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Chapter 1223 - Flame Emperor VS Battle Emperor

When the voice of the Battle Emperor resounded in this region, many people instantly felt their backs drenched in sweat. They felt their scalps going numb with an urge to escape.

The Battle Emperor was a pinnacle existence in the Great Thousand World, and the Flame Emperor was a legend. The two of them were in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, so it would definitely be a disaster if they fought. At that time, the entire Lesser West Heaven Realm would be affected by it.

When the Flame Emperor heard the Battle Emperor’s reply, he smiled with his eyes narrowed. “Sometimes, there are things that exceed your control.”

Although the Flame Emperor gave others a gentle and free feeling, the moment he unleashed his dominance, it could even suppress the Battle Emperor.

“Oh?” The brows of the Battle Emperor lifted as his sharp gaze locked onto the Flame Emperor. “I have long heard of the Flame Emperor gathering all the flames in the world and forming the Emperor Flame. I heard that it’s extremely overbearing, and today, this Emperor would like to experience it.”

How could the Battle Emperor not know of the Flame Emperor’s name? Perhaps in the eyes of others, he was inferior to the Flame Emperor, which made him feel unhappy. He was also confident in himself, so he didn’t think that he’s any weaker than the latter.

If it was another Heavenly Sovereign, perhaps the Battle Emperor might give the convenience. But since it was the Flame Emperor, then this matter couldn’t be easily settled, or others would say that he was fearful of the Flame Emperor, something that he couldn’t tolerate.

“I have long heard of the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s feats in the Great Thousand World, Spiritual Energy that can fuse with Battle Will. Since it’s rare for us to meet, I would like to experience it myself, as well.” Facing the West Heaven Battle Emperor with fighting intent, the Flame Emperor gently smiled. He did not refuse; on the contrary, he accepted the challenge.

That’s because he knew that it’s impossible for this to pass with the Battle Emperor’s character.

The moment his voice landed, the Flame Emperor raised his hand and gorgeous flames gushed out before gathering on his palm. It was a flame that contained thousands of colours that held terrifying power.

Everyone was shocked when they looked at those gorgeous flames. They could sense that if those flames fell, they could probably instantly turn a myriad mile into an ocean of fire and anyone in it would be annihilated.

As the flames surged, space would constantly collapse into pieces and fall.

The flames swiftly shrank and formed into a lotus in his hand. The lotus was so dazzling that everyone looking at it wouldn’t be able to pull their gazes away.

“Please don’t look at it, or your own Spiritual Energy will be incinerated by it.” The Flame Emperor’s laughter suddenly resounded, shaking everyone awake from being drawn by his flames.

When the spectators woke up, they immediately felt a wave of heat in their bodies and their faces were drained of colour. The Spiritual Energy in their bodies gradually boiled with signs of being burnt.

Everyone was terrified and they no longer dared to stare at that lotus. They immediately shifted their gazes, only then did the Spiritual Energy in their bodies calm down.

Everyone took in a cold breath at this scene. The Flame Emperor turnsed out to be so powerful that the sight of his power nearly caused their Spiritual Energy to be incinerated. If it wasn’t for the Flame Emperor’s reminder, they would have burst into flames by now.

The Flame Emperor smiled towards the Battle Emperor and flicked his finger. The lotus gradually drifted and flew towards the Battle Emperor.

The Lotus looked extremely slow, but it gave others a feeling that they couldn’t escape from it. It’s as if the flame would follow them, no matter where they ran.

Looking at the lotus, the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s face flashed with solemn. He felt threatened from the flames.

“The reputation of the Flame Emperor is truly well-deserved!” Battle Emperor muttered as his hands joined together and formed seals. A dazzling golden lustre developed into rising golden suns.

The golden suns fluctuated with massive Spiritual Energy fluctuating, causing the heavens and earth to tremble.

Mu Chen stared at those golden suns, and his face slightly changed. He could sense the fluctuation of Battle Will from the golden Spiritual Energy.

