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Chapter 1217 - It can’t be…

An enormous crater appeared in the Luo River that practically cut the Luo River’s flow. Xue Shou’s clothes were tattered while he laid in it the crater with his Spiritual Energy diminished. Evidently, he had been gravely injured.

Xue Tong was also lying in another corner of the Luo River, looking incredibly pathetic.

At this moment, the blood mist that was caused by Xue Yi had also completely faded away…

This region was silent. Everyone had their eyes bulging out at this scene. At this moment, regardless of the Blood God Clan or the Luo God Clan, or even the other powerhouses watching this battle, everyone had taken a deep breath in their hearts with fear.

That’s because this achievement was simply too terrifying.

By himself, Mu Chen managed to defeat three Earth Sovereigns, killing one and gravely injuring two!

At this moment, they would rather believe that Mu Chen had hidden his strength as a Greater Earth Sovereign. After all, the reality was too cruel and if Mu Chen really was a Greater Earth Sovereign, then Xue Yi and the other two wouldn’t dare to gang up on him, even if they were gutsy…

However, Mu Chen, who had accomplished this feat, was a Lesser Earth Sovereign similar to the three of them!

Thus, everyone started to look at Mu Chen with respect in their eyes.

At this moment, Mu Chen maintained a calm expression, and he did not feel much joy, despite his achievements. It was as if this was supposed to be the case.

If it was in the past, many people might have felt that he was showing off. But after achieving such feats, everyone felt that his calm was deep and unfathomable.

Even the experts of the Luo God Clan were looking at the silhouette with joy in the depths of their eyes. Evidently, this situation had exceeded their expectations.

They initially thought that Mu Chen would be killed by the three Earth Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan. But in the end, the three Earth Sovereigns were defeated. This was undoubtedly a ray of hope for them, who had previously lost hope.

Perhaps their Empress had an extraordinary relationship with that young man, which caused the young man to save their Luo God Clan.

Luo Xiu and Luo Qingya exchanged a glance. At this moment, they had lost the motivation to compete. They genuinely hoped that Mu Chen could help Luo Li get their Luo God Clan out of this desperate situation.

Perhaps they had doubts earlier, but at this moment, they believed that Mu Chen could accomplish it.

On the pagoda, the throats of Liu Tiandao and the rest uncontrollably rolled as they looked at Xue Tong and Xue Shou. When they looked at Mu Chen again, the respect they had for Mu Chen was already on the same level as Mandala. At this moment, they’re finally convinced of Mu Chen’s strength.

That’s because the power that Mu Chen had displayed had intimidated them; furthermore, Mu Chen was still young, that meant that he still had the potential to grow.

Thus, Liu Tiandao and the rest believed that, in the near future, Mu Chen would definitely surpass Mandala. At that time, the Mu Abode would also grow stronger because of Mu Chen’s existence.

And they would rely on Mu Chen, obtaining unimaginable positions and resources.

“Abode Ruler is truly a genius blessed by the heavens, having incredible potential. In the future, we will all rejoice for the choice that we made.” Liu Tiandao sighed with revere.

This time, him calling Mu Chen ‘Abode Ruler’ came from the depths of his heart.

When the Netherworld Palace Master and the rest saw how that old fellow gave up his enmity with Mu Chen and even flattered him, they felt loathing for Liu Tiandao. Despite such thoughts in their hearts, all of them still nodded their heads, expressing their agreement with Liu Tiandao.

Seeing the changes in those fellows, Mandala’s lips rose, since she knew that from this moment onwards, those fellows would genuinely acknowledge Mu Chen’s position.

That also meant that starting from this moment, they had given up their arrogance and truly revered Mu Chen as their superior, becoming his loyal subordinates…

“That fellow…” Under countless shocked gazes, Luo Tianshen was also stunned before he turned to look at Mu Chen with a complicated gaze.

He was also greatly astonished by this achievements. With a similar cultivation, Mu Chen managed to kill one and gravely injured two. Such results were sufficient to leave anyone speechless.

Regarding this, Luo Tianshen felt the most complicated feeling in his heart. After all, he had personally witnessed how weak and helpless Mu Chen was a few years ago.

At that time, Luo Tianshen could tell the stubbornness and perseverance that he had. He vaguely felt that Mu Chen might grow powerful.

And as he had expected, Mu Chen had grown powerful. But he was surprised that Mu Chen achieved it so quickly in a span of four years!

The youth who had yet to even step into the Sovereign Realm back then had risen like a comet, entering the Earth Sovereign Realm. Furthermore, he even possessed such powerful means and strength!

Facing Mu Chen, even Luo Tianshen felt fearful. He felt fortunate that he did not suppressed or bullied that young man when he was weak. Otherwise, he would be left in an awkward position.

