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Chapter 1202 - The Mu Abode

Hearing Liu Tiandao’s roar, the wheel of dragon scales that had charged towards him stopped. It stopped a few feet away from Liu Tiandao’s face before it shattered and dissipated.

Liu Tiandao’s body trembled from the shock wave when the attack dissipated and was blown away along with his armour of Spiritual Energy.

He was blown away a few thousand feet before he could control his body. He stood in the air after he flew back across the hall in depression.

The entire hall was quiet, and when the other Earth Sovereigns saw this scene, their eyes flashed with a shock that couldn’t be concealed. This scene had exceeded their expectations.

They had never underestimated Mu Chen. They knew that he was capable, and they even did not expect Lu Tiandao to defeat him. They only wanted Liu Tiandao to show his strength to diminish Mu Chen’s sharpness so that he would be ashamed to be the ruler.

However, they never expected that Mu Chen had no intentions of making a move himself. He only set up a Spiritual Array and managed to cause Liu Tiandao to admit defeat.

“This Mu Chen… is this powerful?” They muttered in their hearts. They felt affected in their hearts. A few years ago, Mu Chen was merely a pawn of the Great Havenlaw Domain that they wouldn’t look at. A few years later, Mu Chen had grown to the point that he could suppress them.

They were genuinely shocked by his growth. They couldn’t imagine how far he could reach if he was given more time.

Mu Chen smiled as he looked at Liu Tiandao and said in a warm voice, “Old Liu, please don’t be offended. I won due to a cheap trick. If this was a battle for life-and-death, no one would sit still and watch a Spiritual Array being completely set up.”

When Liu Tiandao saw that Mu Chen had no arrogance nor ridiculed him and saved him from embarrassment, his expression had also turned gentle. For the first time, he felt admiration for Mu Chen.

This young man before him was a genuine elite that couldn’t be comprehended with common sense, so it wasn’t unreasonable that he lost to Mu Chen.

Liu Tiandao helplessly sighed, “The young are surpassing the old. I have overestimated myself, and you are capable, your strength convinces this old man.”

Seeing that Liu Tiandao had admitted his defeat, the Earth Sovereigns exchanged a look and sighed in their hearts. They knew that it was no longer possible for them to obstruct Mu Chen from becoming the ruler.

However, they had also been much shocked by Mu Chen’s performance. After all, their strengths were similar to Liu Tiandao’s, and since Mu Chen could force Liu Tiandao to admit defeat, the outcome wouldn’t change even if they made their move.

Strength spoke in this world, and since Mu Chen could defeat them, it had proven his qualifications.

At this moment, Mandala suddenly said with a smile, “Since that’s the case, I suppose that no one has any objections to my suggestion?”

Everyone kept their silence and shook their heads. Raising objection at this moment would only ask for embarrassment.

Mandala clapped with a smile. “Since that’s the case, I will now announce that Mu Chen will become the ruler for this newly established force. We will all follow his commands in the future!”

The other Earth Sovereigns looked at Mu Chen and nodded with respect, displaying their compliance.

Liu Tiandao looked at Mandala and asked, “Since we’re establishing a new force, what shall we call it?”

Since Mandala wanted to break the alliance, then they couldn’t be using the old names, or it would cause others to reminisce about the past. And if they wanted to change, then they would have to progress instead of moving backwards.

Mu Chen looked at Mandala and whispered, “Since we’re making use of the Ancient Haven Palace’s foundations, are we going to call it Ancient Haven Palace?”

The reason why he had such thoughts was to leave something behind that proved the existence of the Heavenly Emperor. After all, he had obtained a great opportunity from the Heavenly Emperor.

Mandala gently shook her head. “The Heavenly Emperor has already said that the Ancient Haven Palace is history, so there’s no need for it to continue. Let the reputation fade along with it.”

Mu Chen was stunned before he nodded his head. 

