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Chapter 1209 - Your Knight

When Luo Tianshen roared, the surging Luo River swept out with endless waves spreading out and formed into a barrier of water. It was like a vast bowl that covered the entire Luo God Clan.

The water barrier flickered along with an ancient aura that was vaguely being emanated.

Although the barrier looked weak, the powerful Spiritual Energy emanated from it caused Xue Lingzi’s pupils to narrow. It seemed like that Luo God Clan had come prepared.

“Hmph, looks like your Luo God Clan is not qualified to accept peace with my Blood God Clan!” Xue Lingzi coldly said as he pressed against space. Instantly, blood clouds started to gather and formed into a large hand that descended and slammed against the water barrier.

A violent fluctuation came from the barrier and had swiftly spread out, looking to be on the verge of shattering.

Everyone had their hearts lifted as they looked at the fluctuating barrier. Their faces had turned pale because the moment the barrier shattered, then the Blood God Clan would definitely start their massacre.

However, the barrier endured that blow under their fearful gazes. Xue Lingzi’s attack gradually dissipated and the barrier was restored to calm, quietly protecting Luo God City.

Xue Lingzi’s face slightly changed when he saw that the barrier was still standing. The power of the Luo River Array had exceeded his expectations.

“Xue Lingzi, don’t bite more than you can chew. This array was formed with the power of the Luo River. As long as the Luo River still stands, it will not be destroyed.” Luo Tianshen felt relieved at this scene as he mocked.

Although their Luo God Clan had declined, the prestige of a tiger still existed despite being sick. The Luo God Clan’s foundation had exceeded the Blood God Clan. Not to mention a Greater Earth Sovereign like Xue Lingzi, even Perfected Earth Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to destroy it.

This was also their greatest reliance to protect Luo Li’s ceremony!

“Hmph, I don’t believe that this tortoiseshell can protect you forever!”

Xue Lingzi’s gaze turned dark with viciousness as he roared, “Focus on a point and break it!”

The five Elders of the Blood God Clan took their orders with sinister expressions. A massive Spiritual Energy swept out, dying the entire region in red with a bloody stench rising towards the sky.

The attack of a Greater Earth Sovereign and five Lesser Earth Sovereigns, the momentum of this was practically earth-shattering. Terrifying attacks descended from the sky as they attacked one position on the barrier.

Facing the violent attacks, the barrier violently fluctuated with ripples spreading throughout the barrier.

Everyone in the Luo God City looked at this shaking barrier with fear in their eyes.

However, Luo Tianshen looked calm. He was confident in this Luo River Array. As long as they could hold it, then the Blood God Clan wouldn’t be able to do anything to them.

“Luo Li, grab the time and finish it…” Luo Tianshen muttered as he looked at Luo Li, who was enveloped in the fire.

As long as Luo Li achieved her breakthrough, then their Luo God Clan would be genuinely united. At that time, they could also fight with the Blood God Clan, and he refused to believe that the Blood God Clan was willing to pay the enormous price to deal with their Luo God Clan. Otherwise, the Force God Clan and Bone God Clan would be benefiting from their fight.

With Luo Tianshen’s understanding of the Blood God Clan, they would definitely not be willing to suffer such a loss.

As if Luo Li had heard Luo Tianshen’s voice, the flames on her body rose into a cyclone of fire that shrouded her with a bewitching flower in the cyclone.

“Ancestor, please protect my Luo God Clan!” She joined her hands together with her crimson blood dripping from her fingertips.

The blood dripped into the Luo River and sank deep within…

At this instant, the Luo River started to boil and Luo God Flower started to fly out before it gathered behind Luo Li and formed into a light silhouette.

That silhouette was slender, and despite the blurred features, it was still gorgeous, with an ancient aura emanating from it.

When the silhouette appeared, everyone from the Luo God Clan changed their faces. That’s because, at this moment, they felt a trigger in their bloodlines.

“That’s… that’s Ancestor Luo Shen?!” Luo Tianshen’s shocked voice rang out as he looked at the silhouette behind Luo Li in disbelief. After that, his face was covered in tears. Who could have expected that their ancestor would appear just when their Luo God Clan was about to end.

The silhouette looked at Luo Li and smiled; her smile had instantly caused everything to go quiet.

That silhouette gently tapped on the centre of Luo Li’s brows and an endless Spiritual Energy gushed into Luo Li’s mind.

“That’s… the inheritance of Luo Shen?!” The three Elders of the branch family watched this scene with jealousy. They never expected Luo Li’s ceremony to reach this height!

It’s fine with the Luo God Flower, but why did their ancestor appear and grant Luo Li her inheritance!

“The Ancestor is immortal! All hail the Empress!” Every citizen was extremely excited as they knelt and kowtowed along with ear-deafening voices.

When Xue Lingzi saw this, his face turned dark with a trace of fear in the depths of his eyes. Evidently, he felt threatened by Luo Li.

Looking at the barrier still standing under their ferocious attacks, his face turned sinister and roared, “You guys are still not making a move?”

His roar resounded, which caused Luo Tianshen’s eyes to tremble. Was he calling out to the Force God Clan and Bone God Clan?

While Luo Tianshen was guarding against the interference of the two other clans, he did not notice the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns of the branch family clenching their teeth. One of the Elders suddenly moved towards the Luo River.

“What are you guys doing?!” Luo Tianlong, who was watching them, suddenly roared.

The two other Lesser Earth Sovereigns from the branch swiftly moved up to block him.

