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Chapter 1218 - Senior Winter

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back. at his rear, a massive Spiritual Energy burst out before space distorted and silhouettes stepped out from the distortion, standing behind Mu Chen under all the bulging eyes.

A total of five silhouettes, all of them emanating powerful Spiritual Energy with a terrifying pressure that spread out, tearing the clouds in the sky apart.

The five of them were all Lesser Earth Sovereigns!

When they appeared, the pressure from Xue Tong and the six other Lesser Earth Sovereigns had been immediately suppressed. On the contrary, they started to sense a terrifying pressure enveloping them from the sky that they were facing.

Thus, their faces instantly turned unsightly with an unconcealable fear gradually rising in their eyes.

“Five… five Lesser Earth Sovereigns?! Are they actually from the so-called ‘Mu Abode’? The strength of the Mu Abode is actually so powerful?” Finally, some people recovered from the shock. They looked at this scene in disbelief. Even in the entire Lesser West Heaven Realm, probably only the Blood God Clan would bring out such an amount. But the Mu Abode that none of them had heard before also possessed such strength?

Furthermore, they could tell that all five of those Lesser Earth Sovereigns were standing behind Mu Chen with respectful gazes. That also meant that they’re subordinates of Mu Chen.

At this moment, they finally understood why Mu Chen was so fearless when facing the Blood God Clan. It’s because he had the strength and qualifications to fight with the Blood God Clan; after all, even Xue Lingzi could only cower when facing such a formation.

If he wanted to fight with his cultivation at the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, then it would only result in two sides suffering.

“That fellow…” Luo Tianshen was also shocked by this scene. A brief moment later, he could only bitterly smile and shake his head. Mu Chen’s performance had won him over, but he never expected that Mu Chen would have such a hand hidden in his sleeve.

Not only did he become a powerhouse himself, he even had a gathering of such powerful existences.

According to Luo Tianshen’s estimations, with Mu Chen’s current strength, he was not inferior to their Luo God Clan…

Contrasting this, Luo Tianshen’s gaze burned even further as he looked at Mu Chen. This brat is truly a miracle, and perhaps, if he and Luo Li get together, it might bring a miracle for our Luo God Clan.

“We pay our respects to the Abode Ruler!” Under all the attention, Liu Tiandao and the other four weren’t bothered as they cupped their hands and performed a subordinate etiquette towards Mu Chen.

Look at their attitude, Mu Chen’s brows were raised. In the past, although they addressed him as Abode Ruler, he could tell the awkwardness it gave them. But this time, Mu Chen could hear that they spoke from the depths of their hearts.

He looked at the five of them with a profound gaze and understood what was going on. It seemed like his achievements had not only intimidated the Blood God Clan, it even intimidated those fellows.

It was an unexpected surprise, and Mu Chen lightly smiled. After all, it’s not easy for him to get those fellows that once ruled the Northern Region to acknowledge him.

“Abode Ruler has exhausted yourself from the three. Leave those fellows to us.” Netherworld Palace Master smiled. He was a decisive person, and since he had acknowledged Mu Chen, he would naturally position himself well and commit to his duties as a subordinate.

Liu Tiandao and the rest nodded their heads as they coldly looked at Xue Tong and the rest.

Facing the five of them, Xue Tong and the other five felt their scalps numbing. Although they had the advantage of numbers, Mu Chen had gravely injured nearly half. If they were to fight, they would definitely suffer a huge loss.

The three Earth Sovereigns of the Luo God Clan’s royal family branch felt bitter in their hearts. They never expected that not only would this young fellow have a powerful cultivation, the so-called “Mu Abode” was also even more terrifying with a total of five Lesser Earth Sovereigns!

That powerful formation wasn’t any weaker than the Blood God Clan!

Because of that fellow’s appearance, the Luo God Clan’s situation had completely changed. Under his protection, Luo Li would be able to successfully obtain the inheritance, and her position in the Luo God Clan in the future would be unshakable.

Their failure was predetermined.

They looked at Xue Lingzi in panic. At this moment, the latter had a serious expression. The appearance of the five Earth Sovereigns had greatly shocked him. But he was still a Greater Earth Sovereign, after all, so he managed to suppress his emotions.

He looked at Mu Chen with a dark gaze and slowly said, “I, Xue Lingzi, have met many people, and I never thought that I had underestimated you.”

