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Chapter 1232 - The Powerful Crystal Pagoda

On the back mountain of the Luo God Palace

Mu Chen sat on the peak and suddenly opened his eyes, which had been closed for ten-odd days. But at this moment, his face was filled with lingering fear.

“How dangerous…” Mu Chen wiped the sweat on his forehead. It was too dangerous earlier. Although it was only a strand of his heart that sneaked into the Ancient Buddha Clan, the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Ancient Buddha Clan would be able to sense his location if it fell into their hands. At that time, he would be completely exposed.

But fortunately, his mother helped him at a crucial moment. Otherwise, he would be in a perilous situation.

“Mother…” Recalling the changes to the Spiritual Array that protected him, a warm sensation flowed in his heart. Although the two of them did not meet, Mu Chen could sense the bond of blood.

Perhaps his mother had expected this situation when she left the Great Pagoda Art behind, so she had left a hand in the Spiritual Array. Something that could grant Mu Chen protection when it sensed his aura.

Evidently, Qing Yanjing had earnestly pondered everything.

“Mother, rest assured. I am no longer the weak youth from before…” Mu Chen muttered with his hands clenched. At this moment, not only had he stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, he even formed his own force. Naturally, his connections were also powerful as well.

He still had the talisman from the Martial Ancestor, so he wasn’t truly helpless if the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Ancient Buddha Clan came for him.

Furthermore, he had also been trying his best to grow. He firmly believed that there would be a day that the Ancient Buddha Clan wouldn’t be able to do a thing to him without relying on external help.

After his thoughts briefly boiled in his heart, Mu Chen gradually calmed down and started to look back at his harvest this time from the Ancient Buddha Clan’s Ancestral Land.

He could sense the crystal pagoda hovering in his body.

Compared to the previous pagoda, this one was more exquisite, and it was also emanating a divine and mysterious aura.

He triggered the crystal pagoda and saw traces of flames appearing within the pagoda as it started to blaze.

It was a crystallised flame that looked incredibly gorgeous. However, Mu Chen could sense an extremely dangerous fluctuation coming from it.

In the past, although his pagoda would generate the buddha’s flame to refine the Sovereign Celestial Body of his enemies, the crystallised flame also had the same effect, except that it’s more powerful.

Mu Chen could sense the power of the crystallised flame and he nodded his head with satisfaction. He formed seals with a single hand, and a current of Spiritual Energy roared in his body, pouring into the crystal pagoda.

A tremendous amount of Spiritual Energy poured into the crystal pagoda, and Mu Chen could sense his Spiritual Energy was visibly being crystallised.

In the past, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy was somewhat purple, since he had fused with the Undying Flames. But through the crystal pagoda, it had been changed into a profound Spiritual Energy.

Sensing the crystallised Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen briefly hesitated and circulated the Spiritual Energy within his body into the crystal pagoda.

In just ten-odd breaths, Mu Chen’s body was already filled with crystallised Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen stood up and his body emanated with a crystallised lustre. Raising his hand, the crystallised Spiritual Energy ferociously gathered.

“This… my Spiritual Energy has grown stronger!” Sensing the unfathomable power in his body, he couldn’t help but be shocked, even with his composure. That’s because, according to his estimations, the Spiritual Energy in his body had been strengthened by several times.

Judging from the boundless Spiritual Energy, he was already in the Pinnacle Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm!

“The crystal pagoda. It actually has two powerful abilities, converting and strengthening…” Mu Chen was astonished. Not to mention an Earth Sovereign, even a Heavenly Sovereign would be tempted by those two abilities.

Despite that, Mu Chen still felt a little unfamiliar with the crystallised Spiritual Energy. Although his Spiritual Energy had fused with the Undying Flames in the past and could endlessly burn, the power of this crystallised Spiritual Energy added a divine and mysterious aura to it.

While Mu Chen was focused on the unfamiliar crystallised Spiritual Energy, a wind whistling sound resounded before Luo Li, Luo Tianshen and Luo Tianshen suddenly appeared.

They were dumbfounded when they looked at Mu Chen. They could feel that Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy was no longer the same as it was before.

“You… why has your Spiritual Energy grown so much more powerful?!” Luo Tianshen spoke first, while looking at Mu Chen in shock. He could sense that the strength of Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy was several times more powerful than it was ten-odd days ago.

This speed of strengthening was absolutely terrifying!

Luo Tianlong was also looking at Mu Chen in astonishment, while Luo Li looked with interest, but she wasn’t too surprised by anything that happened with Mu Chen.

“Why is your Spiritual Energy looking like this?” Luo Tianshen looked at Mu Chen in disbelief before he realised that the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen was completely different from before. One must know how difficult it was to re-cultivate once they fixed it. So how did Mu Chen accomplish it in just ten-odd days?

