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Chapter 1233 - Battle’s Arrival

As time passes, the West Heaven Continent gradually boiled up with all the topic pointed towards the ‘Seed of the Continent’ battle that would soon take place.

Judging from a certain degree, this can be the most majestic event of the West Heaven Continent in the past few hundred years.

The reason why the forces here would pledge allegiance to the West Heaven Temple is for this Seed of the Continent battle, aside from the protection that the West Heaven Temple had granted them!

It is extremely tempting to every Earth Sovereign.

Because in the current Great Thousand World, more than half of the newly ascended Heavenly Sovereigns have a similarity, all of them had once obtained this title. The title as a Seed of the Continent!

Just this fact alone could make countless Earth Sovereign insane. After all, Heavenly Sovereigns are the realm that they have been dreaming, and if they could reach it, they would be equivalent to one of the pinnacle existences in the Great Thousand World.

That sort of existence would attract the attention of everyone in the Great Thousand World with their movements.

Therefore, if a Heavenly Sovereign had occupied a continent and established his or her own forces, there would be many forces gathering over to pledge allegiance to them. But the most important matter was that they want the qualification for the Seed of the Continent…

And the West Heaven Continent isn’t an exception either.

West Heaven Battle City.

For the West Heaven Continent, this city is an inviolable sacred city. Generally, no one would come here aside from certain fixed dates where the rulers and powerhouses of the other forces would be gathered here.

Because they can be tyrants in their own territory, but when they’re in the West Heaven Battle City, even a dragon would lay down and tiger bowing down.

Because this city lives the Sovereign of the West Heaven Continent, the Heavenly Sovereign, West Heaven Battle Emperor!

But in this period, this place has become to focus of attention in the continent as the Seed of the Continent battles would take place here.

This is also the reason why this city is boiling as everyone had gathered over. Everyone that is qualified to participate in the Seed of the Continent was all gathered here. So much so that even local forces of the West Heaven Continent and forces not in the continent had gathered over. Although they’re not allowed to participate, they can watch and who knows, they might get experience or two when it’s their turn in the future.

Therefore, the West Heaven Battle City looked extremely luxurious today.

Earth Sovereigns that were usually hardly seen were everywhere in the West Heaven Battle Continent, causing those that came with the intention to spectate to sigh with an exclamation. At the same time, they’re getting even more excited about this event.

Indeed, this even of the West Heaven Continent will be shocking. After the Seed of the Continent are determined, their name will also spread throughout the Great Thousand World.

Generally speaking, it was something that only Heavenly Sovereigns are qualified to have their name spreading throughout the Great Thousand World.

In a majestic palace that stood high up in the centre of the city, overlooking the entire city.

It was the West Heaven Battle Palace.

The entire palace turned quiet as four silhouettes kneeled with a single knee towards the throne. There’s a majestic figure on the throne as the pressure emanating out from him made the four of them remain their heads down from fear.

The majestic figure is naturally the West Heaven Battle Emperor. At this moment, his eyes were closed as if he is resting his mind. Although the four that kneeled below have a pretty high status in the West Heaven Battle Palace, none of them dared to speak out to interrupt the Battle Emperor.

“Ling Zhanzi, Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi…” The silence lasted for a long time as the West Heaven Battle Emperor finally opened his eyes along with a prestigious voice that resounded out.

“Yes, we’re here!” Three of the four silhouettes replied with a respectful voice.

The first is a man in black clothes. He looked ordinary but there were flames of fighting intent flashing in his eyes. It was a feeling as if there is a ferocious beast hidden behind that ordinary appearance of his that made others feel bone-piercing danger.

Behind him is a handsome man sword on his back. His brows were sharp as he emanated out peerlessly sharp sword aura. As if he is a peerless divine sword with his sword that could cut through anything.

Behind the two of them is a robust man that looked like an iron tower. The shadow that was cast by his body overshadowed the two-person standing behind him. There seem to be densely packed dragon scales on the surface of his body as well, vaguely emitting violent dragon roars that made him look like an ominous dragon.

The three of them are part of the Four Holy Child in the West Heaven Temple with a resounding reputation in the West Heaven Continent.

