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Chapter 1225 - Seed of the Continent

“A quota for the Seed of the Continent?” The Battle Emperor’s brows tightly knitted as he replied without any hesitation, “Impossible! I’m sure you know how precious the Holy Child of the Continent is. That might represent a Heavenly Sovereign. With the current scale of my West Heaven Continent, even if this continent rested for several hundreds of years, it can only produce three Holy Children of the Continent!”

The Battle Emperor decisively refused since such resources were too precious.

Only a Heavenly Sovereign could control the continent’s energy. So it was desirable by the forces that joined under the West Heaven Temple.

According to the West Heaven Temple’s rules and regulations, only the forces and experts that had joined the Temple for ten years could obtain the qualifications to vie for the Seed of the Continent.

It was something that even Perfected Earth Sovereigns would be attracted by. That also explained the strong reply from the Battle Emperor when he heard about the Flame Emperor’s intention.

After all, every single Seed of the Continent represented a potential Heavenly Sovereign. At least their chances of success were high compared to the rest.

“What is the Seed of the Continent?” Mu Chen was also puzzled as she asked Luo Li.

Luo Li naturally had some knowledge about it, so she explained it to Mu Chen, which left him stunned. He never thought that the Flame Emperor would be fighting for such a chance for him.

“Flame Emperor, your Endless Fire Territory is vast and has more than one Heavenly Sovereign. You can produce more Holy Children of the Continent than my West Heaven Continent. Why are you placing your intention on me?” The Battle Emperor said in a stern voice.

The Flame Emperor helplessly smiled. “The Endless Fire Territory hosted it a hundred years ago. The continent’s energy is exhausted, so I’m afraid another hundred years is required.”

“But don’t be too quick to reject this. I only want a qualification to fight for the Seed of the Continent. It would depend on Mu Chen’s own ability to obtain it, and if he loses, it would be his problem.” As he spoke, the Flame Emperor mocked, “Or does the Battle Emperor think that the experts of your continent are weaker than Mu Chen?”

The Battle Emperor coldly sneered as he glanced at Mu Chen, “A mere Lesser Earth Sovereign, he can’t cause any ripples in the West Heaven Continent. Not to mention him vying for the Seed of the Continent.”

“Then, what is the Battle Emperor worried about?” The Flame Emperor replied with his eyes narrowed.

The Battle Emperor snorted, “There are no absolutes. What if that brat really managed to achieve it? Wouldn’t I make a great loss?”

“Furthermore, the forces and experts under by West Heaven Temple have paid their loyalty to vie for the Seed of the Continent. They have done many things for my West Heaven Continent, so how could I allow him to participate together with them?

“So, Flame Emperor, you don’t have to provoke me. I will not give him the qualification.”

When Mu Chen saw this, he immediately lowered his voice at the Flame Emperor, “I appreciate Senior Flame Emperor’s intentions. Since the Battle Emperor isn’t willing, then we can’t force him.”

Although the Seed of the Continent was tempting, he didn’t want the Flame Emperor to beg for him or this favour he owed would be too great.

The Flame Emperor slightly smiled. “I will help you obtain this opportunity. But it is not for my personal consideration. I hope that another existence in the Great Thousand World that is comparable to me will appear. And you, Mu Chen, have this qualification.

“Although the Great Thousand World is peaceful, the Fiend Clans are waiting for an opportunity. Their strength is something that you cannot imagine. It is so much so that even I am feeling uneasy about it. So we need powerful existences in the Great Thousand World to prevent that situation from occurring…

“Even amongst the continents with Heavenly Sovereigns, only the West Heaven Continent is shortly hosting it. So we cannot let this chance pass.”

Firstly, Mu Chen was stunned, since he never thought that the Flame Emperor would view him so great and felt that he had the qualifications to reach the pinnacle. Secondly, he felt admiration for the Flame Emperor. After all, he considered for the Great Thousand World and granted him help.

The Flame Emperor waved his hand before he looked at the Battle Emperor. “Battle Emperor, I am not asking for a Lower Earth Sovereign qualification for Mu Chen, but a Greater Earth Sovereign qualification.”

The Battle Emperor’s face changed from those words before he looked Mu Chen and mocked, “Flame Emperor, you’re thinking too highly of that kid.”

There were three battlefields for the Seed of the Continent, which were split into the Lesser, Greater and Perfected Earth Sovereign Battlefields. So participants would participate according to their respective cultivations.