With Luo Tianshen’s perception as a Greater Earth Sovereign, he could naturally tell that the attribute of Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy was entirely different from what it was before.

Mu Chen raised his head and smiled towards the three of them, before turning to Luo Tianlong. “Uncle Tianlong, please help me test my new Spiritual Energy.”

Luo Tianlong knew that Mu Chen was trying to use him as a tester. However, he wasn’t too bothered by it, so he walked up and loudly said, “I want to see how extraordinary this Spiritual Energy of yours is.”

Mu Chen smiled before he stretched his hand out and grabbed ahold of Luo Tianlong’s wrist. He then poured his crystallised Spiritual Energy into the latter’s body.

Luo Tianlong allowed Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy to enter his body. Just when he was about to expel it, he suddenly realised in shock that his Spiritual Energy was frozen when it touched with Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy. Despite how he tried to circulate it, it was a futile effort.

In just ten-odd breaths, the powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation within his body had utterly turned quiet without any Spiritual Energy fluctuations and he looked like an ordinary person that had not cultivated.

Losing control of his Spiritual Energy, Luo Tianlong was dumbfounded as he looked at Mu Chen in a daze.

Luo Tianshen also noticed this, so he stretched his hand out and placed it Luo Tianlong’s shoulder with a grave expression. After briefly sensing it, he suddenly exclaimed, “Your Spiritual Energy has been sealed!”

“Sealed?” This time, even Mu Chen had exclaimed in shock.

Luo Tianshen sternly nodded his head before his powerful Spiritual Energy surged into Luo Tianlong’s body, helping the latter dissolve the crystallised Spiritual Energy. Thus, a powerful fluctuation appeared from Luo Tianlong once again.

Even if it was resolved, Luo Tianlong was still looking at Mu Chen in aghast with his face pale. He felt a little terrified from the feeling of being reduced to a disabled person.

“Not only can the crystal pagoda convert and enhance my Spiritual Energy, but it can also bestow the power of sealing…” Mu Chen was shocked, since he never expected the pagoda to be so overbearing. Without speaking about the conversion and enhancement, since they’re merely passive abilities, the sealing ability was terrifying since even a Lesser Earth Sovereign would have their Spiritual Energy sealed and be turned into a lamb for him to slaughter after being invaded by his Spiritual Energy.

“There’s actually a type of Spiritual Energy with sealing abilities in the Great Thousand World?” Luo Tianlong spoke with disbelief.

Luo Tianshen briefly pondered before looking at Mu Chen with an unusual gaze. “According to what I know… it’s rumoured that the Ancient Buddha Clan excels in sealing… their Spiritual Energy has an effect of sealing, making them extremely troublesome to deal with.”

Hearing his words, Luo Tianlong was shocked as he looked at Mu Chen. Could Mu Chen have a relationship with the Ancient Buddha Clan?

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. He never expected Luo Tianshen to be so knowledgeable, guessing the Ancient Buddha Clan so swiftly… But facing Luo Li’s elders, he did not want to lie to them. Thus, he fell into a dilemma.

“Okay, since Mu Chen has this mean, then it increases his chances in the Seed of the Continent contest.” Luo Li lightly smiled as she shifted the topic.

Mu Chen gratefully glanced at her before he retracted his Spiritual Energy. When the Spiritual Energy left the crystal pagoda, the Spiritual Energy had returned to its original form…

Sensing how his Spiritual Energy converted so perfectly, Mu Chen couldn’t help praising that the Ancient Buddha Clan is truly godly for having such a profound means. He also realised why they could remain standing as one of the ancient clans in the Great Thousand World.

“It’s ten-odd days from the Seed of the Continent, and we’ll move out in a few days to the West Heaven Temple.” Luo Li smiled at Mu Chen.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen’s heart trembled, “You’re also going to participate?”

Luo Li chuckled, “Our Luo God Clan has been in the West Heaven Continent even longer than the West Heaven Temple, so we’re naturally qualified to participate. However, I’m not as monstrous as you, so I can only participate in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.”

Mu Chen nodded his head lightly. Although Luo Li had just entered into the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, her Luo Shen Celestial Body cannot be underestimated, and she is a powerful competitor for those in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

“Since that’s the case…” Mu Chen smiled at Luo Li, “Let us obtain two quotas in the Seed of the Continent. Since the West Heaven Battle Emperor made us unhappy, we’ll do the same to him!”

“That should be the case since the beginning.” Luo Li nodded as she chuckled.

Luo Tianshen and Luo Tianlong looked at the confident couple as they exchanged a look and bitterly smiled and shook their heads. It looks like the two of them will cause great chaos in the West Heaven Continent’s Seed of the Continent battle...

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