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Chapter 1212 - The Meaning of Horror

Three bloody beams swiftly flew past the sight of many elites of the Luo God Clan as they fixed onto Mu Chen.

Down below, there were three splits on the Luo River under their high speed…

The three of them had practically gotten near Mu Chen in an instant.

Everyone focused their attention. Naturally, all of them felt that Mu Chen was doomed, but they were surprised to see his calm expression. Could he have some cards hidden in his sleeves?

Mu Chen finally moved. He did not go head-on against the three Elders, but bolted towards the right.

“Haha. Brat, weren’t you arrogant earlier on? Why are you running now?” Seeing that Mu Chen was flying in another direction, the three Elders of the Blood God Clan burst into laughter as they mocked.

Mu Chen’s action was no different than admitting his weakness in their eyes.

Those in the Luo God Clan couldn’t help feeling disappointed at this scene while ridiculing themselves. After all, a Lesser Earth Sovereign facing three others could probably only admit defeat and run.

However, Mu Chen maintained a calm expression as he bolted out at a high speed, causing the distance between him and the three Elders to pull.

Elder Xue Yi was only slightly inferior to Mu Chen with Xue Tong and Xue Shou behind him.

“Brat, if you continue to run, we’ll make a move against Luo Li.” Xue Yi was frustrated as he roared, seeing that no matter how they tried, they couldn’t catch up with Mu Chen. 

His words seemed effective, since Mu Chen stopped above the Luo River and turned around. However, Xue Yi was shocked when he saw the ridicule on Mu Chen’s face.

“Did you guys really think that I was fleeing?” Mu Chen smiled.

Before Xue Yi could reply, everyone witnessed Mu Chen’s hands come together and formed profound seals.

When Mu Chen formed his seals, Xue Yi could see a boundless spiritual lustre from the Luo River, along with draconic roars that resounded.

Xue Yi immediately turned back and shrank his eyes when he saw the Luo River being split apart by countless spiritual lines that intertwined together and formed into a Spiritual Array.

A Spiritual Array with seven dragons was swiftly formed along with a terrifying Spiritual Energy that emanated out. At this moment, the Xue Tong, who was behind him, was trapped by that Spiritual Array.

These sudden changes caused an ear-deafening commotion. Everyone was stunned. They could sense an extremely strong Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from the Spiritual Array.

“This is a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array!”

“Heavens, this Mu Chen is actually a Spiritual Array Scholar?!”

Everyone had widened their eyes. They clearly never expected such a young Lesser Earth Sovereign to be a Spiritual Array Scholar!

“So he’s not running, he’s trying to build distance between himself and the three Elders before secretly laying out a Spiritual Array and trapped Xue Tong!” Finally, someone had seen the motive behind Mu Chen’s actions and exclaimed with shock filling their face. That young man was too terrifying, and he probably started his work when the three Elders made their move.

That young man actually had such a cunning means!

Xue Lingzi, who was utilising his Sovereign Immortal Body to suppress Luo Tianshen, also had his face pale at this scene. At this moment, he felt fearful since even he couldn’t discover how Mu Chen set up that Scholar Grade Spiritual Array. Although it was partly because of the Luo River covering it, it had also proven Mu Chen’s high attainments in Spiritual Arrays.

“Where did such a monstrous fellow come from? How did he manage to reach this height in his Spiritual Arrays as well?” Xue Lingzi was shocked and furious in his heart. Ordinary people at Mu Chen’s age could be considered a genius if they reached Mu Chen’s level in one field. However, Mu Chen had achieved both, so just how great of a talent and opportunity was required for that?

If Mu Chen had more time, he would definitely grow into a supreme powerhouse in the future, and if he reached that height, then his Blood God Clan would suffer vengeance and destruction.

Thinking about it, Xue Lingzi’s gaze turned even eerier. With the situation progressing this far, it’s impossible for him to stop. Since that’s the case, then he could only kill this future powerhouse!

