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Chapter 1210 - The Meeting

As the rain enveloped the entire region, Luo Li was looking at the youth before her with disbelief.

She had been yearning for that familiar face for years, but when he really appeared before her, it felt unreal that he was before her.

She was afraid that all of this would be an illusion, which, in that case, would be too cruel.

After staring at the youth for a brief moment, her voice trembled, “Is that really you… Mu Chen…?”

As she spoke, her hand slowly stretched out. She wanted to touch his face, but her hand stopped when it was going to.

Looking at this weak side of hers that she rarely showed, Mu Chen felt his heart tearing apart. He knew that this was the deepest desire in her heart, since she rarely showed this side of her.

Thus, the smile on his face grew even warmer as he stuck his face out, allowing Luo Li’s trembling hands to touch him.

“Luo Li, it’s me.” He smiled and continued with a firm voice, “I’ve come to look for you.”

Sensing the warmth in her hand and verifying that it really was Mu Chen, Luo Li bit on her lips as tears welled up in her eyes.

No matter what situation she faced in the Luo God Clan, she had always shown her strong side. But when she saw the familiar face today, her heart finally crumbled.

He had matured from his appearance. Thinking of the life-and-death situations he had to go through to temper himself, Luo Li’s tears started to fall.

He still had the bright and confident gaze, but despite hiding it well, Luo Li could see the exhaustion that he was hiding.

Someone as intelligent as her had immediately figured it out. Evidently, after knowing her situation, Mu Chen had rushed his way over so that he could appear before her now.

“Mu Chen…” Luo Li gently smiled. At this moment, all the years that she had to go through turned into a sweetness that burrowed into the depths of her heart. Something that she couldn’t forget even if she died.

A smile appeared on her tear-stained face as Mu Chen blankly stared at her.

At this moment, all the gazes in this world were gathered onto the two of them…

“Who is he?” Many people whispered with shock in their eyes. Mu Chen had displayed his powers when he smacked that Earth Sovereign from the Blood God Clan down.

Many people that weren’t familiar with the Luo God Clan guessed that he must be a powerhouse hidden in the Luo God Clan.

Only Luo Tianshen and Luo Tianlong had doubts filling their hearts. They knew the Luo God Clan best, aside from the two of them and the branch, there weren’t anymore Earth Sovereigns.

Luo Tianshen looked at the silhouette, and when he saw Luo Li’s expression, he seemed to recall something before disbelief and shock surged in his eyes.

“Impossible, that’s impossible!” Luo Tianshen muttered, refusing his guesses.

Shaking his head, he suddenly looked at the Earth Sovereign that the silhouette was stepping on and roared, “Watch out!”

A powerful crimson Spiritual Energy burst out from the Blood God Clan’s Earth Sovereign beneath Mu Chen’s feet. His body wriggled out like a snake and broke free from Mu Chen’s leg. With a flash, he had appeared behind Mu Chen with a palm pushing forth. A crimson lustre gathered by his palm, along with the dense stench of blood and corrosive aura.

“I’ll tear you apart!” The Blood God Clan’s Earth Sovereign furiously roared. That earlier attack had utterly disgraced him, so now he had to kill the person before him to vent his anger.

He had immediately fainted when he was suddenly struck by Mu Chen. With the great vitality of an Earth Sovereign, he naturally wouldn’t be so easily killed.

He naturally did not think that he couldn’t fight with Mu Chen. He only felt that the reason why he was beaten was due to Mu Chen’s sneak attack.

The palm had instantly reached behind Mu Chen, and when it was about to hit, a slender hand came out of nowhere and grasped onto his hand. His hand couldn’t move an inch from the grasp.

“How is this possible?!” The Blood God Clan’s Earth Sovereign was shocked with disbelief in his eyes.

Before he could recover, the silhouette had thrown a kick with his leg. It drew afterimages and the terrifying Spiritual Energy behind it shattered space. Countless spatial fragments flew, shooting towards the chest of that Earth Sovereign.

A mouthful of fresh blood gushed out from the mouth of that Earth Sovereign, while his chest collapsed. A bloody mist exploded from his body as he shot out like a bullet, flying a few myriad metres out of the Luo River before he managed to stop. When he stopped, another mouthful of blood came out, and his face turned pale. Clearly, he had suffered grave injuries.

Another exclamation resounded in this region, and this time, even Xue Lingzi had narrowed his eyes. If the Earth Sovereign was beaten because he was caught by surprise, this time, he was utterly suppressed even if he had taken the initiative to make a move…

Who is that person?

Under all the shocked gazes, Mu Chen looked at Luo Li while wiping the tears on her face and smiled. “You can rest assured and complete your Luo God Ceremony.”

Finishing his words, he slowly turned around under all the attention.

When everyone saw his appearance, everyone sucked in a cold breath. Evidently, no one had expected that the person that could send an Earth Sovereign flying would be so young…

Luo Tianshen’s face instantly froze when he saw the youthful face. Although it was no longer a young and tender face, he had immediately recalled it. This mysterious powerhouse was that weak youth from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy from before…

“It’s… really him!” Luo Tianshen looked with disbelief. In just such a short period of time, Mu Chen had grown into… an Earth Sovereign now?!

One must know that even someone as talented as Luo Li could only complete her accumulation and started her breakthrough under the nurturing of the Luo God Clan!

However, Mu Chen, who did not have any background, managed it. Just how monstrous was that?

He suddenly recalled, back then, in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, what Mu Chen said when he tried to intimidate him with how outstanding Luo Xiu and Luo Qingya were. When he was at their age, they would be far surpassed by him.

At that point in time, he only sneered at the youth’s words, thinking that the youth didn’t know his limits. But now… he finally understood that the joke was on him.

Luo Tianshen looked at that youth with a complicated gaze and shook his head with a bitter smile. Luo Li looks like your eyesight is better than grandfather’s. All of us thought that he was only an ordinary stone, and only you firmly believed that he was a gem.

Luo Xiu and Luo Qingya were also stunned when they looked at Mu Chen. They naturally recognised him, and back then, when they followed Luo Tianshen to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen was still weak and unremarkable.

Who could have thought that the youth that they had once looked down on had surpassed them…? Both of them had feelings for Luo Li, viewing each other as rivals. But at this moment, they finally understood how childish they were.

The two of them exchanged a look and bitterly smiled. Evidently, they had suffered quite a bit of a shock.

“Brat, who are you?!” A roar rang out as Xue Lingzi looked at Mu Chen. His gaze was filled with hatred. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen, they would have disrupted the Luo God Ceremony by now.

However, Mu Chen completely ignored him and looked at Luo Tianshen, then cupped his hands. “I pay my respects to Patriarch Luo.”

The brilliant voice rang out as the youth stood still. The splendour behind his eyes made everyone inwardly praise such a genius.

Luo Tianshen looked at the youth and bitterly smiled. His face looked awkward since he had no idea how to face the youth before him. Back then, he was the bad guy and separated the lovebirds for so many years…

When Xue Lingzi saw that he had been ignored, the killing intent in his eyes rose with a terrifying stench of blood spreading out from his body.

He indifferently looked at Mu Chen, and everyone could feel the dense killing intent in his eyes.

“Brat, do you dare to say your name?!” The terrifying bearing that belonged to a Greater Earth Sovereign gushed out with space trembling.

Under the terrifying bearing, the youth smiled while taking a step forth and shielded Luo Li.

Under the roaring torrential blood aura, the youth’s voice that contained killing intent spread out in the region, “Greatlaw Continent, Northern Region, Mu Abode’s Ruler… Mu Chen.”

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