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Chapter 1213 - Yellow Springs Blood Ocean

Ripples violently surged on the Luo River before the entire region was flipped around…

As for the three Earth Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan, one of them was trapped in a Spiritual Array, the other trapped by an elite troop. Only Xue Yi remained, standing before Mu Chen.

But at this moment, Xue Yi wished that he wasn’t the one facing Mu Chen…

A massive silhouette of a purplish-golden giant stood before Mu Chen. That Sovereign Immortal Body didn’t look huge, but it had emanated a mysterious and immortal aura.

It was naturally the Immortal Golden Body.

He stood before the Immortal Golden Body without any expression as he looked at Xue Yi, “Didn’t you want me to not run?”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Xue Yi’s face alternated between white and green. He was naturally extremely furious with Mu Chen’s mockery, but he had been greatly startled by Mu Chen’s means in Spiritual Arrays and as a Battle Formation Master. For a brief time, Xue Yi was entirely suppressed by Mu Chen's pressure.

“Fool, hold him back! As long as the other two break free, then it will be his death!” A roar rang out that came from Xue Lingzi.

Hearing Xue Lingzi’s roar, Xue Yi had finally recovered from his shock. He broke free from Mu Chen’s pressure, and he was experienced. Although he was greatly shocked by Mu Chen’s means, he quickly returned to normal after the roar from Xue Lingzi.

Mu Chen was truly someone that cannot be underestimated. It was so much so that he could even spare the attention to control the Battle Will and Spiritual Array. But regardless of anything, Mu Chen was alone!

If he could focus on controlling them, then the Spiritual Array and the elite troop could hold back a Lesser Earth Sovereign and obtain a great advantage.

But it was a pity that he couldn’t focus on controlling them at the moment.

Therefore, without any control over the Scholar Grade Spiritual Array and elite troop, it’s impossible for him to trap an Earth Sovereign for long.

Facing the all-out power of Xue Tong and Xue Shou, the Spiritual Array and elite troop would definitely not last for long… and if the two of them broke free, then the three of them could join together to deal with Mu Chen.

Evidently, it’s impossible for Mu Chen to deal with three who were of the same cultivation as him. Therefore, he resorted to Spiritual Arrays and an elite troop to wear down their advantage.

That meant that as long as he could hold back Mu Chen, then Xue Tong and Xue Should would be able to break free from their traps and defeat Mu Chen.

Thinking about it, Xue Yi’s expression turned cold and the panic from before had entirely disappeared. He raised his head and coldly looked at Mu Chen, “Looks like your plan isn’t as perfect as you think.”

“Are you sure that you can last till then?” Mu Chen looked at Xue Yi’s confidence and smiled.

Xue Yi’s expression sank down as he sneered, “Your Spiritual Array and Battle Formation has truly frightened me. So right now, I have no thoughts of defeating you. But if it is to hold you back, I’m afraid that you have overestimated yourself.”

A torrential crimson Spiritual Energy burst out from his body and formed into a massive silhouette behind him.

This silhouette looked like it was wearing a crimson kasaya outside, shrouded in the stench of blood and corrosive aura that caused cracks to appear in the surrounding space.

This was the Sovereign Celestial Body that Xue Yi had cultivated, the Blood Kasaya Immortal Body. It was one of the best in the Blood God Clan, ranking 51st amongst the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

Evidently, Xue Yi’s confidence was backed by strength.

The Sovereign Immortal Body stood with a torrential blood aura gushing out, dying the sky crimson. Compared to his Sovereign Immortal Body, Mu Chen’s Immortal Golden Body looked tiny in comparison.

Everyone in this region gulped down a mouthful of saliva at this scene. After all, the Sovereign Immortal Body depended on the power of Spiritual Energy. Generally speaking, a powerful Sovereign Immortal Body would have a bigger size since they could devour more Spiritual Energy.

Xue Yi moved and stood on the shoulder of the Blood Kasaya Immortal Body, coldly looking down at Mu Chen’s Immortal Golden Body. “Looks like you have greatly exhausted yourself from the Spiritual Array and controlling the troop.”