“Xue Yi and Xue Shou kill him together!” Xue Lingzi’s roar resounded once again.

When Xue Yi heard Xue Lingzi’s words, his gaze turned dark. “Even if you trapped Xue Tong, it’s still easy for the two of us to kill you!”

Mu Chen looked at the swiftly approaching Xue Shou and faintly smiled. “He won’t be able to come here.”

Xue Yi’s pupils narrowed as he eerily smiled. “Oh? Are you going to tell this old man that you have set up another Spiritual Array of this level in such a short amount of time?!”

“Not a Spiritual Array…” Mu Chen gently shook his head as he flicked his finger. The river started to boil again, and in the next instant, thousands of silhouettes flew out and stood before Xue Shou, blocking him from joining up with Xue Yi.

When the thousand silhouettes appeared, a terrifying Battle Will burst out from them before they swept out and trapped Xue Shou.

With Battle Will dominating the sky, the entire region turned silent…

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the thousand silhouettes. They could naturally tell that it was an elite troop; however, they didn’t possess any vitality, so they should have been preserved after their deaths…

The troop was so powerful that it could obstruct a Lesser Earth Sovereign. But that wasn’t the cause of their shock. The cause was because it meant that Mu Chen… was also a Battle Formation Master!

Furthermore, a Million Rune Battle Formation Master!

The entire city was quiet as shocked gazes looked at that silhouette on the Luo River and they sucked in cold breaths.

At this moment, they vaguely felt how terrifying Mu Chen was…

Such a young Lesser Earth Sovereign was rare, but it couldn’t cause them to be in disbelief. However, he was also a Spiritual Array Scholar and Million Rune Battle Formation Master at the same time! This news practically caused their hearts to collapse.

Luo Xiu and Luo Qingya were dumbfounded at this scene. They relied on the resources of the Luo God Clan to cultivate the path of a Battle Formation Master. However, they merely reached a Hundred Thousand Rune Battle Formation Master, but Mu Chen had reached the Million Rune Battle Formation Master…

At this moment, they didn’t even have the thoughts of competing with Mu Chen.

They exchanged a look and bitterly smiled before feeling relieved. Perhaps only such a person could deserve the love of the perfect Luo Li…

“Battle Formation Master…” Xue Lingzi’s gaze was red at this scene as he spoke those three words with his teeth clenched and suppressed the surging in his heart. At this moment, his eyelids violently twitched with killing intent gushing in his heart.

Luo Tianshen was also stunned, and a brief moment later, he took a deep breath to suppress the emotions in his heart. At this moment, he finally understood why Mu Chen dared to come to their Luo God Clan. So it turned out that Mu Chen had grown into such a great figure in a few years.

Facing Mu Chen, even someone as powerful as Luo Tianshen felt traces of fear.

At this moment, he suddenly recalled the words that Mu Chen spoke when he came to bring Luo Li back. I will absolutely not let anyone take her away from me the next time…

At that time, Luo Tianshen did not think much of those words. But, Mu Chen had been working hard for that goal. Luo Tianshen had no idea how Mu Chen cultivated to this point, but he could guess that Mu Chen had to experience numerous life-and-death situations.

That fellow has such terrifying attachment and toughness…

Mu Chen faced Xue Yi, who was looking at this scene with disbelief. Xue Tong was trapped in a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array while Xue Shou was caught by a terrifying troop…

The advantages that they had entirely disappeared due to the youth before them…

Looking at the smiling Mu Chen, even Xue Yi gradually felt fear rising in his heart.

Facing Xue Yi, Mu Chen stretched his waist before he stretched his hand out and gently tapped.

A boundless golden lustre gushed out and formed into a purplish-golden giant behind Mu Chen that possessed a mysterious and immortal aura.

Under the envelopment of the purple-golden aura, Mu Chen gave a smile at Xue Yi before his voice caused Xue Yi’s forehead to roll down with sweat, “Now, we should be able to have a good 1-on-1 fight, right?”

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