a hundred Earth Sovereigns in the building. It looked like most of the Earth Sovereigns in the Great Thousand World were gathered here.

While they were shocked, they entered and the interior looked extremely spacious with noises constantly resounding out.

The three of them swept their glances and their gazes stopped on the stone tablet in the centre that flashed with lights and everyone surrounded it.

“What’s that?” Luo Li asked curiously.

“The Seed of the Continent’s Popularity Board.” Luo Tianshen cast a glance at it, before teasingly looking at Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen heard his words, his interest also piqued. The three of them approached it and they swept their glances on it. When they saw the popularity on the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, Mu Chen couldn’t help laughing, since Luo Li stood above the rest.

There were a few flashing words behind her name, which looked like ‘230,000,000’. It seemed like they were units of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“That means that there is a total of 230,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid being betted on Luo Li as the winner of the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.” Luo Tianshen smiled with his eyes narrowed.

Mu Chen nodded his head before shifting his gaze down. The second one could not be estimated either, with 200,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid on a person called Ling Feizi.

Ling Feizi of the Four Holy Children? Mu Chen inwardly nodded his head. It was no wonder why she was second after Luo Li.

His gaze soon moved to the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield and felt a breeze of killing intent blowing in his face. The competition was several times more ferocious than the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

The leader of the Four Holy Children, Ling Zhanzi, stood on the top with a total of 400,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which left Mu Chen speechless. Back then, in the Greatlaw Continent, the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire had his face blackened when he was extorted 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid by Lin Jing. Even if a top-tiered force was emptied out, it might not even be able to gather 400,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

After Ling Zhanzi, the two other Holy Children also weren’t bad, Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi had a total of 500,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid when added together…

“The Four Holy Children are truly famous.” Seeing the top three spots being occupied by the three Holy Children, Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing.

Familiar names appeared after the three Holy Children, Liu Xingchen, Su Mu and Chu Men, whom Luo Li had warned him of…

The total of their bets wasn’t at all inferior to Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi added together. Evidently, many people felt that they could compete with the three Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple.

The bets drastically dropped after that, since most of it was gathered on the six of them.

“Hey, did you see your name yet?” While Mu Chen was sighing at the bets, Luo Tianshen chuckled out with ill intentions.

Mu Chen followed his gaze down and the corner of his lips twitched. That’s because he saw that his name the last one on the tablet, with only a measly 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

Compared to the other bets, his was beyond pitiful…

Luo Li also couldn’t help smiling at this scene, but she immediately called out for Mu Chen, “Those people are really blind…”

Mu Chen rubbed his nose, but he wasn’t bothered by it. “I believe that no one is stupid enough to bet on a Lesser Earth Sovereign obtaining victory in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.”

“Heh, looks like you know yourself.” An elderly voice rang out after Mu Chen’s self-ridiculing voice.

Mu Chen, Luo Li and Luo Tianshen knitted their brows when they saw Xue Lingzi staring back at them with a sinister gaze.

“I was wondering who it was, so it’s the lowlife.” Luo Tianshen’s expression turned cold. The reason why he teased Mu Chen was because they’re joking amongst themselves. Now that Xue Lingzi joined in to ridicule Mu Chen, he naturally wouldn’t stand for it.

Xue Lingzi’s face sunk down before he coldly sneered, “Haha. Brother Xiong Ba, aren’t you interested in this Mu Chen? That person is him…

“It’s just a brat that doesn’t know of his own abilities, relying on the Flame Emperor to disregard the Greater Earth Sovereigns of my West Heaven Continent. Today, he wants to join the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield with the cultivation of a Lesser Earth Sovereign, what a joke.”

Xue Lingzi did not conceal his voice and it soon spread throughout the building, instantly causing a commotion with everyone directing their gazes over at Mu Chen.

“He’s that Mu Chen?”

“He looks so young… truly outstanding. But he’s too arrogant, the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield isn’t something that he can join right now.”

“Haha, having a powerful backing is truly good, to even obtain the qualifications to participate in our Seed of the Continent’s contest…”


Whispers resounded with most of them being dissatisfied that Mu Chen interfered with the Seed of the Continent of their West Heaven Continent.

A robust man behind Xue Lingzi shot his ferocious gaze at Mu Chen and coldly snorted, “What a brat, wasting such a precious qualification!”

His voice contained resentment. He was a Greater Earth Sovereign and had recently pledged his allegiance to the West Heaven Temple, so he couldn’t get the qualification to participate. However, Mu Chen was an outsider without any foundation in the West Heaven Temple, yet he had obtained the qualification to participate. Thus, he naturally felt that it was unfair.

“Brat, do you dare to fight with me? If you lose, you will hand the qualification over so that you do not throw your life away on the battlefield.” The robust man named Xiong Ba looked at Mu Chen with a ferocious gaze.

However, Mu Chen had merely lifted his brows when facing Xiong Ba’s provocation. But then, his words had instantly caused the entire building to turn silent. “Who are you to be qualified to ask for my qualification?”

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