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Chapter 1215 - Fall

Everyone looked at the crimson skin kasaya that encased Mu Chen with grave expressions. Even Earth Sovereigns of the same realm would have trouble after being trapped within, and even if Mu Chen was extraordinary, he would still require some time for him to break free.

They looked at the direction of Xue Tong and Xue Shou, witnessing the explosions of dreadful Spiritual Energy. The two of them were currently launching attacks, causing the Spiritual Array and elite troop to wear down.

If this situation continues, Mu Chen might have to face three Earth Sovereigns by the time he breaks free…

And at that time, the three Earth Sovereigns would surely not give Mu Chen a chance after suffering a loss, and Mu Chen would definitely not be able to face all three of them at the same time.

Some of them sighed. It looked like the Blood God Clan was gradually recovering from the situation…

This was also naturally noticed by the experts of the Luo God Clan, causing them to show worry on their faces.

On the other hand, Xue Lingzi felt relieved, but was gritting his teeth. He never expected a Lesser Earth Sovereign to cause such havoc in their Blood God Clan. Even if they managed to win today, they would definitely be mocked by others since they required three Lesser Earth Sovereigns to deal with one.

But fortunately, that hateful brat will definitely die today!

Xue Yi, who was standing on the Blood Kasaya Immortal Body also felt relieved as he looked at the crimson skin kasaya with a sinister gaze. This was the first time that he would be in such a pathetic state by someone of the same cultivation.

“Hmph, but no matter how arrogant you are, don’t think of having a good time now that you are in my Demonic Blood Kasaya!” Xue Yi snorted. But he knew that despite this, killing Mu Chen would be tough. Fortunately, he only needed to drag the time, and by the time Mu Chen breaks free, he would be facing the attack of three Earth Sovereigns.

Thinking of Mu Chen’s outcome, Xue Yi finally felt at ease. But while he was waiting for that moment to come, his expression suddenly changed.

“Mhm?” Knitting his brows, Xue Yi looked at the Demonic Blood Kasaya and seemed to feel a peculiar Spiritual Energy fluctuation. But before he could react to it, he saw a sharp end slowly coming out of the Demonic Blood Kasaya…

A purplish-golden lustre burst out along with an incredibly sharp aura that pierced holes in the surrounding space. It’s as if it could pierce through anything!

At this moment, the Demonic Blood Kasaya emanated a shriek.

Xue Yi’s face had also drastically changed with horror rising on his face. That’s because at that moment, he heard an ear-piercing sound that caused his face to turn even paler.

Under all the attention, the purplish-golden lustre pierced through the Demonic Blood Kasaya, tearing it into fragments.

“How is this possible…” Xue Yi’s gaze flashed with fear and disbelief as he muttered.

Many people had also widened their mouths since no one had imagined that the Demonic Blood Kasaya that had caused trouble for many Earth Sovereigns to be torn apart in less than a minute…

“What is that?” Everyone looked at the purplish-golden lustre and were instantly dumbfounded. They realised that the purplish-golden radiance was actually a massive needle!

However, the sharpness of the needle sent chills down their spines, something that could even make a Lesser Earth Sovereign feel fearful. They felt that if the needle was directed at them, it’s impossible for them to withstand it, even with their physical bodies.

The needle tore through the Demonic Blood Kasaya and increased its speed, flying in the direction of Xue Yi.

At this moment, Xue Yi felt a purplish-golden beam of light streaking across the sky. Instantly, his soul left his body as he roared. The Blood Kasaya Immortal Body beneath his feet exploded with a majestic blood lustre, forming into a layered bloody net. After all, his defences had been significantly weakened after executing the Demonic Blood Kasaya.

As the needle flew, it constantly broke through the layered bloody net. The bloody net was akin to being layers of blood screens and despite the sharpness of the needle, the needle was getting slowed down.

Xue Yi looked at the needle that still managed to pierce through despite putting all his strength into that defence. He gritted his teeth and opened his mouth before a crimson beam flew out.

