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Chapter 1205 - Lesser West Heaven Realm

The shock that swept in the Greatlaw Continent and Northern Region gradually calmed down after the establishment of the Mu Abode. However, the Mu Abode did not have much action, since they had slowly calmed down as well. They did not show any intentions to dominate the entire Northern Region, causing the other forces to feel relieved.

However, they had no idea that the strongest fighters of the Mu Abode, including Mu Chen and Mandala, had already left the Mu Abode for the Lesser West Heaven Realm.

The Greatlaw Continent, Central Region, the Sky Solar City

There was a massive teleportation array in the middle of the city, and this was also the furthest teleportation array in the Greatlaw Continent. If anyone wanted to leave the Greatlaw Continent, then they would naturally have to pass through this place.

This place was bustling with noise from the streaks of light shuttling back and forth, with massive amounts of Spiritual Energy dying the sky bright.

At this moment, six silhouettes were standing outside the Spiritual Array. The one leading this party had looked young and was looking at this teleportation array with interest.

“This teleportation array isn’t simple. The complexity isn’t at all inferior to a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master’s array.” The youthful silhouette was naturally Mu Chen. He had left the Northern Region a few days ago, with this place as the objective; the teleportation array that could travel the furthest in the Greatlaw Continent.

“It is rumoured that this teleportation array was set up by a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master. The price of it is at least hundreds of millions of drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.” Mandala sighed.

Teleportation arrays that traveled further required more precious materials. Thus, the difficulty would be more significant, as well. Furthermore, the price to hire a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master didn’t come cheap.

Mu Chen sighed. With such a high price, it was no wonder why their Northern Region didn’t even have one.

“Haha, with Abode Ruler’s attainments in Spiritual Array, I believe that it won’t be long for our Northern Region to possess one.” Liu Tiandao smiled.

Through a period of adjustment, all the Earth Sovereigns had accepted Mu Chen’s identity. Thus, none of them sounded awkward when they addressed him as ‘Abode Ruler’.”

Mu Chen couldn’t help smiling as he teased, “As long as Old Liu is willing to work out two hundred million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, I can easily construct one for our Northern Region anytime.”

Liu Tiandao bitterly smiled as he shook his head. Aside from selling himself, even if he emptied out the Profound Sky Palace, he wouldn’t be able to afford that price. It was a price that could allow him to buy a Middle Rank Saint Artifact.

Everyone looked at Liu Tiandao as they chuckled.

Mu Chen took a glance at them. There weren’t many people that would be coming with him on this trip. Aside from Mandala, it would be Liu Tiandao, Netherworld Palace Master, Demon Emperor and Sky Serpent Old Ghost. As for Myriad Saint Ancestor, he was tasked with protecting the Mu Abode. 

Not even Nine Nether followed this time. In this trip to the Luo God Clan, anyone who was not an Earth Sovereign couldn’t grant any help. With her pride, she naturally wouldn’t allow herself to be a burden, so she had decided to stay in the Mu Abode to try and break through to the Earth Sovereign Realm with the help of the Heavenly Lake.

But even so, the formation of Mu Chen’s party was luxurious. A Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm and five Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm. They could even walk around the Greatlaw Continent with their heads held high with this formation.

“We will have to journey through ten-odd continents, and it’ll take about twenty-odd days for us to reach the West Heaven Continent.” Mandala looked at Mu Chen.

“Time is pressing.” Mu Chen counted the time and sighed, “Let’s get prepared to move out.”

Everyone nodded their heads and entered the teleportation array. Mu Chen waved his hand and tens of thousands of drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid fell into the hole in the array.

Mandala keyed in the coordinates, and the teleportation array blossomed. Space distorted, and in the next moment, it had formed into a spatial vortex that devoured the six of their silhouettes.

When the lustre died down, the six of them had disappeared.

The Great Thousand World was vast and the West Heaven Continent was in the west. This was an ancient continent. But in terms of size, it was inferior to the other supercontinents in the Great Thousand World. However, in terms of powerhouses, the quality in the West Heaven Continent was higher.

Everyone says that there were two symbols of the West Heaven Continent. In ancient times, there was a powerhouse and the Bella of the Great Thousand World of the past with her name resounding throughout the Great Thousand World so much that even the Fiend Clans had heard of her. Back then, many Heavenly Sovereigns even fell to her skirt.

But the terrifying fact was that this Bella was also a pinnacle expert in the Great Thousand World. Stories of her beauty were still passing around, even after tens of thousands of years.

Right now, there was a powerful force that resided in the West Heaven Continent that resounded throughout the Great Thousand World… the West Heaven Temple!

And the master of the West Heaven Temple… the Battle Emperor, who was a genuine Heavenly Sovereign!

In the West Heaven Temple, the might of the Emperor of a Hundred Battles was absolute!

It was a sentence that flowed in the Great Thousand World. It might have been exaggerated, but it spoke for the West Heaven Battle Emperor’s outstanding achievements.

With his existence, the West Heaven Temple was one of the supreme powers in the Great Thousand World. Even the surrounding territories had become his subordinate.

In other words, the West Heaven Battle Emperor was the absolute ruler of his territory, with many clans bowing down to him. However, the West Heaven Temple cared nothing for the competition within its boundaries, akin to a giant that wouldn’t be bothered by the death of ants.

So this continent was continuously shrouded in battles that were even more chaotic than the other continents with supreme powers in it.

But regardless, Heavenly Sovereigns were the pinnacle powerhouses of the Great Thousand World. With the existence of the West Heaven Battle Emperor, nothing would occur here.

The Greatlaw Continent and West Heaven Continent were separated by a vast distance, with ten-odd continents in between. Even with the teleportation array, even an Earth Sovereign would have trouble travelling through the continents within a month.

But time was pressing, and Mu Chen had no intentions to rest. He travelled at full speed after leaving the Greatlaw Continent.

Fortunately, everyone in the party had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm. Otherwise, even Nine Nether would over-exhaust herself by travelling so far.

However, Liu Tiandao and the rest were bitterly smiling. They were barely keeping up with the speed, which Mu Chen had ignored entirely. Right now, his mind was on the Luo God Clan. He wouldn’t forgive himself if anything happened to Luo Li.

Thus, even if he was exhausted, he gritted his teeth and continued. Seeing his state, Liu Tiandao and the rest could only bitterly smile as they gritted their teeth. They were now subordinates of Mu Chen, so they couldn’t drop the ball and cause Mu Chen to be unhappy.

Roughly twenty-odd days later, they were finally approaching the West Heaven Continent…

West Tomb Continent, a continent closest to the West Heaven Continent. Mu Chen appeared in a majestic city here with another teleportation array before his eyes.

Mu Chen looked at the teleportation array with exhaustion and excitement on his face. Because he only had to go through this teleportation array to reach the Lesser West Heaven Realm!

“Everyone, you guys must have been exhausted!” Mu Chen cupped his hands as he sincerely thanked them when he turned around, seeing the exhaustion on the faces of the Earth Sovereigns.

Liu Tiandao and the rest bitterly smiled before they shook their heads. Evidently, they did not even have the strength to speak.

Mu Chen stepped into the teleportation array and threw out Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Sensing the spatial fluctuation around him, he watched as the vortex gradually formed and devoured them.

Mu Chen’s eyes slowly closed and the hands in his sleeves trembled from the excitement.

He took a deep breath, as if he had recalled the scene of him hugging the girl before she left. At that moment, his heart was trembling…

He had finally waited years for this moment.

Luo Li, I am coming… are you doing well?

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