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Brocade palace

Empress Dowager Su leaned against the soft couch, her eyes narrowing slightly.

A woman of her age had an irresistible charm, and she was indeed a woman too beautiful to look away.

All mature women should be beautiful in her, and she had a face that was seductive enough.

However, every time Mu Changyan saw her, she would feel that the person in front of her wasn't a person, but a sinister skeleton.

""Muhou, what orders do you have for this official?""

Mu Changyan asked, lowering his head as if he didn't dare look at Empress Dowager Su's ravishing face.

He didn't dare to look at her bare breasts and the white skin that could be vaguely seen under the veil.

""What do you think about the Military Department?""

Empress Dowager Su asked with a soft tone. What was strange was that she didn't seem to be questioning him in her capacity as Empress Dowager.

Mu Changyan still did not dare to raise his head, ""This son is also very disappointed in Chen Zhiyan. If the matter is true, then I will strictly follow the laws of Great Yan and will not tolerate it.""

Chen Zaiyan was recently promoted by me, and I was also at fault.

""Therefore, if Chen Zaiyan is truly a traitor, this son is willing to commit crimes and commit treason.""

Empress Dowager Su slowly shook her head. ""There's no need. Although your vision isn't good, no one would have expected Chen Zaiyan to commit such an outrageous act.""

As the ruler of a country, you have too many things to handle.

Fortunately, Su Zong was still considered to be meticulous and prudent in his actions. Otherwise, he didn't know how much trouble he was going to cause.

""Once the front was defeated due to Chen Zaiyan's words, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and millions of civilians will die.""

She extended her hand out habitually, and the little maid quickly came over to support her.

She looked at the little maid and realized that Li Changlu had been gone for a long time.

She had gotten used to Li Changlu being by her side. Whatever it was, Li Changlu was important to her.

She waved her hands in annoyance. ""All of you can leave. I still have some important matters to discuss with the King.""

The maidservants quickly bowed and left, fear on their faces.

After everyone had left, Empress Dowager Su raised a hand to smooth out the hair hanging from her forehead. ""There's actually nothing much to say about this matter. With all the evidence and witnesses here, it's more or less conclusive.""

""The reason I called you here today is to tell you about something else …""

Mu Changyan said, ""Please enlighten me.""

Empress Dowager Su said, ""It's not like there's no one in charge of the military affairs.""

You should choose someone as soon as possible. After all, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the frontline can't help but feel cold.

Although I do not know how to lead soldiers, I know how much this has hurt the soldiers.

""The Military Affairs Ministry's letter is actually from an enemy country. I presume the hatred in their hearts is also very strong.""

""Therefore, the first is to deal with Chen Zaiyan as soon as possible. There is irrefutable evidence, so it is impossible for the case to be solved.

""The second thing is to arrange for people to take over the position of the Ministry of War as soon as possible so that we can give an explanation to the soldiers at the frontlines.""

She looked at Mu Changyan and said, ""But this time, your eyes will light up if you choose someone.""

Within Mu Changyan's sleeves, two fists were clenched tightly, veins popping out on the back of her hands.

From Mu Changyan's point of view, this was clearly the empress dowager's doing.

He had thought that the Empress Dowager would restrain herself in the face of great things and great things.

After all, this was a matter related to the state. If the war against the You Country failed, the Yan Country would definitely be met with a disaster.

It looked like he'd overestimated the empress dowager's bottom line.

""Your son and subject will listen to the Queen.""

""Listen to me?""

Empress Dowager Su's eyebrows rose. ""You're the ruler of a nation, so what's the difference if you listen to everything I say?""

Back then, I brought you back because I knew that you could shoulder this heavy responsibility and wouldn't disappoint the late king.

It is precisely because I believe in your ability that I am so reassured and even indulged in you.

You can't give up on yourself just because you've failed in your choice of a person. ""

""Of course …""

Empress Dowager Su's tone changed. ""Your heart should be in chaos these days as well. After all, Chen Zaiyan was someone you chose yourself.""