Every battlefield had a Seed of the Continent. At the same time, it represented the three realms in the Earth Sovereign Realm. After all, if it’s all mixed up, then the three quotas would probably be dominated by those Perfected Earth Sovereign geezers, and those geezers had passed their prime, so their chances of reaching the Heavenly Sovereign Realm wasn’t high.

Mu Chen’s cultivation was in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, so he should enter the battlefield for that respective realm. But the Flame Emperor said that he’s asking for a slot in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, which was simply hilarious in the eyes of the Battle Emperor.

After all, even though Mu Chen’s skills could allow him to be in the top amongst the Lesser Earth Sovereigns, he was still lacking compared to a Greater Earth Sovereign.

Thus, Xue Lingzi and some Greater Earth Sovereigns were looking at Mu Chen. All of them had the same thought. The Flame Emperor has overestimated Mu Chen’s abilities.

Hmph, isn’t he afraid Mu Chen will be killed? The moment he enters the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm Battlefield, he will immediately be gobbled up! Xue Lingzi sneered in his heart. But deep within his heart, he was asking for Mu Chen to be allowed in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm Battlefield since he would participate in it. So if he encountered Mu Chen, he could make his move to kill Mu Chen. If Mu Chen was killed under that situation, he could only blame himself for being too weak.

“I believe the Battle Emperor will feel better to have Mu Chen in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm Battlefield, right? If Mu Chen managed to obtain the Seed of the Continent despite that… I believe that it’s something he deserves.” The Flame Emperor smiled.

The Battle Emperor’s gaze flickered. The rejection in his heart dimmed a little. With Mu Chen’s current strength, there might really be a chance for Mu Chen to obtain it if he entered the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm Battlefield. But if he’s thrown into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, even the Battle Emperor didn’t believe that Mu Chen could do anything.

Which Greater Earth Sovereign wasn’t cunning and powerful? Throwing a Lesser Earth Sovereign like Mu Chen in would be like throwing a rabbit into a wolf’s den.

On the contrary, it was something that the Battle Emperor wished to happen. After all, despite the Flame Emperor easing things out, he was still filled with rage for Mu Chen.

But with the Flame Emperor protecting Mu Chen, there’s nothing he could do about it. But if Mu Chen entered the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm Battlefield, then he only needed an indication, and Mu Chen might give up while being in a pathetic state.

Thinking about that scene, the Battle Emperor felt happier in his heart.

Although he had loosened up his intentions, the Battle Emperor wasn’t a pushover. He briefly pondered and shook his head. “I should give a face to the Flame Emperor, but the qualification is too precious…”

The Flame Emperor smiled then flicked his finger. A beam flew from his sleeve and floated before the Battle Emperor. It was a pellet that was roughly at the size of longan.

The pellet looked transparent with an aura circulating around it. It had actually turned into the scene of a soaring dragon and phoenix with a fragrance leaking out, instantly causing everyone to feel the Spiritual Energy in their bodies thicken up.

“This is…” The Battle Emperor looked at this pellet, and his heart trembled. He couldn’t hold back his voice as he exclaimed in shock, “Dragon-Phoenix Deity Pellet?!”

This was a rare divine pellet that had a considerable effect, even for Heavenly Sovereigns. Such a pellet had a demand without any market. The moment it appeared, it would be snatched by many Heavenly Sovereigns.

Everyone in this region looked at the pellet with their eyes reddening. In the Great Thousand World, everyone practically knew that it’s not the Flame Emperor’s extraordinary strength that made others envious, but his unparalleled alchemy skills…

Anything that was produced by the Flame Emperor was in excellent quality!

Many people sought for the pellets refined by the Flame Emperor. So even the Battle Emperor’s eyes beamed when the pellet appeared before him.

“With this pellet, I believe that the Battle Emperor won’t refuse, right?” The Flame Emperor chuckled.

The Battle Emperor smacked his lips and took the Dragon-Phoenix Deity Pellet. This pellet really did tempt him, but the essential factor was that the Flame Emperor had taken a few steps back. So if he insisted on refusing, then he might offend the Flame Emperor. He didn’t have a good relationship with the Martial Ancestor, to begin with, so if he made things worse with the Flame Emperor, it would be making things worse.

Storing the pellet, he indifferently looked at Mu Chen before gently nodding his head. “I’ll allow that brat to take part in the contest for the Seed of the Continent because of you. But the battlefield is dangerous, so if that brat is unlucky and dies in it, it’s his fault and no one else's…”

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