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Chapter 1230 - Ancestral Aura

Mu Chen’s heart trembled, before he gradually calmed his heart after the initial shock. He had also vaguely guessed some reasons why.

He must have gained a more in-depth insight into the Great Pagoda Art, using the power from shattering his pagoda to arrive here. So this place must be greatly related to the Ancient Buddha Clan.

“Although the Great Pagoda Art was extraordinary in the past, it is still considered common for Earth Sovereigns. But since it can be the foundation technique of the Ancient Buddha Clan, then there must be a secret to it. It’s just that it needs to have higher cultivation in order to be comprehended and evolve…” So the evolution might be related to this place, or accurately speaking, related to that pagoda…

Thinking about it, Mu Chen’s gaze focused on the ancient pagoda and briefly hesitated before approaching it.

As he approached it, he was shocked to realise the sheer size of this ancient pagoda. It’s a few hundred thousand feet in size, making people look akin to an ant compared to it. So the impact he got from it was truly astonishing.

“What a terrifying pagoda…” Mu Chen muttered in his heart. He could feel that the vague pressure emanating from the pagoda was even stronger than the West Heaven Battle Emperor.

The pressure was filled with age, akin to the traces of time. Under that pressure, it was definitely stronger than the West Heaven Battle Emperor.

With Mu Chen’s perception, compared to the pressure of this ancient pagoda, probably only the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor’s bearing could be compared to it.

At this moment, Mu Chen deeply felt how horrifying one of the oldest clans in the Great Thousand World was…

While Mu Chen was shocked by the pagoda, the pagoda seemed to have sensed his existence and it emanated buzzing noises.

Mu Chen jumped from the sudden movement and nearly recalled his spiritual form. After all, this mysterious pagoda was too terrifying, and if it made a move, it would definitely be a great disaster to him.

A dark beam of light flew out of the ancient pagoda and encased Mu Chen within it.

In that instant, Mu Chen could sense a profound fluctuation sweep through his spiritual form… It was so much so that Mu Chen had a feeling that it had scanned his body that resided in the mountain behind the Luo God Palace.

His heart lightly trembled under the scan, since he was afraid of a disaster befalling onto him.

But fortunately, the light faded after the scan and Mu Chen could sense that this region seemed to have acknowledged him.

Mu Chen was stunned, but he soon figured it out. It might be a scan from the pagoda to verify if he had the bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan…

If someone didn’t have the bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan, then he or she might be immediately eliminated by the ancient pagoda.

Fortunately… his mother was a member of the Ancient Buddha Clan. Therefore, he had the bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan flowing in his body!

“What a close call…” Mu Chen felt relieved from the danger. Luckily he passed through the scan, or his outcome would be dire at this moment.

Mu Chen’s heart still lingered with fear before a majestic aura gushed out from the top of the ancient pagoda and enveloped Mu Chen.

The mysterious aura seemed like it had come from the ancient times. It was extremely old, but Mu Chen felt a familiar feeling from the mysterious aura.

It felt as if they were from the same origin.

“This is the Ancestral Aura?!” In that instance, Mu Chen knew what was happening. Perhaps this mysterious aura was the Ancestral Aura that the chant of the Ancient Buddha Clan had spoken of!

“Drawing the Ancestral Aura so that the Pagoda is genuine!” The chant flowed in Mu Chen’s heart again and he joined his hands together. An intense lustre burst out from his body and he was like a whale, devouring and absorbing the Ancestral Aura.

As he absorbed the Ancestral Aura, Mu Chen vaguely felt his body trembling and his blood boiling. Even the power in his bloodline hidden in the depths of his body had been triggered.

At this moment, a dark light exploded that was akin to a black hole, frantically absorbing the pouring Ancestral Aura from the ancient pagoda.

Devouring the Ancestral Aura, a pagoda that was roughly ten-odd feet gradually started to form.

It was a completely different pagoda, compared to the one that he had previously formed. It’s completely white, and with more Ancestral Aura pouring towards him, the pagoda started to turn transparent, as if it was being cleansed of the impurities.

When the white pagoda appeared, Mu Chen did not notice that the blood in his physical body also started to burn into a black flame that enveloped his body due to the bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan being triggered.

It was also when those flames appeared, a black flame started to blaze on the white pagoda and it started to turn even more transparent…

Mu Chen paid attention to all the changes. Although he had no idea what was going on, his instincts told him that it would be better for the pagoda to turn even more transparent.

He no longer hesitated and unleashed all of his Spiritual Energy, controlling the black flames to blaze even more and absorbed the Ancestral Aura even more frantically.

That’s because his instincts told him that the mysterious Ancestral Aura was the main ingredient for refining this white pagoda…

The ancient pagoda had also been drawn and endlessly unleashed the precious Ancestral Aura, helping Mu Chen refine his white pagoda.

Under the black flames, the white pagoda turned more transparent and pure. According to this speed, it wouldn’t take long for the pagoda to be rid of all impurities…

The Ancient Buddha Clan

Two elderly silhouettes sat on the altar, emanating aging auras.

However, the space around them occasionally shattered from their breathing, adding on to the terror of those two silhouettes.

Their eyes were closed, as if they were sleeping at this moment.

But, all of a sudden, the two of them felt something and suddenly opened their eyes with a flash of doubt on their faces. That’s because, at this moment, they felt a peculiar fluctuation coming from the Ancestral Land.

“What’s going on?” The two elderly silhouettes exchanged a look and Spiritual Energy gathered before them, forming into a mirror that projected the scene inside the Ancestral Land.

The mirror flickered and the scene locked onto the ancient pagoda…

The two of them swept their gazes and saw a transparent pagoda, as if it was made of crystal floating outside the ancient pagoda.

Seeing that transparent pagoda that vaguely fluctuated with divinity, the two of them were stunned before they exclaimed, “This… this is the Divine Pagoda? Since when did we have a clansman that can refine the Divine Pagoda? Unbelievable.”

However, they suddenly thought of something, and their faces drastically changed.

That’s because they’re the guardians of the Ancestral Land, so if anyone wanted to extract the Ancestral Aura to refine their Pagoda, it had to be opened by them…

However… they clearly did not open the passage to the Ancestral Land, so how did that fellow make it in?!

Facing this situation, even at their age, their faces drastically changed as they roared, “Quick, open up the Ancestral Land!”

Mu Chen’s focus was submerged in the transparent pagoda as it had gradually reached perfection from the Ancestral Aura.

It now looked as transparent as a crystal, and at the same time, emanating indescribable profundities.

Mu Chen had a feeling that this crystal pagoda wasn’t simple, and the pagoda that he had previously formed couldn’t even be compared to this.

While Mu Chen was rejoicing in his heart for this crystal pagoda, a violent gale blew in this land and he saw a claw stretching over in his direction.

At the same time, an enraged voice resounded within this region, “Who is it that actually dares to sneak into the Ancestral Land of my Ancient Buddha Clan to seal the Ancestral Aura?!”

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