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Chapter 1203 - Luo Shen

Mu Chen fixated his eyes on Mandala with his hands trembling, revealing the anxiety in his heart.

He would never forget the robust and old silhouette that took Luo Li away from him in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy when he was still weak.

He would never forget the heartbreaking tears welling up in her eyes when she bade her farewell.

He was powerless back then, so he could only watch Luo Li leave him.

Their farewell lasted for years.

“The next time we meet, I will not allow anyone to take you away from me!” His firm and tender voice was still as clear, even after so many years. Since then, he left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and entered the Great Thousand World.

After so many years, he had grown up through the numerous life-and-death trials that wore down the tenderness on his face. However, his eyes were still as firm as always.

He had undergone a complete transformation since then, the young chick from back then had finally gained the qualifications to spread his wings.

He was no longer as weak as he was back then. Even if Luo Tianshen stood before him again, he would have no reason to fear. He had finally become a genuine Earth Sovereign!

He had tempered himself, possessing the qualifications to stand before that old man.

However, he knew that his growth wasn’t to go against that old man that thought for Luo Li. He only wanted to tell that old man, the man that his granddaughter had chosen wasn’t an ordinary rock, but a dazzling gem after being polished!

He had also worked hard for this day.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, calming the raging emotions in his heart. His black pupils had also grown brilliant and dazzling.

Mandala looked at the sharp aura coming from Mu Chen, making her raise her brows. Her face was plastered with a smile. “Looks like that lover of yours is really important to you.”

After knowing Mu Chen for so long, this was the first time that she had seen such emotions showing on his face for a girl.

Mu Chen embarrassingly smiled, but his eyes were still fixated on Mandala.

Seeing his gaze, Mandala kept her smile as her hand rubbed her chin. “How much do you know about the Luo God Clan?”

Mu Chen was stunned before he shook his head. In the past, the Luo God Clan was a towering existence out of his reach. But he was no longer on the same level as he was before. According to his estimations, the Luo God Clan’s strength was roughly the same as a top-tiered force in the Greatlaw Continent.

“The current Luo God Clan has declined. The Luo God Clan at its pinnacle is not something that you can imagine.” Mandala explained.

“In the ancient times, there was a peerless beauty at the peak of the Luo God Clan. In terms of strength and fame, even the Heavenly Emperor was inferior to her.”

Shock was plastered on Mu Chen’s face at her words. The Luo God Clan had someone so powerful that even the Heavenly Emperor was inferior in comparison?

Mandala smacked her lips and sighed, “She was known as Luo Shen. Not only was she one of the pinnacle powerhouses in the Great Thousand World, but she was also known as the Bella of Great Thousand World. Tsk, tsk, it was said that god-knows how many Heavenly Sovereigns had fallen to her beauty.”

Mu Chen was dumbfounded. He never expected the ancestor of the Luo God Clan to be the Bella of the Great Thousand World…

“The Luo God Clan has a long heritage. If it wasn’t for the Fiend Clans, the Luo God Clan might even become one of the Ancient Clans.” Mandala sighed in pity.

Mu Chen was speechless. Only those of the oldest clans could be known as an Ancient Clan in the Great Thousand World, like the Ancient Maha Clan and Ancient Buddha Clan. He never thought that the Luo God Clan would have such a history.

“That Luo Shen died?” Mu Chen asked.

Mandala gently nodded her head with a grave expression. “It was said that Luo Shen obstructed two Sky Monarchs in the past that were ranked eighth and ninth.”

Mu Chen squinted his eyes. According to the classifications, those two Sky Monarchs must have been extraordinary existences in the Fiend Clans.

He had witnessed the power of the Nine-Corpse Sky Monarch, so he knew how terrifying the Sky Monarchs were.

However, Luo Shen had faced two of those existences, so one could tell how courageous she was, as well as her dangerous position.

“After the war, Luo Shen fell. As for the two Sky Monarchs, one of them died, while one was wounded.” Mandala sighed as she expressed her admiration for the Bella of the Great Thousand World.

