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Chapter 1207 - Luo God Ceremony

The Luo God Palace was surrounded by the surging Luo River. It was located in the intersection of the Luo River, with the river endlessly flowing, as if it was inexhaustible.

The Luo God Ceremony would be conducted here. Thus, this region was covered with strict security with troops stationed on all sides of the Luo River. There were even knights riding Lightning Cranes, forming into a defensive formation in the sky, even a fly couldn’t make it in.

Multitudes of people could be seen gathering on the two sides of the Luo River that stretched to the end of their sights. They were the citizens of the Luo God Clan, waiting for the appearance of their Empress.

They wanted to witness the success of the Luo God Ceremony, to see their Empress ascend the throne. Thus, the entire Luo God Clan was filled with people for this desire.

While everyone was waiting excitedly, an ancient bell rang out in this region.

When the bell rang out, streaks of light flew out from the Luo God Palace before they landed above the floating platform above the Luo River.

It was a platform that seemed like it was forged with white jade. The glittering lustre was extremely dazzling, but the attention wasn’t focused on the platform, but the lady on it.

She stood on the platform with her silvery hair that looked dazzling under the shine of sunlight. Her flawless face looked akin to a masterpiece of the world.

When she appeared, the multitudes of people kneeled. All of them orderly knelt while looking at the silhouette on the stage with blazing eyes.

“We pay our respects to the Empress!” Ear-deafening roars rang out in the Luo God Clan that echoed for a long time.

Seeing their blazing eyes, the other forces that came to spectate the Luo God Ceremony had a change in their expressions. They never expected that the Luo God Clan, which was on the verge of collapsing a few years ago, would be so united today.

They sighed as they looked at the silhouette on the platform. At this moment, they had to admit that some people in the world possessed a unique charm that could draw all attention upon them.

Evidently, the future Empress of the Luo God Clan belonged to that category.

Luo Li looked at everyone kneeling before her and slightly lowered her head. She did not speak, but her noble aura enchanted everyone’s hearts.

“Empress!” Behind Luo Li, two youthful silhouettes kneeled with a hand on their chests. They looked at the outline before them with blazing eyes and love in the depths of their eyes.

Luo Li turned to look at the two of them. The two of them were the elites of Luo God Clan’s younger generation. If Mu Chen were here, he would surely be able to recognise the two of them. They were the two that followed Luo Tianshen to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy back then, Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu.

In a few years, they had also grown, and they were now in the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. At their age, although Luo Li had given them the support of resources, it was also due to their own ability.

“There will definitely be some people ruining this Luo God Ceremony. I hope that the two of you can do your best to obstruct them.” Luo Li replied softly.

Under her guidance, Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu had both controlled the army in the Luo God Clan. Thus, the two of them possessed great authority in the military.

“Unless we die, we will surely not allow any enemies to appear before you.” Luo Qingya smiled with unshakable resolution behind his voice.

“Even in death, we will use our corpses to hinder our enemy.” Luo Xiu grinned, a smile filled with killing intent.

Luo Li smiled as she gently shook her head. “Don’t die.”

Liu Qingya and Luo Xiu felt warmth in their hearts as they nodded their heads and flew towards the military. They would definitely not allow any fly to bother Luo Li, even at the price of their lives.

After they left, Luo Li’s glance swept at another direction. It was also a group of people, led by three Elders. The three Elders emanated a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation from them, the three of them were Lesser Earth Sovereigns!

However, Luo Li showed no joy in her eyes as she looked at those three Elders. On the contrary, there was a flash of cold in her eyes. Those three Lesser Earth Sovereigns were from the Royal Family’s branch.

In the Luo God Clan, they held the highest authority, aside from the royal family. But it was a pity that none of them were loyal to the royal family. On the contrary, they had been trying to weaken the influence of the royal family. If it wasn’t for Luo Tianshen still being around, they would have made their move to seize the throne.

Therefore, Luo Li couldn’t rely on them in this Luo God Ceremony; she even had to guard against them.

“Uncle Tianlong.” Luo Li gently called. A robust middle-aged man that beside Luo Tianshen took a step forth as he bowed. He was Luo Tianshen, one of the two Lesser Earth Sovereigns that supported the Royal Clan, aside from Luo Tianshen.

Back then, he and Luo Li’s father were best buddies. However, he had secluded himself when Luo Li’s father died during the struggle of power within the clan. But when Luo Li returned, she had tried several times to invite him out of seclusion.

“Please watch those people closely.” Luo Li said to Luo Tianlong.

Luo Tianlong was only a Lesser Earth Sovereign, so it’s a little tight for him to withstand three Lesser Earth Sovereigns by himself. But in the current Luo God Clan, there’s no one she could turn to help.

When Luo Tianlong heard her words, he nodded his head without any hesitation.

“Thanks.” Luo Li smiled with her teeth revealed.

Luo Tianlong laughed, “The greatest contribution of your father is to have such an outstanding daughter. I believe that in your hands, the Luo God Clan will grow stronger than before! Therefore, you can send me to do anything you want!”

He flew out and landed in between the group and the platform then he stared at those unsettling bastards with killing intent flashing on his face as a warning.

In that direction, the three Elders looked at Luo Tianlong without a change in their expressions before turning to look at that silhouette on the platform with complicated expressions.

Only after Luo Tianlong went to his post, Luo Li turned to Luo Tianshen and nodded her head. “Let’s begin.”

Luo Tianshen took a deep breath. Luo Li’s arrangement was pretty perfect, which made him feel gratified. However, he knew that they weren’t the only ones that they had to guard against, which Luo Li knew about it as well.

This time, the Luo God Ceremony might be the most dangerous one of all. But regardless of any danger, there was no path of retreat for them.

A dense spiritual lustre blossomed from the platform and a lotus platform gradually formed beneath Luo Li’s feet. She sat down with her silvery hair fluttering against the wind; it was a breathtaking sight.

Luo Li raised her head and looked with expectations. Practically all the citizens of the Luo God Clan were yearning for her to succeed, since it concerned the future of the Luo God Clan.

Therefore, they couldn’t afford to fail!

Luo Li took a deep breath and she bit her tongue without any hesitation. A mouthful of blood essence flew out and fell from the sky, into the Luo River.

When the blood essence entered the Luo River, the entire river instantly turned red and had started to surge. Countless crimson sparks rose from the river before they drifted up and fell onto Luo Li.

Instantly, her white dress was dyed crimson. In the end, the crimson deepened before turning into flames that enveloped Luo Li, along with an ancient rune that appeared.

Everyone looked at the crimson flames and their hearts tightened up. That’s because they knew… that the Luo God Ceremony had started.

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