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Chapter 1208 - Luo God Flower

The crimson flames sizzled and blazed on Luo Li’s body, encasing her within. Looking from afar, she looked like a crimson flame that stood between the heavens and earth.

As the flames enveloped her, blood steadily dripped from her hand to the river.

The Luo God River was formed by their ancestor, Luo Shen, upon her death. It was said that the river contained the very power of Luo Shen herself, but it required the purest royal bloodline to trigger it.

As fresh blood fell into the river, the redness grew deeper with traces of crimson sparks rising and gathering towards Luo Li’s body.

Luo Tianshen stood on the right of Luo Li with a stern expression. He first looked at the Luo River down below. It was said that the purest royal bloodline of the Luo God Clan could cause a resonance from the river, bestowing the one engaged in the ceremony with purer power.

Luo Li was the current descendant that possessed the purest bloodline, something that he had tested upon her birth. Thus, he firmly believed that this Luo God Ceremony wouldn’t be the same as the past.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the distant sky with a cold light. He knew that those fellows were watching them, and if Luo Li triggered a Luo God Ceremony that exceeded their expectations, they would definitely disrupt it. Something that he would definitely not allow to succeed.

That’s because Luo Li was the last hope of the clan, if anything happened to her, then the whole Luo God Clan, which she had united, would be broken. At that time, the Luo God Clan would become history.

Although he was a Greater Earth Sovereign, he suffered massive injuries in the past. It caused his vitality to fall along with his prestige. Otherwise, he would have forcefully tamed the three Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

But regardless, he would let them know that even a dying tiger had sharp fangs if anyone tried to disrupt the Luo God Ceremony!

As thoughts flashed in his mind, Luo Tianshen’s face also gradually turned sinister with killing intent surging in his heart.

The Luo River suddenly boiled before countless crimson bubbles appeared. The changes of the Luo River instantly caused everyone’s attention to focus over.

A bubble burst and a crimson lustre rose up, slowly forming into a flower.

Flames were sizzling on the flower, and every pedal possessed a silhouette. Although the image was vague, it was a beauty that made everyone intoxicated.

The flower blossomed along with an ancient and massive bloodline power being emitted out.

When Luo Tianshen and the other powerhouses of the Luo God Clan saw that flower, their faces drastically changed with joy.

“That’s… the Luo God Flower!” Members of the royal family cheered with shock in their voices.

The Luo God Ceremony would show signs based on the purity of the bloodline, and the legendary one would be the Luo God Flower!

The Luo God Flower was said to be formed by their ancestor, Luo Shen’s blood, and resided in the depths of the Luo River. Only those of the purest bloodline could trigger it.

In the past history of the Luo God Clan, the appearance of the Luo God Flower could be counted by the fingers on one hand. So no one had expected that they could witness it today…

The three Lesser Earth Sovereigns from the branch family revealed disbelief and shock on their faces when they saw it.

“How… how can it be the Luo God Flower?!” They exchanged looks as they spoke with great difficulty. They naturally knew Luo Li’s bloodline was pure, but they never expected that she could trigger the Luo God Flower in the ceremony.

Their faces inconsistently changed. Judging from the current looks of it, Luo Li’s Luo God Ceremony was definitely an extraordinary one. If she really managed to obtain the inheritance of Luo Shen, she would definitely step into the Earth Sovereign Realm and would definitely surpass their imagination in the future.

They didn’t know if Luo Li could become the second Luo Shen of their Luo God Clan…

If that were true, then her position would be unshakable. Even their branch could only bow to her. Furthermore, the most crucial factor was that they had been trying to drag Luo Li down in the past, so she would definitely not let them off…

Thinking about it, a ferocious light flashed in their eyes.

The citizens looked at the crimson flower and cheered. All of them possessed a thin bloodline of the Luo God Clan, so they could naturally feel the revere coming from the depths of their bloodline.

Seeing this scene that they had never seen before, everyone knew that Luo Li’s Luo God Ceremony would be an extraordinary one, which caused them to be excited.

Under the cheers, the Luo God Flower gradually fell onto Luo Li. in that instant, the crimson flames that shrouded her figure expanded.

A hundred foot-sized flaming pillar soared into the sky, filling the atmosphere with the scent of blood.

As the flames grew, everyone could sense that the flames on Luo Li’s body started to emanate a powerful fluctuation and her cultivation started to climb towards the boundaries of the Earth Sovereign Realm.

Looking at Luo Li’s rising cultivation, Luo Tianshen had also inwardly sighed.

“Haha, truly the absolute genius of the Luo God Clan, to cause such a commotion on the Luo God Ceremony…” However, a burst of laughter resounded.

“Blood God Clan, Xue Lingzi!” Luo Tianshen’s face changed as he turned to the source of the voice.

The blue sky started to turn red, like a wave of blood that appeared in this region.

A middle-aged figure donned in blood robes appeared, staring at Luo Tianshen, a smile in his crimson eyes. He cupped his hands. “I have heard that the Luo God Clan is conducting the Luo God Ceremony, so my Blood God Clan is here to witness it.”

As he spoke, the two armies stationed beside the Luo River exploded with powerful Spiritual Energy. Luo Qingya and Liu Xiu coldly looked at the man with Spiritual Energy surging in their bodies, gradually fusing with their armies and unleashed two powerful Battle Wills.

The two of them were Battle Formation Masters!

However, their control had only reached the level of a Ten Thousand Rune Battle Formation Master.

A commotion also broke out from the Luo God Clan with everyone looking at the silhouette with rage, hatred and fear. They weren’t unfamiliar with the guest. He was the Patriarch of the Blood God Clan, Xue Lingzi!

His infamous reputation in the Lesser West Heaven Realm could even scare a child.

“Get lost! My Luo God Clan doesn’t welcome you!” Luo Tianshen fixed his eyes on Xue Lingzi as he hollered.

A tremendous Spiritual Energy swept out from him, causing space to violently distort, along with a terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure that shrouded the heavens and earth.

“Haha, there isn’t a corner in the Lesser West Heaven Realm that my Blood God Clan cannot go.” Hearing Luo Tianshen’s roar, Xue Lingzi smiled.

He waved his hand and a bloody wave surged behind him. Five silhouettes slowly stood up, which caused everyone to suck in a cold breath.

All five of them had powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations around them… five Lesser Earth Sovereigns!

“Those are the five Elders of the Blood God Clan. I never expected all five of them to arrive!” The Luo God Clan went into chaos with fearful voices.

Luo Tianshen’s face turned pale. It looked like the Blood God Clan was determined to ruin the Luo God Ceremony and brought all their elites out!

Furthermore, he could vaguely sense several profound and powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations, which he estimated to be from the Force God Clan and Bone God Clan. However, their grudges with the Luo God Clan weren’t that clear. But Luo Tianshen knew that the moment they showed weakness, those fellows would definitely not hesitate to trample on them!

This time, they had fallen into a dangerous situation.

Xue Lingzi looked at Luo Tianshen before turning his attention to Luo Li. “As long as you guys agree to marry Luo Li to my Blood God Clan, my Blood God Clan will provide the greatest support to your clan.”

“Luo Tianshen, I came with the intention of peace. Don’t recklessly dye the ground in blood…”

Luo Tianshen looked at Xue Lingzi without any emotion. “Since you want to know, then let me tell you my answer…”

He raised his hand and waved it down along with a cold voice filled with killing intent. “Luo River Array!”

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