At that moment, the Elder of the Luo God Clan that moved towards the Luo River took out a bottle of black liquid and threw it into the Luo River.

The bottle exploded and a black liquid swept out with an eerie fluctuation, freezing the Luo River in its path.

Seeing that the Luo River being frozen, a flaw also appeared on the Luo River Array before it fluctuated and a crack appeared in the barrier.

“You guys are courting death!” Luo Tianshen roared at this scene. He never expected that those of the branch family would be so shameless and cooperate with the Blood God Clan!

A terrifying burst of Spiritual Energy exploded from his body. He stared at the three traitors and burst forth.

But the moment he moved, a wave of blood swept over, and Xue Lingzi charged into Luo God City, blocking Luo Tianshen.

“Tsk, tsk. Luo Tianshen, you rejoiced a little too early!”

Xue Lingzi blocked Luo Tianshen as he smiled and hollered, “Break the Luo God Ceremony!”

His words were naturally meant for the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan.

Amongst the five Earth Sovereigns who were doing their best to widen the crack, three came out and had charged in.

“Anyone who dares to offend our Empress deserves death!” As they charged towards Luo Li, countless roars resounded before Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu dived down along with their armies, charging towards the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

“Hmph, a futile effort!” One of the Lesser Earth Sovereigns snorted. A terrifying crimson Spiritual Energy burst out from him as he blocked Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu just by him alone!

The two other Lesser Earth Sovereigns charged towards Luo Li without any hesitation.

“Protect the Empress!” Countless silhouettes charged out, forming into a line of defence before Luo Li.

“Bunch of ants!” The two Lesser Earth Sovereigns weren’t bothered by that and another person split off. He stomped his feet, summoning his Sovereign Immortal Body. The Sovereign Immortal Body opened its mouth and sucked, pulling a powerful Spiritual Energy into its mouth.

In the next moment, the Sovereign Immortal Body opened its mouth and a terrible sound wave was sent out, sending those Ninth Grade Sovereigns blasting away.

The third Earth Sovereign grasped the time and flicked his finger, a beam of Spiritual Energy shot towards the direction of the white platform.

The white platform broke apart and fell into the Luo River before floating on the surface of the river.

However, Luo Li was still on the platform with her eyes closed.

“Haha, is there anyone in the Luo God Clan that can block me?” Seeing Luo Li within reach, that Lesser Earth Sovereign burst into laughter. Even with the Luo God Clan bringing out all their trump cards, the Luo God Ceremony still practically failed.

The Earth Sovereign clenched his fist and a blood spear appeared in his grasp. The spear tip was pointed towards Luo Li. Evidently, he wouldn’t hesitate to destroy beauty.

Everyone looked at this scene and mourned at the sudden changes. Could it be that their Luo God Clan was really going to be destroyed?

The mourn in the city caused Luo Li to wake up and she looked at the approaching Blood God Clan’s Earth Sovereign. She clenched her fist with her nails tearing into her palm and gritted her teeth.

Could it be that her Luo God Ceremony was going to fail?

She only just needed a little time to succeed!

The Blood God Clan’s Earth Sovereign looked at Luo Li with a mischievous smile and mocked, “What a pity, is the absolute genius of the Luo God Clan going to die in my hand?”

“Lass, Die!”

Without any hesitation, his spear pierced forth. It had shuttled through space and bolted towards the centre of Luo Li’s brows.

As the spear stabbed forth, the entire region went silent. All the citizens of the Luo God City looked on with despair…

Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu roared as they violently triggered their Battle Will in an attempt to break through the obstruction of the Earth Sovereign before them…

Luo Tianshen let out a sorrowful roar…

Luo Tianlong was also getting pushed back by the two Lesser Earth Sovereigns before him…

Luo Li bit on her lips with blood veins climbing up her eyes. A trace of blood leaked out from the corner of her lips.

The red spear tore through space…

At that moment when it appeared before Luo Li, everyone could hear an ear-deafening sound exploding out.

The face of that Earth Sovereign from the Blood God Clan slightly changed.

Because at that moment, he suddenly saw an explosion above him with a bolt of black light swiftly diving down.

It was so fast that he couldn’t dodge. Practically in an instant, the black beam had slammed against him with shock covering his face.

A rumbling explosion rang out. Everyone was dumbfounded as they watch the Luo River sink along with a myriad foot of waves soaring into the sky and drizzled down…

“What… what is that?” Everyone was shocked by this scene.

The powerhouses of the Luo God Clan and Blood God Clan instantly stopped what they were doing and looked in that direction…

After the storm drizzled down, their line-of-sight finally cleared up…

The Earth Sovereign of the Blood God Clan laid on the surface of the river with a silhouette standing on his back. One of his hands was pressing against the head of the Blood God Clan’s Earth Sovereign while one of his knees was pressed against the Earth Sovereign’s back with the white platform before them…

This scene had shocked everyone!

“Who… who is that?” Shocked voices rang out. The sudden appearance of that powerhouse had startled all of them.

As the storm drizzled, Luo Li was stunned as she looked at the silhouette that descended from the sky…

She soon recovered from the shock and her eyes slowly widened.

An unbelievable splendour gradually crawled up her face…

That silhouette pinned the Blood God Clan’s Earth Sovereign down as he looked at the beauty before him with a smile rising on his face.

Placing one hand against his chest, he lowered his head and smiled. “My Empress… your knight… has arrived!”

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