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Chapter 1231 - Killing and Assistance

The enraged voice rumbled throughout the heavens akin to thunder with visible Spiritual Energy fluctuations rippling out.

As the Spiritual Energy fluctuated, a skinny hand enveloped towards Mu Chen.

The sudden changes scared Mu Chen, so he swept up the crystal pagoda and started to flee without any hesitation.

As he fled, Mu Chen, who was in his spiritual form, entered the pagoda and triggered it. Instantly, a crystalised lustre spread out along with a divine aura that formed into a vortex with Mu Chen intending to flee through the vortex.

“Thief, you want to run?!” The enraged voice resounded again and one could see that the countless stars in the sky were actually spiritual seals that started to link and form into a massive Spiritual Array prison.

When the Spiritual Array appeared, Mu Chen instantly felt that this entire land was under someone’s control, so he knew that it’s a terrible condition.

“Confine!” A cold snort resounded and Mu Chen was shocked to discover the vortex was being stopped behind him. Furthermore, his spiritual form, which resided in the crystal pagoda, was being immobilised.

It was a feeling as if the time and space in this region had been confined, and he was like a mosquito in amber, not being able to move.

Facing this situation, even with Mu Chen’s character, he couldn’t help feeling despair. But he was, after all, not an ordinary figure. Thus, he gritted his teeth and intended to destroy the crystal pagoda along with this spiritual form of his.

But if that’s the case, then he would have suffered too great of a loss. Not to mention how difficult it had been for him to obtain the crystal pagoda, Mu Chen had a feeling that this was his only chance of obtaining it. If he missed it, then he wouldn’t be able to form this crystal pagoda in the future.

Furthermore, the most important factor was that if he didn’t destroy this spiritual form of his, then the experts of the Ancient Buddha Clan might be able to trace it back to him and he would be completely exposed.

So he had no choice but to destroy the crystal pagoda along with this spiritual form.



Mu Chen clenched his teeth and had firmed his heart to destroy it. However, he suddenly had a feeling that there were spiritual seals that started to appear in this region. Those spiritual seals were also a portion of the powerful Spiritual Array, but they’ve gone out of control and broke apart the linkage.

Instantly, the confinement was dissolved, and Mu Chen regained control of the crystal pagoda.

It all happened in an instant. It was so much so that Mu Chen hadn’t fully recovered from it. But it was fortunate that he swiftly reacted. He immediately sent the crystal pagoda into the vortex.

“Why is the Ancestral Guarding Spiritual Array suddenly breaking apart?!” The one that made a move exclaimed, and seeing that Mu Chen was about to escape into the vortex, he immediately roared, “Stop where you’re going!”

The skinny hand suddenly slapped down, and instantly, all of the heavens and earth looked as if they had collapsed. An incredible and terrifying power shuttled through space and enveloped Mu Chen from above.

Since the powerhouse couldn’t catch the thief alive, he couldn’t allow the thief to escape, even if he had to kill him!

A terrifying wave of energy descended once more, making Mu Chen feel terrified. If only he had three more breaths of time, he would be able to make his escape!

This one attack was also extraordinarily ruthless and gave no chance to him.

It was a short three breaths, but at this moment, it meant life or death.

Mu Chen could only watch as the destructive power enveloped over. But suddenly, a change occurred again.

Countless spiritual seals appeared around Mu Chen. Those were actually the spiritual seals of the Ancestral Guarding Spiritual Array and they formed into a thin barrier above Mu Chen.

Although the barrier had instantly shattered, it had taken an exact amount of three breaths of time.

Mu Chen controlled the crystal pagoda and fled into the vortex. At this moment, he could finally take the time out to glance at those spiritual seals. He could vaguely feel a sense of familiarity from them.

He suddenly figured it out, and his heart surged with waves.

“Mother… it’s you?” The brim of Mu Chen’s eyes turned red. It was his mother that helped him resolve two of his death situations.

In the Ancient Buddha Clan, probably only his mother was capable of helping him.

“Mother, wait for me. I will definitely rescue you and reunite you with father!” The vortex swiftly darkened, then disappeared as Mu Chen muttered in his heart.

When Mu Chen’s spiritual form and crystal pagoda entered the vortex, the destructive energy instantly disappeared. A few breaths later, an elder who was covered with ageing aura descended and appeared in the location where the vortex had disappeared.

However, he retracted his hand a brief moment later, and his face was dark because he realised that the spatial traces here had been entirely erased.

It was done so cleanly that he couldn’t sense any traces of it…

The elderly man raised his hand as his face turned dark before he looked into the sky.

