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Chapter 1214 - Despair

The blood pearl streaked across the horizon and flew towards Xue Yi. At this moment, the latter had changed his expression as he started to flee. He felt the connection between him and the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean had been cut off.

So even if the blood pearl contained the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean, he couldn’t control it. At this moment, it would definitely not recognise him as the owner.

That was an extremely dangerous bomb and the slightest contact would show great lethality.

It had great corrosive abilities for a Sovereign Immortal Body, so Xue Yi knew that in his hands, it was a great weapon, but in the hands of others, he would be extremely terrified.

Now, for example, facing the blood pearl, he could only face it as if he was facing a great enemy and started to escape under the countless gazes. He didn’t dare to come in contact with it at all.

Mu Chen, on the other hand, looked at this scene calmly. He knew how terrifying the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean was. It could significantly damage a Sovereign Immortal Body, and according to his estimations, if he still had his Great Solar Undying Body, then he would definitely suffer from that.

But it was a pity… that his Sovereign Celestial Body had evolved into the Immortal Golden Body!

As the name implied, it was something that could confront the Top 15 in the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies!

So the power of it was evident.

The Immortal Golden Body contained the genuine aura of an immortal, so it could resist all corrosion. In other words, it was immune to the majority of corrosive powers, like the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean…

It could even devour the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean without harming itself. Furthermore, it could also compress it into a pearl and cut off the link of it with its owner.

At this moment, Mu Chen finally experienced how profound the Immortal Golden Body was, that was unimaginable for those Sovereign Celestial Bodies ranking towards the rear.

“I’ll have you be the first sacrifice for my Immortal Golden Body…” Mu Chen muttered. Ever since he formed the Immortal Golden Body, this was the first time he had used it to face a powerhouse, and he was satisfied with the results.

He looked at Xue Yi and gently snapped his fingers.

When his snap resounded, Xue Yi suddenly narrowed his eyes as the blood pearl flew at a faster speed, instantly reaching his rear, and exploded.

In that instant, the torrential blood ocean swept out and encased Xue Yi along with his Sovereign Immortal Body.

Xue Yi roared and his seals changed. The Blood Kasaya Immortal Body exploded with myriad beams of blood lustre swiftly forming into a wall.

The blood ocean crashed against the wall, swiftly destroying the wall as it visibly thinned down and shattered before the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean crashed against the Blood Kasaya Immortal Body.

As it crashed against the Sovereign Immortal Body, a bloody mist started to rise along with Xue Yi’s shriek.

Massive Spiritual Energy burst out from the Blood Kasaya Immortal Body as Xue Yi swiftly took out a crimson bottle and retrieved the remaining half of the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean.

When the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean burst out, the immortal aura on it had disappeared. So this was the reason why Xue Yi could retrieve it. But even so, he was in a terrible state at this moment.

The Blood Kasaya Immortal Body had dimmed down with marks on its body. If it wasn’t for Xue Yi’s Spiritual Energy attribute being close to the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean, he would definitely suffer greatly from it.

But even so, his Sovereign Immortal Body had been weakened and the brilliant lustre had dimmed.

Everyone exchanged a look as they witnessed this…

They never expected that Xue Yi’s Divine Ability would be useless against Mu Chen. His opponent even used his Divine Ability against him.

However, those with strength looked at Mu Chen’s Sovereign Immortal Body with a grave expression. At this moment, if anyone still considered Mu Chen’s mysterious Sovereign Immortal Body to be weak, then they would be fools.

However, they were puzzled. They couldn’t recognise Mu Chen’s mysterious Sovereign Immortal Body…

They looked at Mu Chen, who remained calm and composed on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body, and felt that this young man was even deeper and more unfathomable.

Xue Yi coldly looked at Mu Chen while the corner of his eyes looked at Xue Tong and Xue Shou. At this moment, the two of them had unleashed all their powers to smash the Spiritual Array and elite troop, trying to break free fast.

Judging from the advancement of those two, they had evidently gained the upper hand… It looked like his guess was right, without any control, a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array and elite troop couldn’t completely trap two Earth Sovereigns.

Xue Yi felt relieved at this thought as he coldly looked at Mu Chen and gritted his teeth. No matter what, he had to hinder Mu Chen here!

With a decision in his heart, Xue Yi no longer hesitated and sat on the shoulder of the Blood Kasaya Immortal Body before swiftly forming seals along with his Sovereign Immortal Body.

Innumerable beams of crimson lustre shot out from the Blood Kasaya Immortal Body with a resounding Sanskrit chant. It was a chant that triggered the killing intent and bloodlust of a human.

Xue Yi’s eyes turned red with blood dripping from his body. He roared, and a shocking scene appeared. Layers of skin were actually being ripped off his body.

When his skin was ripped off, the Blood Kasaya Immortal Body roared before the kasaya suddenly flew and integrated with Xue Yi’s skin, forming into a massive skin of blood kasaya with numerous sinister faces engraved on the kasaya and a bloody aura spread out in this region…

“Sovereign Ability - Demonic Blood Kasaya!” Xue Yi, who was covered in blood, looked at Mu Chen sinisterly as his coarse roar resounded.

The skin of kasaya flew out. It was like a crimson screen that enveloped Mu Chen and his Immortal Golden Body. The kasaya closed up, forming into a huge bag that trapped Mu Chen within.

Those that knew about it were inwardly smacking their lips. This Demonic Blood Kasaya was Xue Yi’s famed move. Being enveloped by that bag, it would create endless blood demons that turned the person trapped within into a puddle of blood.

But Xue Yi would be greatly weakened every time he used it. So unless he was required to, he wouldn’t resort to it so easily. But at this moment, he couldn’t consider too much to trap Mu Chen.

“This time, I’ll see how you are going to break my blood kasaya!” 

A crimson lustre covered Mu Chen’s sight as he raised his head and looked at the bloody bag. At this moment, countless amounts of blood dripped from the bag and formed into demons. Those demons did not have an actual state and could penetrate through defences and even Spiritual Energy could be exhausted by them.

“Too bad… but it’s my turn now.” Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed as he sat down on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body. He formed seals, and along with the changes of his seals, a purplish-golden lustre gathered into a rune as it wriggled before the Immortal Golden Body.

It’s one of Immortal Golden Body’s Sovereign Abilities, the Divine Immortal Runes!

Mu Chen looked at the Divine Immortal Rune and changed his seals again, the Spiritual Energy in his body endlessly gushed into the Immortal Golden Body.

Clearly, one Divine Immortal Rune was insufficient to deal with Xue Yi.

Back in the Ancient Haven Palace, Mu Chen could only create two Divine Immortal Runes. But after the compatibility with the Immortal Golden Body deepened through the months, he also had a more profound insight with this Sovereign Ability.

One Divine Immortal Rune after another formed. Mu Chen focused on creating the runes as the blood demons charged over. However, the Immortal Golden Body burst forth with a dazzling light along with an immortal aura that blew the blood demons back.

Ten-odd breaths later, Mu Chen opened his eyes with a total of six Divine Immortal Runes before him!

“Divine Immortal Runes - Myriad Transformation!” Mu Chen flicked his finger out with a calm expression. The six Divine Immortal Runes joined together and a purplish-golden lustre burst out. A few breaths later, the six Divine Immortal Runes had formed into a massive... Immortal Needle!

Looking at the Immortal Needle, Mu Chen waved his hand and the needle turned into a beam of light as it shot towards the bloody bag.

Mu Chen looked at the needle and placed his hands behind his back with a slight smile. “I’ve been messing around with you for half a day. Now, it’s time for you to despair…”

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