Mu Chen was greatly shocked by Luo Shen’s achievements. After all, the Heavenly Emperor had done his best to seal the Nine-Corpse Sky Monarch. As for Luo Shen, she managed to kill one while injuring the other. Thus, it proved that Luo Shen’s strength was stronger than the Heavenly Emperor.

“When she died, she turned into an enormous river, known as the Luo River. The Luo God Clan protects it as it was rumoured to possess the inheritance of Luo Shen’s Luo God Celestial Body, one of the greatest Sovereign Celestial Bodies that shook the entire Great Thousand World.”

“The 11th ranking - Luo God Celestial Body?!” Mu Chen’s expression finally changed. He never imagined that this mysterious Sovereign Immortal Body would be in the Luo God Clan!

Compared to the Luo God Celestial Body, not even his Immortal Golden Body could gain many advantages.

At this moment, he realised that he had underestimated the Luo God Clan.

“However…” Mandala shook her head soon after. “No one could obtain the Luo God Celestial Body, so no one was able to obtain the inheritance. This is also the reason why the Luo God Clan declined this far.”

Mu Chen was speechless once more. It looked like it wasn’t easy to cultivate the Luo God Celestial Body. It’s no wonder why he never heard of anyone that possessed this Sovereign Celestial Body in the past.

“They possess such a treasure despite their inferior position, and it would naturally attract unwanted attention.” Mandala continued, “In the West Heaven Realm, there are a total of four God Clans. The Luo God Clan, Blood God Clan, Force God Clan and Bone God Clan… Although the Luo God Clan has declined in the past, a starved camel is still larger than a horse, so they could become the leaders of the four God Clans.”

“As the three other God Clans gradually rose, Luo God Clan’s prestige gradually fell. And today, the strongest God Clan in the West Heaven Realm has been replaced by the Blood God Clan.”

“The Blood God Clan has great grudges with the Luo God Clan. There has been friction between the two clans for hundreds and thousands of years, resulting in the enmity between them. So the Blood God Clan has been pressing, causing the Luo God Clan to be in a terrible state.”

“The Luo God Clan has also failed to live up to expectations, facing the threat of being annihilated.”

Mandala smiled as she looked at Mu Chen. “But that lover of yours is truly something. She had relied on her own power to stabilise the tremor in the clan, leading the Luo God Clan to fight with the Blood God Clan.”

Mu Chen did not feel any happiness; on the contrary, he tightly clenched his fist with a cold expression. Even if Luo Li wasn’t beside him, he could feel how much she suffered.

“How is she now? Didn’t you say that her condition wasn’t looking good?” Mu Chen took a deep breath as he asked in a soft voice.

Mandala’s face turned grave as she gently nodded her head. “According to the information that I have obtained, Luo God Clan plans to let her take part in the Luo God Ceremony and see if she can obtain the inheritance.”

“If Luo Li manages to obtain Luo Shen’s inheritance, she would surely become another Luo Shen in the future with her talent and the Luo God Celestial Body. This isn’t something that the three other God Clans are willing to see. Therefore, I’m afraid that there will be trouble in this Luo God Ceremony.”

“Furthermore, I heard that there are troubles within the clan itself. Not everyone supports that lover of yours. After all, her descendent line has been weak and if anything happens to Luo Tianshen…”

“I’m afraid that this Luo God Ceremony will not take place so easily…”

A cold light flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes as he took a deep breath to suppress his emotions. “When is the Luo God Ceremony taking place?”

“A month from now.”

Mu Chen looked at Mandala then asked, “Then, can I use the power of the Mu Abode?”

The Luo God Clan implicated too much. Even if he was now an Earth Sovereign, it wasn’t something that he could deal with by himself.

Mandala slightly smiled as she stood up. “You are now the ruler of the Mu Abode. What do you think?”

“Thanks.” Mu Chen said softly.

He naturally knew that he was the reason why Mandala broke up the Northern Region Alliance to establish the Mu Abode.

Mandala stretched her waist and said with dominance, “You just so happen to be my Junior Brother… So regarding my Sister-in-Law, we’ll trash whoever dares to bully her!”

Mu Chen grinned with a ferocious light flashing in his eyes.

Luo Li, wait for me!

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