The Battle Emperor actually managed to fuse his Spiritual Energy together with his Battle Will!

It was an unbelievable feat. After all, Battle Will originated from the powerful will of a troop, and it’s fundamentally different to Spiritual Energy. Although Mu Chen was also a Battle Formation Master, he couldn’t fuse his Spiritual Energy and the Battle Will so perfectly.

That’s because, no matter how powerful the Battle Will was, it’s not a power that belonged to him.

But right now, the Battle Emperor accomplished it, so how can Mu Chen not be shocked?

Mu Chen watched as the golden suns fused into a massive cauldron with countless silhouettes engraved on it, as if it was a troop.

“Undefeated Battle Spirit Cauldron!” The Battle Emperor roared and the golden cauldron dived down, devouring the gorgeous lotus flame.

The cauldron hovered in the sky with countless roars that resounded from it.

“This cauldron of mine has troops that numbers to millions. They even integrated their own Spiritual Energy within. Even a Heavenly Sovereign will be trapped within.” The Battle Emperor’s proudly voice rang out.

“Truly extraordinary.” The Flame Emperor nodded his head in agreement before smiling. “But even if the cauldron is powerful, it cannot bear the heat of fire…”

Instantly, everyone watched as the silhouettes on the cauldron started to disappear with strands of flames swiftly crawling on it. The boundless golden lustre was akin to snow being swiftly melted.

The West Heaven Battle Emperor slightly narrowed his eyes at this scene.

Flames constantly gushed out, and in the next instant, the cauldron started to leak out golden liquid…

A commotion rang out because everyone was shocked. No one had expected that the battle between two Heavenly Sovereigns would show results so quickly.

At this moment, even they could tell that the Flame Emperor’s Emperor Flame was more domineering.

The West Heaven Battle Emperor was briefly stunned before he looked at the Flame Emperor with a complicated gaze. “So you have reached that level…”

There wasn’t an apocalypse that everyone had expected. But the instant the outcome was revealed, the Battle Emperor knew that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the Flame Emperor.

“Truly powerful… no wonder even the Ancient Maha Clan’s Mo Hetian couldn’t do anything to you.”

“I only won by an inch.” The Flame Emperor showed no arrogance as he lightly smiled.

The Battle Emperor waved his sleeve. “A loss is a loss, I will not make things difficult for the Luo God Clan.”

The Flame Emperor looked at the Battle Emperor and smiled. “Battle Emperor has forgotten about Mu Chen.”

How could the Flame Emperor not tell that the Battle Emperor said that he was not going to make things difficult for the Luo God CLan, but he did not include Mu Chen amongst them?

The Battle Emperor knitted his brows. “That person leads his so-called Mu Abode to mess around in my West Heaven Continent and disrespected my West Heaven Temple. How can I not punish him?”

The Flame Emperor wasn’t furious, but smiled. “Stop making things difficult, Battle Emperor. Mu Chen has given you face by inviting me over.”

The moment he spoke, not only did the Battle Emperor knit his brows, even the other experts were puzzled.

“Haha. The Flame Emperor brings light to my humble dwelling by coming to my West Heaven Continent.” Battle Emperor snorted as he thought that the Flame Emperor was boasting himself.

The Flame Emperor shook his head with a smile before he pointed at Mu Chen. “Mu Chen has another thing that can invite another helper, someone that has a deep relation with you. I believe that the Battle Emperor wouldn’t want to see that person.”

“Oh?” The Battle Emperor smiled with his eyes narrowed. “Then this Emperor wishes to know who in the Great Thousand World, who is the person that I am unwilling to see?”

The Flame Emperor stared at the Battle Emperor with a profound smile and slowly replied, “The Martial Ancestor, Lin Dong.”

When he finished speaking, everyone could see the face of the West Heaven Battle Emperor. It had instantly turned dark.

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