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Chapter 1211 - Slaughter them for you

“Greatlaw Continent… Northern Region’s Mu Abode?” When Mu Chen said those words in the Luo God Clan, Xue Lingzi lightly knitted his brows. He had naturally heard of the supercontinent, the Greatlaw Continent, before. However, he was somewhat unfamiliar with the Northern Region, not to mention about the Mu Abode…

Thinking about it, Xue Lingzi gradually calmed the worries in his heart. He still thought that Mu Chen came from an ancient clan. But looking at it now, his background wasn’t anything terrifying.

Such a young Lesser Earth Sovereign was naturally shocking. But in his eyes, Mu Chen was merely a somewhat troublesome opponent.

As the Patriarch of the Blood God Clan, Xue Lingzi was experienced and so, he naturally had a vicious character.

“What Mu Abode… never heard of it before.” Xue Lingzi indifferently looked at Mu Chen and continued, “Brat, seeing that it’s not hard for you to cultivate this far, I can pretend that I have never seen you if you leave now. Otherwise, I will let you know how foolish it is to offend the Blood God Clan.”

He felt that he had given sufficient face to Mu Chen. If that young man could see the situation clearly, he would naturally know that, as a Lesser Earth Sovereign, there’s nothing he could do to change this situation.

However, he saw Mu Chen slightly smile before raising his finger and pointed towards him from afar. “Old fool that is trying to act senior… get lost!”

Mu Chen’s face turned cold with his tone containing cold killing intent, rumbling throughout this region.

Everyone had their expressions stiffen when they looked at Mu Chen, dumbfounded. They were clearly greatly startled by his words.

Xue Lingzi was a genuine Greater Earth Sovereign!

He also had the powerful Blood God Clan standing behind him!

Facing such a great figure, although Mu Chen was extraordinary with his strength at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, it’s too lacking for him to face the Blood God Clan alone.

Under the silence, Xue Lingzi’s face completely turned dark as he fixed his gaze on Mu Chen. A brief moment later, a smile slowly rose on the corner of his lips.

“The young are fearless indeed!” Xue Lingzi eerily smiled as he waved his hand. “Since you’re so arrogant… Xue Tong, Xue Shou and Xue Yi, kill him here.”

His words turned cold towards the back, causing the atmosphere near him to freeze.

Three crimson lustres flashed behind Xue Lingzi before three Lesser Earth Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan appeared behind him. All of them were looking at Mu Chen with mockery, as if they were looking at livestock.

Seeing that the Blood God Clan sent three Lesser Earth Sovereigns to deal with Mu Chen, a commotion rang out and all of them felt that the Blood God Clan was shameless. However, they did not speak since this wasn’t a fair fight from the beginning, but a war that concerned the life-and-death of a clan.

So no one would be surprised by any means in this war filled with grudges.

Thus, those powerhouses from the Lesser West Heaven Realm that came to watch inwardly shook their heads. They felt pity for Mu Chen. With his talent, his future would definitely be extraordinary, but it was a pity that he had to live for that to happen.

Evidently, they did not think that such a young Lesser Earth Sovereign could escape under the hands of three.

“Xue Lingzi, you have to ask this old man if you want to act atrociously in the territory of my Luo God Clan!” Luo Tianshen roared as he looked at Xue Lingzi with boundless Spiritual Energy bursting out from his body and his Sovereign Immortal Body gradually forming behind him.

Mu Chen came from far away for Luo Li, so regardless of anything, he had to protect him. Otherwise, what face would he have to face his granddaughter? If he couldn’t accomplish it, then it would be better for him to die.

“Tsk, an old geezer like you has been poisoned by my Demonic Blood Curse. What qualifications do you have to speak such words?” Facing Luo Tianshen, Xue Lingzi laughed with his voice filled with ridicule.

He took a step forth and a torrential ocean of blood formed behind him, condensing into a massive Sovereign Immortal Body. As the Sovereign Immortal Body breathed, it emanated a bloody mist along with corrosive poison.

“You guys are still not making a move?” After Xue Lingzi summoned his Spiritual Energy to keep Luo Tianshen under control, he coldly looked at the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

“Yes!” The three Elders of the Blood God Clan no longer hesitated and turned into three streaks of light, bolting through the horizon as they flew towards Mu Chen.

“Block them!” Luo Tianshen’s face was pale as he hollered.

Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu immediately, fearlessly charged forth with boundless Battle Will that swept towards the three Earth Sovereigns.

However, their obstruction posed no effect against the three Earth Sovereigns. Three bloody beams shot out and the defences instantly shattered. In that instance, the Luo God Clan failed their objective.

Initially, the hope that rose within the citizens of the Luo God Clan, withered as their faces turned pale. Even if Mu Chen was a Lesser Earth Sovereign, it’s impossible for him to change the outcome of their Luo God Clan…

After Mu Chen was killed, who else could assist their Luo God Clan?

Luo Tianlong also tried to help Mu Chen, but the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns from the royal family's branch hindered him. If the three of them fought with their lives on the line, even he would fall into a desperate situation.

“Luo Tianlong, stop struggling. You cannot change the facts. We did this to preserve the Luo God Clan. Otherwise, annihilation awaits us!” The three Lesser Earth Sovereigns spoke. They did not want to see Luo Tianlong dying here, and if they could recruit him, it would be the best outcome. “That brat will definitely die for challenging the Blood God Clan. Why should our Luo God Clan suffer for him?”

Facing their attempt to recruit, Luo Tianlong disdainfully looked at them. He couldn’t be bothered to speak with them and tried to struggle free, causing the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns to strengthen their lock on him. He was like a tiger in a cage, struggling to break free and was covered in wounds.

The entire region returned to chaos as everyone looked at this tragic scene.

“Should we make a move now?” Liu Tiandao looked at the three Earth Sovereigns bolting towards Mu Chen.

Mandala narrowed her eyes and faintly replied, “Take the time to recover.”

Liu Tiandao and the other three had exhausted themselves to travel, so their conditions weren’t good. After all, their recoverability wasn’t as monstrous as Mu Chen’s, so they still hadn’t recovered from the exhaustion.

The Netherworld Palace Master briefly hesitated, “But those are three Lesser Earth Sovereigns.”

He was reminding her that even if Mu Chen wasn’t weak, it’s probably a little dangerous for him to face three Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

The corner of Mandala’s lip rose as she looked at the Netherworld Palace Master. “Then you guys observe the means of your Ruler. Quietly recover your power, this matter isn’t that simple…”

Finishing her words, she looked into the distance.

Mu Chen stood in the Luo River while looking at the three bolts coming in his direction. However, he did not have any panic on his face. On the contrary, his face was filled with cold killing intent.

“Mu Chen…” Luo Li’s voice resounded when she saw the three Earth Sovereigns coming towards Mu Chen’s direction, and her eyes flashed with worry. “Do you need my help?”

Mu Chen lightly smiled. “Your Spiritual Tribulation is coming.”

At this moment, layers of clouds were gathering above her with the signs of the Spiritual Tribulation. At this moment, she didn’t have the luxury of time to fight.

Luo Li bit her lip.

Mu Chen took a deep breath then turned to look at Luo Li and smiled. “Luo Li, do you believe in me?”

Hearing his words, Luo Li smiled. “What do you think?”

Mu Chen grinned as he slowly walked out from the surface of the Luo River with ripples spreading out beneath his feet. “Then you can focus on the Spiritual Tribulation… As for these three hounds, I’ll slaughter them for you.”

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