A silhouette sat in the pagoda. She suddenly opened her eyes with a vague smile on the corner of her lips.

However, the smile lasted briefly before it disappeared.

The dark space distorted at this moment and an old face appeared from the darkness with rage, looking at the silhouette in the pagoda. “Qing Yanjing, what have you done?!”

The silhouette in the pagoda looked at the elderly face and casually replied, “I have no idea what the Grand Elder is talking about.”

The elderly face was filled with rage as he roared, “Someone sneaked into the Ancestral Land to steal the Ancestral Aura. In the last moment, a problem arose with the Ancestral Guarding Spiritual Array and protected that thief from escaping!”

“What does it got to do with me?” Qing Yanjing smiled.

“Hmph! How does it got to do with you? You were one of those few that constructed the Ancestral Guarding Spiritual Array! So is it difficult for you to leave a means or two behind? Do you really think that I’m a dotard? That thief that stole the Ancestral Aura from the Ancestral Land is your child that was left outside, right?!” The Grand Elder coldly snorted.

“Is that so?” Qing Yanjing did not acknowledge his words.

The Grand Elder coldly replied, “Looks like I have underestimated that brat. For him to grow this far in just a few years… It’s also said that he has refined the Divine Pagoda. Looks like he has truly inherited your bloodline. Since that’s the case, then we will have to send an Elder out to capture him!”

Qing Yanjing, who had remained composed, suddenly knitted her brows and her sharp gaze looked at the Grand Elder before she softly said, “If you dare send out an Elder, then don’t blame me for sparing no sentimentality!”

An Elder had a high status in the Ancient Buddha Clan, and all of them had their strengths in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. The moment they made a move, it would be perilous for Mu Chen.

“What can you do?” The Grand Elder spoke with a dark expression. He was clearly unhappy with Qing Yanjing’s dissatisfaction.

Qing Yanjing faintly glanced at the Grand Elder before slowly closing her eyes.

Just when Qing Yanjing closed his eyes, the pagoda instantly trembled and the Grand Elder was shocked to witness that the seals suppressing Qing Yanjing had started to collapse.

At the same time, the Grand Elder could also sense a great commotion in the Ancient Buddha Clan. His face drastically changed because the Guardian Spiritual Array controlled by the Elder Association started to trigger…

“You!” The Grand Elder furiously looked at Qing Yanjing before he continued, “Your attainment in Spiritual Arrays has reached this far? You can control the Guardian Spiritual Array remotely?!”

Qing Yanjing stood up before countless spiritual seals sparkled like stars around her and she calmly looked at the Grand Elder. “Grand Elder, the reason why I submitted to accept punishment back then wasn’t because I was afraid of you guys. I just didn’t want my son to be implicated. If you’re going to threaten me with my son, then you guys will have to consider the price that you guys will have to pay.”

At this moment, Qing Yanjing no longer looked as tranquil as before. She showed her ferocious side, and at this moment, she’s like a tigress protecting her cub. If anyone touched her bottom line, then they would have to face her ferocity and insanity.

And her bottom line was naturally her child, Mu Chen.

The Grand Elder’s face slightly changed when facing Qing Yanjing. He could sense the latter’s determination, and if he really sent out a Heavenly Sovereign, then Qing Yanjing would probably rebel immediately. Although they could suppress her with the foundation of the Ancient Buddha Clan, they would also have to pay a high price, the price of the possibility of Heavenly Sovereigns falling.

To the Ancient Buddha Clan, it would definitely be a heavy blow. After all, Heavenly Sovereigns were precious resources to any forces in the Great Thousand World.

After a brief silence, the Grand Elder slowly said, “I can avoid sending out Heavenly Sovereigns, but your child will still be captured.”

His voice was solemn and unquestionable. He could take a step back and not send any Heavenly Sovereigns, but he could send all the Earth Sovereigns he wanted.

Qing Yanjing calmed down after hearing his words, since she was clear that it’s difficult for the Ancient Buddha Clan to take a step back, and she wasn’t willing to fall out with the clan. After all, she had the bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan flowing in her body as well.

As for experts beneath the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, despite being a little worried, it was also acceptable for her. That’s because if Mu Chen really managed to obtain the Divine Pagoda, that meant that he was also in the Earth Sovereign Realm. So he would definitely be able to protect himself.

She raised her head and looked into the void, her gaze pierced through the distant space at the silhouette that she strongly yearned for. She revealed a gratified smile, and at the same time, she gently sighed.

“My child, Mother has done everything she could for you. You can only depend on yourself now…”

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