His tone no longer contained the disdain from before and he started to view Mu Chen as someone on the same level. After all, Mu Chen’s status as the Mu Abode’s Abode Ruler was something that could make him feel fearful.

Mu Chen remained silent at his words.

Xue Lingzi briefly pondered before saying, “I can give up pursuing the matters of killing an Elder of my Blood God Clan. I can even give you 300,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. All I ask is for you to leave, you can take Luo Li along with you!”

His words had instantly caused a vast commotion, since no one expected Xue Lingzi to be so decisive. Not only was he not going to pursue Mu Chen, he was even willing to make compensation and let Luo Li go. But if that happened, the Luo God Clan would definitely be doomed.

That amount was not small, and even the Blood God Clan would have to empty their treasury for that. The citizens of the Luo God Clan looked at Mu Chen, trembling. That amount was unimaginable. Even a Greater Earth Sovereign would be shaken by it.

Not to mention that they knew that if Mu Chen refused, then he would be facing a Greater Earth Sovereign.

“Haha, what a tempting offer.” Mu Chen was also astonished by Xue Lingzi’s boldness. He then gently laughed and looked at Luo Tianshen. “Patriarch Luo, what do you think?”

Luo Tianshen was calm after hearing his question without any worries. It wasn’t because he believed in Mu Chen, Luo Li was the one that he believed in. With her eyesight, she naturally wouldn’t choose someone that would be attracted by money.

Seeing Luo Tianshen, Mu Chen also flung his lips aside and smiled towards Xue Lingzi. “Bring out what other means you have.”

It was also his reply. When Xue Lingzi heard his words, he did not have many changes on his face. Only his body started trembling, his gaze grew colder. A brief moment later, he calmly said, “Since you guys don’t want to leave when the path is given to you, then don’t blame me for this.”

He suddenly turned around and hollered with a respectful voice, “Senior Winter, please show yourself!”

Along with Xue Lingzi’s voice, the distant sky suddenly turned cold with snowflakes drifting down, freezing the land.

As snowflakes drifted, they suddenly gathered before Xue Lingzi, turning into a white-robed elder. His brows and beard were white and looked skinny. Even without any expression, the snowflake runes could be vaguely seen.

Instantly, everyone focused their gazes over, and some people had drastically changed their expressions with their voices resounding, “That is Senior Winter Snow?!”

“Heavens, why is he here?!” Everyone had astonishment on their faces. The faces of the Luo God Clan instantly turned ashen, and even Luo Tianshen had sweat dripping from his head as he looked at this old man.

This old man was a famous existence in the West Heaven Continent, a Perfected Earth Sovereign!

Naturally, he had another more terrifying identity. He was from the West Heaven Temple!

“You… you actually invited someone from the West Heaven Temple?!” Luo Tianshen looked at Xue Lingzi with his eyes turning red. Evidently, he never expected that Xue Lingzi would go this far to deal with their Luo God Clan!

Xue Lingzi smiled. He had paid a great price to invite this existence. And this time, no matter how Mu Chen bounced around, he would surely die here!

“I have given you a path earlier, but you refused. And now, it’s too late!” Xue Lingzi coldly looked at Mu Chen with killing intent surging in his eyes.

That’s because, if Senior Winter appeared, then their Blood God Clan would have to pay the price. Initially, it wasn’t something that Xue Lingzi wanted to do.

Xue Lingzi turned to look at Senior Winter and respectfully said, “Senior Winter, please make a move and get rid of that arrogant brat.”

Senior Winter looked at Mu Chen without any expression. The snowflakes around him grew more violent before they tore space apart.

However, when everyone felt that Mu Chen was doomed, Senior Winter shook his head and replied with indifference, “I can’t kill him.”

Xue Lingzi was stunned by his words and even thought that he had misheard things. Immediately, he forced a smile. “Senior Winter must be joking. With you, a Perfected Earth Sovereign, isn’t killing him as easy as a flip of your hand?”

Everyone exchanged a look. They clearly had no idea what happened. Luo Tianshen and the rest were also looking at Mu Chen with confusion.

“Haha, he is right. With me around, he can’t do a thing to Mu Chen…” While everyone was confused, a bright and tender laughter rang out before everyone saw a petite silhouette appearing beside Mu Chen.

When the petite silhouette appeared, the freezing region suddenly returned to normal…

Luo Tianshen, Xue Lingzi and the rest narrowed their pupils as they looked at that delicate silhouette in astonishment and voices of fear resounded from their lips, “A Perfected Earth Sovereign?”

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