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Chapter 1206 - That Girl

West Heaven Continent, Lesser West Heaven Realm, Luo God Clan

In the central region of the Luo God Clan, a towering city that emanated an ancient aura stood, proving the history that it once possessed.

The city was split by a surging river that passed through it, circling around the city, forming a circle.

This river was exceptionally abnormal, since it had the colours of stars. Occasionally, it was even more beautiful than the stars in the sky. The river nourished the entire city.

The depths also couldn’t be seen, nor did anyone tried to, there was once an Earth Sovereign that entered but couldn’t reach the bottom after travelling for half a month. On the other hand, that Earth Sovereign exhausted all his Spiritual Energy and became nourishment for the river instead.

This was what deep and unfathomable truly meant. 

This mysterious river was the Sacred River of the Luo God Clan. The citizens of the Luo God Clan would also conduct a ceremony here on a specific day and the name of this river was known as the Luo River.

The city that it circled around was the Luo God City, the core and most important city of the Luo God Clan. This was also the inviolable sacred city in the hearts of the citizens.

This Luo God Clan had also become the focus of the citizens during these last few days. Many citizens of the Luo God Clan had travelled here from afar with expectations filling their eyes. The Patriarch of their Luo God Clan, Luo Tianshen, would soon conduct the Luo God Ceremony for their Empress!

The Luo God Clan had been declining with worry covering every corner of the clan. Many cities were massacred and enslaved, causing many citizens to be in despair. However, it was swiftly changed a few years ago…

The princess of their clan returned, and a few years later, she displayed her ability and stabilised the tremor within the Luo God Clan.

After that, she even led a troop of experts to fight on the front lines, tangling the forceful Blood God Clan in a bitter war and constantly forced them to retreat. Thus, the citizens of the Luo God Clan enjoyed several years of peace.

It was all due to the efforts of that girl. Her voice in the Luo God Clan was also growing by the day, and her charm had infected the despair of the citizens. It was so much so that more people stood behind her, but most of them were of the younger generations.

Thus, the Luo God Clan had shown how tenacious they were to their enemies, as if there was a sign that they would get out of their declining state…

Slowly, the entire Lesser West Heaven Realm also knew that there might be an Empress in the Luo God Clan that could unify the whole clan…

Her reputation had even exceeded her grandfather, Luo Tianshen, causing the voices for the future Empress to grow higher, be it in the hearts of the citizens or the royal family.

So this Luo God Ceremony was a significant ceremony!

If it was completed, then she would inherit the throne as the Empress. At that time, even the tremors in the royal family would disappear.

At that time, the Luo God Clan would reach the peak and become a sturdy iron plate. The Blood God Clan or the two other God Clans also wouldn’t be able to devour their Luo God Clan anymore.

So this Luo God Ceremony was extremely important, causing many citizens of the Luo God Clan to gather here. They wanted to witness the scene of the Empress rising to her throne.

This would also decide the rise and fall of their Luo God Clan.

Luo God City

There was a majestic palace in the centre of this city that looked noble. This was the Luo God Palace, which was also the place where the royal clan lived.

A slender figure sat on the high stage of the palace, wearing a snow-white dress with embodiments of purple-golden patterns on her sleeves, looking noble.

Her figure was perfect, with jade and slim legs. She also displayed her fair and elegant neck.

She looked perfect, but her face was pale…

This was a lovely and charming face. Skin as white as snow and well-portrayed brows. Even her pupils had reached the height of beauty. She looked at the sky with all the stars reflected through her pupils, dulling the heavens in comparison, a suffocating beauty.

Her long and silver hair draped down her back, making her look as if she came from a portrait…

At this moment, she was looking towards the distance with yearning in her eyes.

“Mu Chen… are you doing well, now?” She muttered to herself. Before the citizens of the Luo God Clan, she would look so strong, but at this moment, she showed her softness and yearning that was rarely seen.

“You’re thinking of that kid, now?” An elderly aged voice sounded behind her.

Hearing the voice, the emotions in her eyes disappeared and her brows rolled up. In that instant, an unspeakable prestige and nobility was emitted from her.

She turned around and looked at the old man. “Grandfather is going to rob me of this privilege as well?”

The old man behind her bitterly smiled and helplessly comforted, “I dare not. Right now, your prestige is even higher than mine. But Luo Li… it has been so many years, and there isn’t any news about him. Are you going to keep waiting for him?”

She was naturally Luo Li, it’s just that she had undergone a significant transformation through the years, her beauty had fully matured.

Her bearing had also changed. She no longer looked like the elegant and quiet girl that stood beside Mu Chen. She looked like a prestigious and noble Empress at this moment.

The old man behind her was the Patriarch of the Luo God Clan, Luo Tianshen.

Luo Li smiled, but she did not speak. However, the meaning behind that look was evident. She was signalling her grandfather not to mention such meaningless things again.

Seeing her response, Luo Tianshen grew anxious. “It has been so many years, that brat might have even…”

Luo Li’s brows erected and she stared over in rage, causing Luo Tianshen to swallow the words in his stomach. Throughout the years, she had also possessed an atmosphere that, sometimes, made even her grandfather not daring to anger her.

Luo Tianshen shook his head and bitterly smiled. As Luo Li gradually stabilised the Luo God Clan, her beauty had also spread out with her reputation. Not to mention the Lesser West Heaven Realm, even the entire West Heaven Continent knew about her name.

There were also many outstanding elites that visited and tried to obtain her good impression. Furthermore, there were also forces that weren’t at all weaker than their Luo God Clan that tried to link themselves with the Luo God Clan through marriage. If they formed the union, then their Luo God Clan would be able to obtain great help to intimidate the Blood God Clan.

It was so much so that even the Blood God Clans had expressed their will for marriage to dissolve the grudges between the two clans. However, all the proposals were rejected by Luo Li.

She said that she wanted to rely on herself to grow strong. If their Luo God Clan couldn’t grow strong by themselves, the protection from marriage wouldn’t be able to last for long…

Her reason was practically accepted by everyone in the Luo God Clan, especially those younger generations. They even showed her their support, but only Luo Tianshen knew that this reason was merely an excuse. That’s because her heart was already occupied… that it would probably never change with her character.

“That brat!” Luo Tianshen clenched his teeth. Back then, he thought that if he brought Luo Li away, Mu Chen would gradually become a passerby in her heart. After all, he couldn’t imagine how such a brat that cultivated in a Spiritual Academy could have the qualifications to travel in the Great Thousand World and come before Luo Li.

However, he had underestimated her granddaughter’s perseverance and waited all these years…

“Sigh…” Luo Tianshen did not comment much as he sighed. His gaze turned dark as he looked at Luo Li. “Luo Li, if this Luo God Ceremony is successful, you will step into the Earth Sovereign Realm and become the Empress of the Luo God Clan…”

“But you should know that our enemies, be it in the clan or not, they will not be willing to watch that happen.”

“So this Luo God Ceremony will not be calm. This time… even grandfather… isn’t confident.”

Luo Li looked at Luo Tianshen’s old face and felt sour in her nose. She stretched her hand out and gently grabbed that old hand. “No matter what the result may be, I will exist and perish together with the Luo God Clan!”

Hearing her words, Luo Tianshen solemnly nodded his head with viciousness flashing on his face. “Rest assured. As long as grandfather still lives, I will definitely not let those rubbish disrupt you!”

“Let’s go. The Luo God Ceremony will soon begin!”

Luo Li nodded her head, then she turned around and looked into the distant space. Vaguely, she could see a silhouette standing before her.

After that, she turned around with a firm voice in her heart, “Mu Chen, no matter what… I will wait for you!”

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