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Chapter 1204 - Mu Abode’s Establishment!

When the news of the Ancient Haven Palace calmed down, the Northern Region trembled. The original source was the establishment of the Mu Abode.

Not one had thought that the Northern Region Alliance would be so swiftly dissolved, replaced with the Mu Abode.

What left others even more shocked was that the ruler of this Mu Abode wasn’t Mandala, but Mu Chen!

Mu Chen was well-known in the Northern Region, since his achievements have placed him the first amongst the younger generations. After this Ancient Haven Palace’s adventure, he even became the miracle that could overlook the Greatlaw Continent.

Anyone would praise his achievements. However, he was still a junior in the eyes of many, despite his glorious achievements. He still wasn’t qualified to become the ruler of a force.

So no one was optimistic of the Mu Abode.

However, just when they were going to watch the show, something great occurred that left them dumbfounded. The other peak forces, the Profound Sky Palace, Myriad Saint Mountain, Netherworld Palace and other forces, declared that they would join the Mu Abode and serve Mu Chen as subordinates.

When the news spread out, it not only shook the entire Northern Region, it even shocked some of the powerful forces in the Greatlaw Continent, since that would mean that the newly established Mu Abode would have a total of six Lesser Earth Sovereigns and a Perfected Earth Sovereign!

Not to mention in the Northern Region, he could be ranked as one of the tops, even in the Greatlaw Continent!

In the past, those forces weren’t bothered with the Northern Region since it was filled with conflicts and there wasn’t a leading force around. If the Northern Region wasn't so rejective against outsiders, they would have devoured the entire Northern Region by now.

But now, a dominant force finally appeared in the Northern Region with many other peak forces declaring their subordination, allowing the Mu Abode to rise as the Overlord.

With this, the Mu Abode had also ascended to one of the top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent, possessing the qualifications to expand outwards. So they could imagine that the Mu Abode would definitely become colossal existence in the Greatlaw Continent. If they could possess a Heavenly Sovereign, then they would even be able to dominate the entire Greatlaw Continent and become one of the most potent forces in the Great Thousand World, ruling over millions of lives and enjoying endless resources.

Under the shock, it was announced that the Mu Abode would be established within three days!


The headquarters of the Mu Abode was the Greatlaw Sky. On this day, all the leaders of the Northern Region were present, along with some nearby forces.

That’s because they were clear that once the Mu Abode was established, the Northern Region would be their garden. Right now, the other forces could still survive by fighting. But in the future, they would only have a route to take, clinging onto the Mu Abode!

Before the Greatlaw Hall

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back, looking a the fully populated, massive plaza.

However, it was neatly separated into the Great Havenlaw Domain, Netherworld Palace, Myriad Saint Mountain and the other forces.

In the future, they would be members of the Mu Abode!

Their gazes were all gathered onto Mu Chen with revere in their eyes since they knew that in the future, their ruler would be this youth.

A gale blew past, and the entire plaza was silent. The leaders of the other forces kept quiet out of fear since they were intimidated by this scene.

They knew that, in the future, the Mu Abode would rule the entire Northern Region.

Mu Chen sighed while feeling the revered gazes. Several years ago, when he arrived in the Northern Region, he’s just a small pawn. Who could have imagined that small pawn would become the ruler of the Northern Region?

Even if Mu Chen wasn’t interested in commanding a force, he still couldn’t contain the surges in his heart since this had proven his growth.

A young chick in the olden days had grown to an eagle that soared in the nine heavens.

Mu Chen turned his head to Nine Nether. She wore black clothes that outlined her graceful silhouette. She was also looking at Mu Chen with a charming smile on her face.

Back then, when she brought Mu Chen to the Northern Region, he had just stepped into the Sovereign Realm and required her protection. Even in the Great Havenlaw Domain, she still had to protect him. However, he did not leave her disappointed. He had swiftly grown in a few years.

Today, he had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm and became the ruler of the Mu Abode!