Mandala clearly had feelings for the Ancient Haven Palace, so if the new force retained the name, then it would only open up her wounds. Mu Chen clearly did not notice it, so he scratched his head. “Then…”

Mandala held her chin as her eyes briefly wandered around before she slapped her hand and smiled. “I got it! Since you’re the ruler, then we’ll call it the Mu Abode! Simple and practical!”

Mu Chen’s forehead started to sweat. That name was indeed, simple and crude!

Liu Tiandao and the rest exchanged a look. They briefly hesitated before whispering, “Is this a good idea?”

That name was a little too distinguishing. The moment it was established, then they would be tagged with it, a name that belonged to Mu Chen. They had been used to being proud and aloof, so they couldn’t accept it for the moment.

Hearing their words, Mandala’s face turned cold. “Do you guys have any objection about it? If you’re not willing, then leave. In the future, don’t regret about leaving!”

Hearing Mandala’s cold tone, their hearts trembled before they clenched their teeth and shook their heads. “Since that’s the case, we’ll call it the Mu Abode, then!”

At their level, they would require massive resources to improve themselves. Although they could become tyrants in the Northern Region, they could only stay in their territory in the Greatlaw Continent. The moment they left the Northern Region, then they would have to be extremely cautious and careful not to provoke other powerful forces.

They would require a background to avoid the troubles in their path of cultivation. Although the Mu Abode was newly established, it possessed the potential and Mandala was also a genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign. She could be ranked amongst the top in the Greatlaw Continent, so she would be able to protect the Mu Abode and allow it to grow.

Furthermore, there was still Mu Chen… That outstanding young man might be a Lesser Earth Sovereign now, but he possessed extraordinary talent. As long as he survived, then he would definitely grow into a famous figure in the Great Thousand World.

At that time, the Mu Abode would grow into one of the supreme forces in the Great Thousand World, comparable to the likes of the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm.

So, after brief consideration, they dispersed the barrier in their hearts. They could tell that Mandala was planning to establish a stable force for Mu Chen, so she wouldn’t treat them as stepping stones, like how she did in the past.

Since that’s the case, then there’s no harm in them joining the Mu Abode and see how it developed.

Seeing the acknowledge of the other Earth Sovereigns, Mandala nodded her head in satisfaction. “Then, we’ll decide with that. Three days from now, will be the establishment of the Mu Abode!”

“All of you are Elders of the Mu Abode. Regardless of how far the Mu Abode grows in the future, your positions will not change!” Mandala’s words were akin to a tranquilliser to their hearts. It had guaranteed their positions, which wouldn’t change no matter how far the Mu Abode grew.

Liu Tiandao and the rest stood up and bowed towards Mu Chen, it was a subordinate salute.

Mu Chen also didn’t dare to slowly react. He cupped his hands together with a serious expression.

After all, this was settled. Liu Tiandao and the rest bade their farewells, since they still had to announce it to their own forces. It would surely cause a commotion, but they’re confident to suppress the voices.

Looking at their departure, Mu Chen felt heavily relieved before he helplessly smiled at Mandala. “You’re actually more suitable for that position.”

Mandala stretched her waist. “There will be a day that you will surpass me. At that time, the Mu Abode could only stand in the Great Thousand World because of you.”

Mu Chen bitterly smiled. “There’s also a possibility that I will die before that day comes.”

Just the matter from today was enough to cause him a headache. He couldn’t imagine how many problems would arise in the future when it’s established.

“You speak as if you managed the Nine Nether Palace yourself. In the end, the Nine Nether Palace still grew powerful even without your management.” Mandala rolled her eyes and mocked.

Mu Chen had an awkward expression. The Nine Nether Palace was left to Tang Bing to manage, which he practically took no part in it. However, he understood what was Mandala implying. He only had to pass the duties to someone else.

Thinking about this, he felt more relieved. But soon after, his face turned grave and urgent as he looked at Mandala. He first took a deep breath before he said with his voice, trembling, “Then…can you now tell me about Luo Li’s news?”

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