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Chapter 1224 - Grudges

“The Martial Ancestor, Lin Dong?” Everyone saw the Battle Emperor’s face turn black when the Flame Emperor spoke that name before they exchanged looks with doubt in their eyes.

They naturally knew about the Martial Ancestor, Lin Dong, since he was one of the few of those in the Great Thousand World that could be considered the Flame Emperor’s equal. Even his history wasn’t at all inferior to the Flame Emperor’s legend.

The Martial Ancestor also originated from the Lower Plane. But what caused everyone to be shocked was the fact that the Martial Ancestor actually led the experts of the Lower Plane to repel the attacks of a Fiend Clan’s invasion.

Although that branch wasn’t too overpowering, it still possessed the strength to sweep through any Lower Plane. However, all of them fell in the hands of the Martial Ancestor, so how could everyone not be shocked by such news?

After that, the Martial Ancestor challenged the Ice Spirit Clan and established the Martial Realm that soared into one of the supreme forces in the Great Thousand World. His story wasn’t at all inferior to the Flame Emperor.

Although the Martial Ancestor was also a legend that wasn’t at all inferior to the Flame Emperor, everyone here was puzzled about why the Flame Emperor said that it would be a whole new situation if it was the Martial Ancestor that was here instead of him.

Mu Chen and Luo Li also exchanged a glance in puzzlement.

“Back then, when the Martial Ancestor headed to the Ice Spirit Clan, he wanted to borrow the Ice Spirit Monument to revive his wife. However, the Ice Spirit Clan refused and even invited three Heavenly Sovereigns over, with one of them being the West Heaven Battle Emperor.” The Flame Emperor’s faint voice rang out in the ears of Mu Chen and Luo Li.

“The West Heaven Battle Emperor is famed for his love for beauties. So when he saw the spirit of the Martial Ancestor’s wife, he even asked for the Ice Spirit Clan to let him have her…”

“That fellow was too prideful and looked down on the Martial Ancestor, who had come from the Lower Plane. So he even told it to the Martial Ancestor straight in his face and even asked him to get lost.” 

When Mu Chen heard about it, the corner of his eyes twitched. He was someone that had seen the Martial Ancestor before. So he knew what sort of majestic person the Martial Ancestor was, so how could the Martial Ancestor let the matter go when the West Heaven Battle Emperor said those words to his face?

Indeed, it happened as he had expected. The Flame Emperor’s voice continued, “Hehe, the Martial Ancestor was enraged back then and charged through the heavy arrays of the Ice Spirit Clan and heavily injured the Ice Spirit Clan’s Old Ancestor. He even fought with three Heavenly Sovereigns by himself for three days and three nights. Forcing two Heavenly Sovereigns to flee while chasing after the Battle Emperor for an entire month…”

“After that matter, the West Heaven Battle Emperor would avoid the Martial Ancestor. Even his West Heaven Temple is far from the Martial Realm. Heh, if the one you invited was the Martial Ancestor, then it would be hard for the West Heaven Battle Emperor to have peace.”

Mu Chen widened his mouth. So this was the grudge that the Flame Emperor had previously mentioned…

Mu Chen finally understood why the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s face was so unsightly when he heard the name of the Martial Ancestor. As for the last sentence that the Flame Emperor had said, he was in great agreement.

After all, the Flame Emperor and Battle Emperor didn’t have any grudges. So, as long as it wasn’t too far, they wouldn’t fight for real. At most, they would make things so that the other party retreated.

If he had invited the Martial Ancestor over, then the situation would be completely different by now. With the Martial Ancestor’s character that clearly distinguished gratitude and grudges, he would probably roll his sleeves and charge at the Battle Emperor by now.

At that time, the West Heaven Battle Emperor wouldn’t be facing a gentle Flame Emperor. At that time, even if the West Heaven Battle Emperor wanted to admit his defeat, the Martial Ancestor still might not let him off…

It’s unavoidable for a great battle to take place. And that battle would probably conclude with the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s face being covered in bruises. After all, one could imagine the power of the Martial Ancestor since he had once chased after the Battle Emperor for an entire month…

Mu Chen and Luo Li exchanged a look as they rejoiced. If that really happened, then the Luo God Clan might be implicated in the battle, unless the Martial Ancestor killed the Battle Emperor.