Back then, she knew that Mu Chen was a hidden dragon. But she never expected Mu Chen to soar and grow so swiftly.

The youth who was following her around had started to show the bearings of a powerhouse.

In the near future, he might even stand at the peak of the Great Thousand World together with the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

An ancient bell suddenly rang while Nine Nether was in deep thoughts.

Hearing the bell, Mu Chen took a step forth and clenched his hand. Everyone witnessed as space distorted in the sky. A crack was torn apart with a landscape that could be vaguely seen inside.

Furthermore, when the crack appeared, a massive amount of Spiritual Energy that left everyone shocked gushed out. The Spiritual Energy was massive and could be considered as a cultivation land. When the crack appeared, the grade of Spiritual Energy in this region had also been raised.

The tremendous amount of Spiritual Energy left everyone shocked as they looked at the crack with their eyes blazing, along with a commotion.

“That is the Ancient Haven Palace?”

“I never thought that such a treasure would be the foundation of the Mu Abode. In the future, the growth of the Mu Abode is just a matter of time!”

“It’s no wonder why the other Earth Sovereigns chose to give up their own forces and join the Mu Abode.”


The members of the other peak forces revealed joy on their faces since they had already been informed that Mu Chen controlled the Ancient Haven Palace and even integrated it with the Mu Abode. In the future, they would be able to enjoy the cultivation resources that the Ancient Haven Palace could provide!

It was a piece of great news for them. After all, there was only one of such treasure land in the Greatlaw Continent!

“In the future, disciples of my Mu Abode can enter the Ancient Haven Palace to cultivate. Those outstanding ones that can obtain the acknowledgement of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion can even obtain Sovereign Celestial Bodies and even powerful Divine Abilities!” Mu Chen’s bright voice resounded throughout this region.

“We are grateful to the Abode Ruler!” A unified ear-deafening cheer resounded. Everyone below, even the other peak forces, had kneeled with one knee on the ground as they looked at Mu Chen with blazing eyes.

Under this temptation, even the other forces that came to watch had their eyes turning red. Mu Chen could even take out powerful Divine Abilities that even Earth Sovereigns would be tempted by.

If someone else had said it, they would probably just scoff at those words. But everyone knew that the Ancient Haven Palace was under the Mu Abode’s control, so Mu Chen naturally had that ability.

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips when he saw everyone’s shock. Powerful Divine Abilities were something that even he would be attracted to. After all, he didn’t have any powerful Divine Abilities. It was just a pity that the Divine Abilities of the Ancient Haven Palace were all hidden by the Hidden Scripture Pavilion so even he had no ways of forcefully obtaining them.

Mu Chen waved his hand and a beam flew out from the Ancient Haven Palace before it fell onto the mountain; it was a massive gate.

“This is the Dragon Ascension Gate. In the future, anyone that wishes to join my Mu Abode has to get through this gate. Only those that go through them could be a disciple of my Mu Abode!” In the future, there would be many elites drawn by the reputation of the Mu Abode. However, Mu Chen didn’t want to accept all of them since it would cause more harm than benefit to the Mu Abode.

With the test of the Dragon Ascension Gate, those inferior would be rejected. Only those that went through the character test could be accepted as a disciple of the Mu Abode. Mu Chen was confident that the Mu Abode would be able to rise in the Greatlaw Continent akin to a comet!

“Abode Ruler is wise!” Those that could be considered as disciples of the Mu Abode were in favour of this. They initially had comments about being absorbed by the Mu Abode, but they were all pacified with this. In the future, if others wished to join the Mu Abode, they would have to undergo a test, so they would naturally feel superior to them. It looked like their Mu Abode wasn’t something that everyone could join as they wished, and they had obtained the opportunity to be saved from such troubles.

Mu Chen looked at everyone that was kneeling and took a deep breath before looking to the sky and pursed his lips.

He had already established the Mu Abode, and now…

He could finally make his move!

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