So, I think that for the time being, you might not be able to calmly deal with the affairs of the state … Then, I will help you decide on this matter for the time being. ""

She moved quickly back and forth, not giving Mu Changyan a chance to interrupt.

Mu Changyan's grip tightened, almost bursting out of control.

However, he knew that in this room, there must be some expert.

Once he did, he would be subdued before he could even touch the empress dowager.

Now was not the time to completely turn hostile. He had to endure, he had to endure.

""Thank you, mother, for your health. I've been feeling a bit dizzy these past few days.""

Mu Changyan said, ""Since mother has made her choice, then this official will just give her the order.""

Empress Dowager Su shook her head. ""There's no need to trouble you. I know you have plenty of things to do, even if it's the military. There are so many other things in such a large country that require your painstaking effort.""

Therefore, I have already thought it through for you.

""I've already sent someone to pass down the order to raise Ma Zi Wei to serve as the Minister of War, what do you think?""

Mu Changyan's heart skipped a beat.

Ma Zi Wei?

Ma Ziwei was one of Chen Zaiyan's trusted aides, so why would the empress dowager promote him to become the Military Minister?

In an instant, Mu Changyan felt chills run down her spine … That's right, Ma Ziwei was one of the empress dowager's men. Even Chen Zaiyan had misjudged him.

No wonder the empress dowager had taken down Chen Zaiyan so easily. No wonder the evidence was so complete. So it was Ma Ziwei who was behind all this.

""Your son … I'll listen to the Queen.""

Empress Dowager Su nodded in satisfaction. ""I told you, you're a reasonable person.""

Although Ma Ziwei was also one of Chen Zaiyan's men, but he was honest and loyal, and Chen Zaiyan's old department was given to him to manage, so there would not be any problems.

""Let's just settle this matter then …""

She stood up, draped in a veil, and went to the window.

Also, regarding the matter regarding the Martial Arts Academy … There were many people involved in this rebellion. Many of them came from the Martial Arts Academy.

""And the Dean of the Martial Arts Academy's reserved words were actually Chen Zaiyan's accomplices. I did not expect this either.""

""Therefore, the Autumn Ceremony … I feel that the Martial Arts Academy is no longer suitable to participate in it.""

Of course, there were many outstanding young talents in the Martial Arts Academy. These people were all pillars of Da Yan.

These people are also unable to grow up in a dirty environment. Therefore, I plan to send the more outstanding individuals from the Martial Competition to the Great Cauldron Academy. ""

""The Grand Cauldron Academy was opened by the Royal Clan, so of course their loyalty to Great Yan would be higher.

Temporarily eliminating the Martial Arts Academy from the list of the Autumn Ceremony, I don't mean that we should just close the academy down like this, but it is time for a proper reorganization.

""When the atmosphere in the Martial Arts Academy becomes clean, it won't be difficult for us to reopen the academy.""

""Your son … Your son has some immature thoughts.""

Mu Changyan said, ""This year will be the first year of the academy's recruitment expansion, as well as the young female disciples. This is all the empress dowager's favor.""

Once the academy was temporarily shut down, and the academy was not allowed to participate in the Autumn Ceremony … .then it would be a huge blow to these students.

""What's even more frightening is that it breaks the belief that those Humble Classes are reporting the results for Great Yan.""

""Therefore, I feel that if any of them are willing to stay in the academy, then so be it.""

Those who are willing to enter the Grand Cauldron Academy are naturally the best. ""

Empress Dowager Su thought for a moment. She couldn't force Mu Changyan into a corner either.

The Military Department's matters were more important than the Martial Arts Academy's matters.

Since Mu Changyan had already come to terms with this major issue, it didn't matter if he could take it easy on the small matters.

Most importantly, it was said that most of the students of the academy were willing to transfer to the Grand Cauldron Academy.

