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Chapter 1216 - Achievement

As the bloody mist drifted above the Luo River, the entire city was enveloped in silence, shrouded by invisible fear.

Everyone was dazed as they looked at the bloody mist. If they hadn’t witnessed it, they definitely wouldn’t choose to believe that an Earth Sovereign had been killed before them, an Earth Sovereign!

They were true powerhouses of the Great Thousand World that could be elites even in those ancient clans!

If they were placed somewhere else, they could even be proclaimed as kings and dominate an entire region as a tyrant.

Everyone knew that Earth Sovereigns were powerful because of their vitality being raised to a higher level. Reaching that level, the Sovereign Sea would shatter and evolve, completely fusing with their body. So even if the majority of an Earth Sovereign’s body was destroyed, as long as it still contained the slightest vitality, then they would be able to restore their bodies.

Trying to kill an Earth Sovereign would mean that the vitality contained in every single part of their body had to be erased!

So it was naturally hard to accomplish this feat unless it was a complete suppression, so it’s extremely tough for a Lesser Earth Sovereign to kill another Lesser Earth Sovereign.

However, it had taken place right before their eyes.

Many people gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Even the other Earth Sovereigns spying on the Luo God Clan felt fearful in their hearts.

On a Pagoda far away, Liu Tiandao and the rest watched with deep fear in their eyes. None of them had expected Mu Chen to actually possess the ability to slaughter a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

When Liu Tiandao recalled his fight with Mu Chen, he felt sweat dripping from his back. It was fortunate that Mu Chen had no intention to kill, or his outcome wouldn’t be any better than this Earth Sovereign of the Blood God Clan.

From the start till the end, they did not think much of this Ruler of their Mu Abode since he had been seen as an ant to them in the past. However, he had truly surpassed them.

Their eyes flickered as they inwardly sighed. They had also rectified Mu Chen’s position in their hearts. At least, they already felt revere for this young Ruler of theirs.

Mandala did not speak but she coldly watched the changes in their hearts. Not only did Mu Chen’s means intimidated the Blood God Clan, but he had also given those aloof fellows a wake-up slap.

At this moment, maybe they finally understood that even without her support, Mu Chen could also firmly sit on the position of the Mu Abode’s Abode Ruler.

Furthermore, as someone that understood the best, Mandala knew that Mu Chen had not gone all-out, since he still had his biggest trump card, the Three Pures.

Otherwise, not to mention a single Xue Yi, even if the three Earth Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan came at him, none of them would be able to gain any benefit from Mu Chen’s Three Pures.

However, Mu Chen clearly did not want to reveal it yet, which was the reason why he played with Xue Yi a little longer.

“You brat! I will tear you apart!” An angry voice rang out amidst the commotion, resounding within this region along with violent killing intent. 

Xue Lingzi’s eyes had turned red with dreadful Spiritual Energy forming into a torrential wave of blood behind him. He never expected Mu Chen to be so ruthless, to kill without any hesitation!

It’s a significant loss for the Blood God Clan that made Xue Lingzi rage in his heart.

Under his rage, Xue Lingzi nearly lost control as he made his move. His finger tapped forth as a blood current gushed out and formed countless sinister faces.

However, another massive Spiritual Energy dominated out that erased the blood current in the process; it was naturally done by Luo Tianshen.

Luo Tianshen cast a complicated glance at Mu Chen before turning to Xue Lingzi and sneered, “Did you really think that I’m a vase, only for display?”

“Luo Tianshen, as long as you hand that brat to me, I guarantee that I will not pick on your Luo God Clan in the future!” Xue Lingzi clenched his teeth. At this moment, the hatred he felt for Mu Chen soared.

But facing his offer, Luo Tianshen mockingly smiled as he waved his hand, summoning a massive Sovereign Immortal Body that obstructed Xue Lingzi from chasing after Mu Chen.