The Battle Emperor’s blackened face recovered a little before he sternly said, “Even if that brat calls the Martial Ancestor over, this Emperor wouldn’t be afraid of him!”

Although he forcefully said that, everyone could hear his unusual tone. Even the forceful tone wasn’t that heavy compared to before.

After all, the Flame Emperor would definitely give some face to him, since they didn’t have any grudges. But if the Martial Ancestor came, the Martial Ancestor would probably not speak a word and roll up his sleeves immediately. If it wasn’t handled properly, it might even cause a war between the Martial Realm and the West Heaven Temple…

“Since that’s the case, Mu Chen, call the Martial Ancestor over. I believe that when he’s here, he will definitely return you a favour.” The Flame Emperor smiled.

Mu Chen immediately grasped his fist and a talisman appeared in his hand, intending to crush it.

“Wait!” But just when he was about to crush it, a roar burst out and Mu Chen felt dizziness in his head. When he raised his head, he saw the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s face alternate between green and white before he forced some words out as he gritted, “Fine, this Emperor will let that brat off for being rude on the face of you, Flame Emperor!”

Everyone instantly felt relieved at the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s words. It’s rare for a battle between Heavenly Sovereigns to occur, but they didn’t want to witness it because they would definitely be affected by the battle.

However, there were more of them that looked at Mu Chen with a fearful gaze. From the previous conversation, they found out that not only could Mu Chen invite the Flame Emperor over, he could even invite the Martial Ancestor over…

The two legends of the Great Thousand World actually turned out to be related to him!

Just what sort of terrifying connection was that?!

Xue Lingzi and the powerhouses of the Blood God Clan had their foreheads covered with sweat. At this moment, when they looked at Mu Chen, they found the latter to be deep and unfathomable and must not be provoked.

The other forces that were looking at the Luo God Clan also calmed their ill intentions. They knew that after today, there wouldn’t be anyone that dared to provoke the Luo God Clan, not even the West Heaven Temple.

After all, the Flame Emperor had already made things clear that he had a relationship with the Luo God Clan. If anyone dared to touch the Luo God Clan, it would be touching the face of the Flame Emperor himself. At that time, perhaps the Endless Fire Territory wouldn’t mind showing the meaning of terror…

Not to mention that Mu Chen had a relationship with Luo Li. With such a powerful alliance, the Luo God Clan would be free from decline and with Luo Li receiving Luo Shen’s inheritance, the rise of the Luo God Clan was basically unstoppable.

“Battle Emperor has a good breadth of mind.” The Flame Emperor praised before abruptly speaking up again, “But I have another matter.”

The Battle Emperor knitted his brows, and he was a little depressed before he asked, “What is it?”

The Flame Emperor smiled. “According to my information, the time to seize the Seed of the Continent will soon come, right?”

The Battle Emperor’s face instantly changed as he looked at the Flame Emperor with caution, “What has it got to do with you?”

The Seed of the Continent was a title of the Great Thousand World, a qualification that showed one’s potential to reach the Heavenly Sovereign Realm. According to the usual estimations, most of the Heavenly Sovereigns in the Great Thousand World had once received this title in the past.

It was said that powerful continents had a unique power, the continent’s energy. It was a miraculous power that could not only transform the body; it could also perfect the foundation. But the most important factor was that it allowed one to be more comparable to the heavens, bestowing higher chances of reaching the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

It was something that was extremely tempting for every Earth Sovereign.

But the continent’s energy could only be used by a Heavenly Sovereign, so most Seed of the Continent would only appear on continents with Heavenly Sovereigns. As for the Greatlaw Continent, despite being one of the supercontinents, it didn’t have a Heavenly Sovereign. So after so many years, there hadn’t been a single Seed of the Continent.

But because of the West Heaven Temple, every expert under the West Heaven Battle Emperor was qualified to wrestle for the qualification of being the Seed of the Continent.

Every Seed of the Continent would have great potential and might step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm in the future. So it was a precious resource to every powerful force. That was the reason why the West Heaven Battle Emperor immediately turned cautious when he heard the Flame Emperor ask about the Seed of the Continent.

The Flame Emperor looked at the West Heaven Battle Emperor and smiled, before pointing at Mu Chen. “I want to obtain a quota for Mu Chen, to wrestle for the West Heaven Continent’s Seed of the Continent…”

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