“Rather to provoke a bulbul than to bully a youth.” Luo Tianshen sighed with heavy emotions.

Because of Mu Chen’s achievements, the three Earth Sovereigns that belonged to the royal family’s branch had also stopped. All of them could see the fear on each other’s faces when they looked at Xue Tong and Xue Shou’s state.

“Haha, what a formidable brat!” Luo Tianlong’s eyes beamed as he burst into laughter, “No wonder that lass Luo Li yearned so strongly. Haha, so that lass’s eyesight isn’t any weaker than her talent!”

As he spoke, he coldly looked at the three Earth Sovereigns and sneered, “Looks like the thighs of the Blood God Clan isn’t as thick as you guys have imagined.”

Those three Earth Sovereigns had unsightly expressions before they summoned their courage, “That brat is truly powerful, but I’m afraid that that’s the best he could do.”

Luo Tianlong mocked with a smile and no longer bothered with them. His gaze fell on the direction of Xue Lingzi. At this moment, the latter’s face was extremely solemn with killing intent flashing in his eyes, before he fixed his eyes on Mu Chen.

His body trembled at this moment, so anyone could imagine his rage.

“Trash! Three pieces of trash! To be forced by a brat to this point. Have all of you cultivated your powers into the bodies of dogs?!” Xue Lingzi clenched his teeth as he roared. His rage was directed at Xue Tong and Xue Shou, utterly embarrassing the two of them.

At this moment, the two of them were also shivering. They knew that they would probably be a laughingstock in the future if the news of three Earth Sovereigns ganging on Mu Chen and failing with one of them being killed and two gravely injured.

“All of you, go and kill that brat!” Xue Lingzi’s gaze became dark. Not only did he look at Xue Tong and Xue Shou, he even looked at the two other Lesser Earth Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan.

Even with a pale face, Xue Tong and Xue Shou struggled to slowly stand up.

“And you guys, can’t even deal with one with the three of you. If you guys don’t want to live, I can grant your wish!” Xue Lingzi coldly turned as he looked at the three Earth Sovereigns of the Luo God Clan’s royal family’s branch.

“Go with them and fight. If that brat doesn’t die today, you guys will take his place in hell!” Hearing his words, the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns changed their expressions and became extremely unsightly. They could sense the killing intent in Xue Lingzi’s eyes. However, they did not dare to refute those words and could only clench their teeth before two of them separated and appeared beside Xue Tong and Xue Shou.

The other two Earth Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan had also arrived, with a total of 6 Lesser Earth Sovereigns facing Mu Chen.

Although nearly half of them were injured, this formation was still terrifying.

Facing the shameless methods of the Blood God clan, a commotion broke out in the Luo God City. Some forces that were watching this even inwardly cursed that the Blood God Clan had completely forsaken their face.

The experts of the Luo God Clan clenched their teeth, but there was nothing they could do.

“Winner takes all. If we’re bothered by the views of others, then my Blood God Clan can forget about rising.” Xue Lingzi wasn’t bothered by those gazes as he mocked. He eerily looked at Mu Chen. “Brat, don’t you have a lot of trump cards? You can try again now, and if you can defeat all of them, my Blood God Clan is even willing to surrender to the Luo God Clan!”

Mu Chen smiled. “Wolves like you can be quickly killed, forget about surrendering.”

“Still being so stubborn, despite facing your death!” Xue Lingzi’s gaze turned cold.

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders before he casually looked at the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns and smiled. “Are you sure that I will be the one that dies today?”

“Oh?” A ridiculing arc rose on the corner of Xue Lingzi’s lips. “Are you capable of dealing with six Lesser Earth Sovereigns?”

Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed before he looked at the six Lesser Earth Sovereigns and suddenly said, “It looks like you have forgotten what I have previously said.”

Xue Lingzi frowned as he sneered, “What? You’re still faking it?”

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he faintly replied, “As I have previously said. I am Mu Chen, the Abode Ruler of the Mu Abode.”

Xue Lingzi coldly laughed, “What Mu Abode, never heard of it before.”

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at Xue Lingzi with a smile, instantly causing Xue Lingzi to feel unease.

“Since I am the Abode Ruler of the Mu Abode, did you think that I came alone?

“You think that you’re the only one that knows how to call for reinforcements?” Finishing his words, Mu Chen gently raised his hand.

When his hand was raised, everyone saw spatial distortions around Mu Chen and numerous silhouettes, along with boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations, stepped out and appeared behind him under countless stunned gazes.

At that moment, even Xue Lingzi’s face had drastically changed as he took a deep cold breath in disbelief. A fear surged from his heart to his head, screaming terror at him...

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