“Good! Good! Luo Tianshen, you will regret this!” Seeing Luo Tianshen’s answer, Xue Lingzi’s expression turned sinister as he threatened. His gaze flashed endlessly cold as he looked at Mu Chen from afar, as if he was applying pressure on the latter.

However, Mu Chen had utterly ignored his cold gaze while calmly patting his hands and coldly looked at Xue Tong, who was trapped in the Spiritual Array.

At this moment, under Xue Tong’s attacks, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was already on the verge of collapsing. The seven dragons had also been reduced to three.

Naturally, it was impossible to confront a Lesser Earth Sovereign with a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array that was under no one’s control.

But it’s time for this to end. Mu Chen smiled at Xue Tong who was in the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array and his silhouette moved. He had quickly appeared in the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array and sat down.

Seeing that Mu Chen descended into the Spiritual Array, Xue Tong’s face drastically changed. He was clear with as long as a Spiritual Array Master took control of a Spiritual Array, the might would significantly change.

“Not bad, to be able to destroy it to this state…” Mu Chen looked at the tottering Nine Dragon God-Killing Array with a smile. His eyes coldly flashed as he waved his hand. Spiritual seals flew from his hand and integrated into the Spiritual Array.

As Mu Chen made his move, the tottering Nine Dragon God-Killing Array swiftly recovered in less than ten-odd breaths; the array had been completely restored!

Xue Tong clenched his teeth at this scene. He had exerted great effort to damage the array, but Mu Chen had instantly restored it.

“The previous Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was merely in a defensive state, why don’t you give it another try?” Mu Chen looked at Xue Tong with a smile, and his eyes narrowed as hands joined together.

A draconic roar rang out from the Spiritual Array and everyone watched as one dragon after another was formed within the Spiritual Array again. Instantly, the number of dragons had been restored to seven!

Furthermore, when the seven dragons were formed, a terrifying pressure burst out that was several times more powerful than before!

A similar Spiritual Array with a same number of dragons, but under Mu Chen’s control, the true power of the array was completely unleashed.

Sensing the pressure, even Xue Tong’s face had turned unsightly with fear flashing in the depths of his eyes. At this moment, he felt threatened by this Spiritual Array.

If the previous Nine Dragon God-Killing Array could only hold him up, then, this time, if he let his guard down, there was a chance that he might be killed like Xue Yi!

“I don’t have much time to deal with you, since I have another Earth Sovereign to deal with. If you can survive this, then you are capable.” Mu Chen coldly looked at Xue Tong. Without any hesitation, his seals changed and the seven dragons emanated an earth-shattering roar as they dived towards Xue Tong at the same time.

Myriad pillars of radiance burst out from the seven dragons as they fused into a massive hundred thousand-foot long dragon that had a fluctuating might as it pounced towards Xue Tong.

Facing this attack, Xue Tong’s face had drastically changed and he immediately triggered his Sovereign Immortal Body without any hesitation, instantly executing all his trump cards.

In the next moment, the dragon dived down with a violent, exploding Spiritual Energy. A visible shock wave spread out, tearing the surrounding space apart.

Even the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array couldn’t contain all of its power and the array shattered.

But when the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array shattered, the massive Sovereign Immortal Body also broke apart and a pathetic-looking silhouette flew out, streaking a few myriad feet across the Luo River.

Mu Chen paid no attention to the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array that shattered and he merely cast a glance at Xue Tong, feeling pity. That’s because he felt that although Xue Tong had been gravely injured, he didn’t manage to kill him.

The second match ended with Xue Tong being gravely injured!

Mu Chen paid no attention to the surrounding audience, but turned around and dived into the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

He had to defeat the third Earth Sovereign while the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was still in its top state.

The moment Mu Chen entered the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, the torrential Battle Will whistled.

The time needed for an incense to burn later, the torrential Battle Will exploded before Mu Chen waved his hand, recalling the damaged Spirit-Slaughtering Army while indifferently looking at the hole in the Luo River with Xue Shou lying within.

The third match ended with Xue Shou being gravely injured!

In an instant, the entire region was shrouded in silence… 

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