However, Xue Yi had never seen the Immortal Golden Body before, so he thought that it was due to Mu Chen’s exhaustion of Spiritual Energy that caused his Sovereign Immortal Body to be smaller sized.

Mu Chen smiled in response since he has no interest in informing his opponent. He tapped his feet and landed on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body, then smiled with his eyes narrowed. “Time is precious.”

His attitude caused Xue Yi to be enraged. It had been a long time since he was underestimated.

“Then I’ll see if you can keep up with the arrogance after they break free.” Xue Yi roared with laughter as his hands joined together to form seals. He opened his mouth and, instantly, a torrential blood current gushed from his mouth, forming into a crimson ocean.

The crimson ocean was littered with white bones, as if there were endless ghosts yelling out while emanating an eerie aura.

“Yellow Springs Blood Ocean!” Xue Yi sinisterly looked at Mu Chen as he waved his hand. The blood ocean gushed out. He did not dare to underestimate Mu Chen. He had brought out his ultimate card right from the start.

The Yellow Springs Blood Ocean was exceptionally famous in the Blood God Clan. One would have to conduct a massacre to cultivate this technique, forming an ocean with the blood of others before refining it into this. It contained an extremely powerful corrosive ability that was lethal against Sovereign Immortal Bodies.

Xue Yi had been relying on this move to erode the Sovereign Immortal Body of his opponent.

The sight of the crimson ocean caused the eyelids of many to twitch. Evidently, they knew about this Divine Ability of the Blood God Clan.

The ocean descended and enveloped Mu Chen completely. Everyone tightened their expressions at this scene. Those that knew more about this Divine Ability had a change of their expressions since there had been many powerhouses that suffered from this move of the Blood God Clan.

“Haha, continue to be happy in the next world!” After he saw Mu Chen and his Sovereign Immortal Body being enveloped by the ocean, Xue Yi burst into laughter. He had been relying on this attack to obtain the advantage amongst those of the same level, those that underestimated this move had all greatly suffered.

It looked like Mu Chen was clearly confident about his means, so he did not even try to avoid and got caught by the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean. That foolish fellow will regret his arrogance.

As Xue Yi laughed, the ocean roared, and the corrosive ability had risen to the limit, causing even the space in this region to shatter.

But gradually, Xue Yi’s smile turned stiff when he sensed that something was amiss. The Yellow Springs Blood Ocean was swiftly getting thinner at a visible speed.

“Mhm? What is going on?” Xue Yi’s expression changed with a flash of doubt in his eyes. He briefly hesitated before clenching his teeth and tried to recall the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean. He had been working hard to nourish it for it to reach this level, if it was lost here, then he would suffer a great loss.

However, just when Xue Yi had utilised a secret art to recall it, he suddenly sensed a powerful suction force coming from the ocean.

Under the suction force, the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean was actually getting swiftly pulled away. In a few breaths, the ocean had thinned down and Mu Chen and his Immortal Golden Body reappeared in everyone’s view.

At this moment, Mu Chen still stood on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body with a smile.

The Immortal Golden Body beneath his feet had its mouth open. It was the source of that suction force. At this moment, the massive Yellow Springs Blood Ocean was being devoured by it.

At the look of this scene, many people had their eyes popped out…

No one had imagined that not only was the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean unable to corrode Mu Chen’s Sovereign Immortal Body, it got devoured instead.

On the other hand, Xue Yi’s face was pale at this scene.

Xue Lingzi was also shocked at this. He was clearly, significantly shocked as well.

After the Immortal Golden Body devoured the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean, it spat out a blood pearl encased in a golden glow, which was grabbed by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen held onto that blood pearl that contained the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean before looking at Xue Yi, whose face was pale and tossed it out.

“Is this very important to you? Then… you can have it back.” But when Xue Yi watch the blood pearl being tossed at him, his face drastically changed. His hair stood up on end and he screamed. After that, everyone was dumbfounded as they watch Xue Yi starting to run.

That’s because, at that moment, Xue Yi felt that his connection with the Yellow Springs Blood Ocean got cut off!

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