But before the West Heaven Battle Emperor, the three of them were extremely tamed and respectful.

The Battle Emperor cast a glance at them and slowly spoke out, “The three of you are entering the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield to obtain that one quota…”

“But no matter what, I have to tell you guys that the quota can only fall in the hands of my West Heaven Temple. Is that… understood?”

The three of them heavily nodded their heads as the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s voice sounded out again, “Don’t be careless as well. Although the three of you are pretty good among the Greater Earth Sovereigns, that doesn’t mean that you guys are invincible.”

“Especially Liu Xingchen, Su Mu and Chu Men.    The three of them pledged allegiance to my West Heaven Temple for the quota, so they’re formidable opponents that you guys have to face.”

Ling Zhanzi nodded his head silently while Ling Jianzi smiled, “I have long heard of the Wolf Fang Sword Celestial, let’s see if he is worthy of the title ‘Sword Celestial’.”

Ling Longzi grinned wit ha sinister expression on his face, “Please be rest assured, Palace Lord. We will let them know to submit to our West Heaven Temple obediently without any other thoughts if we encountered them.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor nodded his head before his arm patted on the armrest as he fell into silence, “And also the brat called Mu Chen…”

“Since the Flame Emperor wants him to participate in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, then he must have an ability or two. So be cautious as well.”

The three Holy Child’ gaze flickered at the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s words. They naturally knew about the incident in the Luo God Clan along with that brat called Mu Chen. He actually made their Palace Lord return in failure, and it wasn’t good for his reputation.

With their understanding of the Battle Emperor, it must be a knot in his heart. But due to his status and the Flame Emperor, there’s nothing he could do to Mu Chen. Thus, the three of them understood the deeper meaning behind the Battle Emperor’s words.

Looks like if they encounter Mu Chen in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield,  they should make a move and teach that fellow that there are some existences in the world that he cannot offend.

Looking at their gazes, the West Heaven Battle Emperor no longer spoke as he looked at the last person, “Ling Feizi, work hard for the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield as well.”

The last person is a bewitching lady with exquisite figures along with intoxicating outlines. Especially the tear-shape mole on the corner of her eye that marked her out as an outstanding beauty.

This is the fourth Holy Child, Ling Feizi is a female. Just that her cultivation wasn’t as fast as the three others, so she could only participate in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield that corresponds to her current cultivation.

Ling Feizi’s gaze lit up as she looked at the Battle Emperor with adoration in the depth of her eyes, “Please be rest assured, Palace Lord. Ling Feizi will definitely obtain the quota of the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor smiled, “Originally, you should be able to win in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield. But a variable has been added in, Luo Li has formed the Luo Shen Celestial Body, so you absolutely cannot underestimate her.”

When mentioning Luo Li, West Heaven Battle Emperor’s voice was a little unnatural.

It was keenly sensed by Ling Feizi as she had a flash of jealousy in her eyes before nodding her head, “I will keep it in mind.”

The West Heaven Battle Emperor further instructed a little more before he got the four of them to leave.

The four of them respectfully left the palace as Ling Jianzi sighed, “I heard that Luo Li formed the Luo Shen Celestial Body, so her beauty can even topple a kingdom. In the future, she will definitely be the second Luo Shen, no wonder even the Palace Lord return empty-handed himself…”

Hearing those words, Ling Longzi unexpected nodded his head as they were clear how lifestyle and charm. But they never expected for him to fail before Luo Li.

“If the two Senior Brothers are interested, why don’t you guys give it a try. Who knows, one of you might match her taste?” A pampered laughter sounded out as Ling Feizi responded.

“Haha, actually our Ling Feizi isn’t that bad. This time in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, I’m afraid that you two will have a great fight.” Ling Jianzi coughed as he immediately shifted the topic.

Ling Feizi smiled, “I do want to meet her. I’m just worried that many people might hate me for scratching her pretty face…”

When the three others saw how she spoke vicious words with a smile, they shivered. A woman’s jealousy is truly terrifying indeed.

Looks like there will be a show to watch in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield...

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