“Demonic Blood Banner!” The beam swiftly expanded into a banner that integrated into the blood screens. Instantly, the needle suffered an obstruction and could no longer budge an inch.

Evidently, that Demonic Blood Banner was a Low Rank Saint Artifact!

Finally stopping the needle with the help of the Demonic Blood Banner, Xue Yi felt heavily relieved with his back drenched in sweat.

However, a light flashed before him the moment he felt relieved. Mu Chen flew out and looked at Xue Yi with a smile and narrowed eyes. An azure feathered fan appeared in his hand.

Fanning the fan, a massive gale blew in the region. An azure cyclone pounced forth and Xue Yi’s blood screen and the banner were blown away.

Xue Yi instantly narrowed his pupils while feeling his scalp screaming in danger. Immediately, he started to retreat.

After blowing away the defences, Mu Chen grasped his hand, and the needle appeared. As the purplish-golden lustre flashed, it had turned into a liquid state and flew around Mu Chen’s fingertips as his silhouette disappeared.

In the next moment, he appeared before Xue Yi with a terrifying speed that caused horror to appear on the latter’s face. At that moment, he felt death.

“We’ve wasted enough time. I think it’s enough, isn’t it?” Mu Chen looked at Xue Yi with a cold expression. The other party nearly forced Luo Li to death, so he long had killing intent for the other party.

However, it’s not easy to kill an Earth Sovereign, and he needed an opportunity. Like now…

With an indifferent expression, his finger pierced through space and pierced a hole on Xue Yi’s chest.

But at that moment when Mu Chen’s finger had pierced Xue Yi’s chest, Xue Yi clenched his teeth, and his arm exploded. A blood lustre flickered, and his figure had mysteriously disappeared a few myriad feet away.

He had used a self-harming method to achieve a short period of space transference and escaped the fate of being killed by Mu Chen.

His face was pale as he looked at Mu Chen with a sinister gaze and grounded his teeth. “Brat, you’re too naïve if you want to kill me!”

The life of an Earth Sovereign was tenacious. Unless it was a situation of complete suppression, it’s difficult for them to be killed.

Looking at the escaped Xue Yi, a faint mocking smile rose on Mu Chen’s indifferent face.

Seeing his smile, Xue Yi felt a surging chill in his heart as he lowered his head. In the wound on his chest, he saw a purplish-golden liquid burrowing into his flesh. It was akin to mercury and it had spread throughout his body in an instant.

Xue Yi was beyond terrified by this scene as he realised that the liquid had sealed his Spiritual Energy, causing the Spiritual Energy in the infected parts of his body to be suppressed.

“No!” A death aura enveloped him as Xue Yi cried out.

“Divine Immortal Runes - Myriad Transformation.” With an indifferent gaze, Mu Chen gently flicked his finger.

At that moment, when his voice came out, Xue Yi’s body started to crack and purplish-golden spikes shot out, instantly turning him into a porcupine as his cries resonated throughout the horizon.

Xue Lingzi was also shocked by this scene. By the time he recovered, he had roared while looking at Xue Yi’s pathetic state, “Brat, you dare!”

However, in response to his roar, Mu Chen indifferently cast a glance at Xue Lingzi before gently snapping his finger.

Xue Yi’s body suddenly exploded and a purplish-golden lustre dominated out, annihilating every single piece of Xue Yi. It was total annihilation, destroying any vitality of Xue Yi!

As the blood mist drifted in the air, the vitality of Xue Yi had been completely erased.

That also meant that… a Lesser Earth Sovereign of the Blood God Clan had fallen!

Whether it were the powerhouses of the other forces or the Luo God Clan, even Liu Tiandao’s party from far away was dumbfounded by this scene. When they looked at Mu Chen again, a chill gradually enveloped their bodies.

At this moment, they finally witnessed how terrifying… this young man was…

How terrifying it was!

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