""That's good as well. It reflects how benevolent and benevolent I am.""

""If there is nothing else, I will take my leave.""

""Go on.""

Empress Dowager Su said, ""I'm tired too, so I need to rest … In addition, send someone to keep watch over me.""

Li Changlu, the Chief Eunuch of the Embroidery Palace, had been missing for quite some time now, and he hadn't been too good of a face for Da Yan either.

""If this case is not solved as soon as possible, the citizens will say that all the officials of our Great Yan Dynasty are trash.""

""Your son remembers.""

Mu Changyan didn't want to stay in front of this demonic woman for even a second longer, so she bowed and retreated.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he saw Empress Dowager Su's newly promoted brocade palace eunuch Zhen Dao running towards him with small steps.

Seeing Mu Changyan, Zhen Dao hurriedly lowered his head and stepped aside, ""Greetings, King.""

Mu Changyan asked, ""What's so urgent?""

Zhen Dao hesitated for a moment before replying: ""Reporting to my lord, there is a traitor on the army side. We have kidnapped the newly appointed Minister of the Military Department, Ma Ziwei.""

Mu Changyan's heart skipped a beat as she nodded without showing any emotion. ""Then quickly report it to the empress dowager.""

After saying that, Mu Changyan walked away quickly, thinking that it must be the soldiers saving themselves.

He absolutely did not believe that Chen Zaiyan would betray the empire, but because everyone was in the Palace of Embroidery, he simply had no way of finding evidence.

Now that the horse has been taken away, it may be a turning point for the matter.

He hadn't gone very far when he heard Empress Dowager Su roar behind him.

Mu Changyan smiled, thinking that she finally had something to be happy about today.

As soon as he returned to the Heavenly Temple's East Warm Pavilion, An Chengli rushed back from outside, ""My King, there is an important matter.""

Mu Changyan dismissed everyone and asked, ""Is it about Ma Ziwei being taken away?""

An Chengli said, ""It's … It's not something about Ma Zi Wei being taken away.""

But... Ma Ziwei has been caught by our men.

Not long ago, Ma Ziwei was sent to the Black Tortoise Camp.

""Right now, Ma Ziwei has been closely guarded by our people, and we already have a confession.""

""So this matter was all the work of the Quiet Person. The Quiet Person was forced to retreat one by one on the battlefield, and under no other circumstances, he gave the great general Su Zong priceless treasures and a few peerless beauties. Su Zong obtained the benefits of the Quiet Person and fabricated evidence of Chen Zaiyan betraying the country.""

Now that Ma Ziwei has confessed, this matter seems to have a turn for the worse. ""

Mu Changyan asked, ""Who captured him?""

""It's... An dispute.""

An Chengli said, ""This servant also didn't expect that An Zeng would be so daring. Not only that, but he actually captured the people from the heavily defended military.""

There were two experts there, Lu Tianhui of the Embroidery Palace and Zhao Zishan.

""The strength of these two people is unfathomable.""

""Thus, this slave servant thought that it should be done jointly by the other members of the Weaponry Department and An Zhan.""

Mu Changyan's expression became better. ""… I knew that this young man would be able to achieve great things!""

I knew that his use of me wouldn't be completely useless!

You have the horse well protected, and this man is of the utmost importance.

Besides, catching people according to Ma Ziwei's confession would not only change the situation, but would also give the empress dowager an opportunity to send out a group of people.

""Oh right … where did the war of words go?"" … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

An Chengli said, ""They don't know either. They said they are looking for a place to hide for a few days.""

""After all, this matter is too serious. He has family by his side.""

Mu Changyan replied, ""That's right. Let him stay hidden and not reveal himself for the time being. No matter how big the occasion is, he must not reveal himself!""

Although the Yan Dynasty was small, the imperial court was still a court rather than a martial arts world.

Of course, he was straightforward with his feelings and revenge. However, Little Seven's future was in this place.

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