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Chapter 1200 - Qualifications

The hall went silent after Liu Tiandao spoke, while Nine Nether and the rest furiously stared at him. If it wasn’t for the fact that Liu Tiandao was a Lesser Earth Sovereign, they would have probably started to speak out to protect Mu Chen.

Compared to them, Mu Chen maintained a calm expression without any emotions on his face. It was within his expectations that Liu Tiandao would refuse, since they had grudges between them in the past. Naturally, the reason why he acted this way was probably due to the imbalance in his heart.

The four other Earth Sovereigns did not speak, but they should have the same mind as Liu Tiandao. It’s just that they had endured it and wasn’t willing to stand out.

Regardless, the five of them had expressed that Mu Chen wasn’t qualified to stand above them.

So if Mu Chen wanted to sit in that position, he would have to intimidate the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns with his strength alone, aside from Mandala’s support. Otherwise, the newly established force would be unstable and shaky.

So when Mandala heard Liu Tiandao’s words, she kept silent. She wanted Mu Chen to deal with this himself. When the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns saw that she remained silent, they felt relieved.

Mu Chen lightly smiled and raised his head to Liu Tiandao and said with a gentle voice, “Old Liu feels that I am not qualified; so I wonder, how can I get the qualification?”

Liu Tiandao raised his eyelids. “If you want to stand above us, convince us with your strength.”

“Although you are also a Lesser Earth Sovereign, you’re still too shallow. So if you want to stand above us, our subordinates won’t be convinced even if we’re willing. They will also call out for us and it will result in a civil conflict.” Liu Tiandao was a cunning fox, so he had said it to the extreme, even pushing his own subordinates forth.

Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile as he looked at the other Earth Sovereign. “I suppose the four of you also have the same thoughts, right?”

The four of them leisurely replied, “Although Little Brother Mu has stepped into our ranks, you’re still too inexperienced. So you won’t be able to convince the masses.”

Although they had expressed their objections, they also did not want to offend such a young Lesser Earth Sovereign. In the future, Mu Chen would definitely exceed them in the future, so they were courteous when they addressed Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled. “So this qualification and experience that you speak of… is to say whoever’s fist is harder takes the leadership.”

The five Lesser Earth Sovereigns smiled, but did not refute Mu Chen’s words. Mu Chen’s hand stroked the table as he smiled. A sharpness gathered in his eyes as he slowly said, “Since that’s the case, I wonder which one of you five is willing to test my fist and see whose is harder?”

When Mu Chen spoke, a mighty gale swept in the hall and a terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure dominated out. Behind Mu Chen, the Emperors slightly changed their expressions while feeling suppressed from the pressure coming from Mu Chen and couldn’t move.

They sighed in their hearts; the difference between a Ninth Grade Sovereign and Earth Sovereign was truly great.

The five Lesser Earth Sovereigns narrowed their eyes as their clothes fluttered. A  spiritual lustre flashed around them as they suppressed the pressure coming from Mu Chen. 

“Haha, Little Brother Mu is truly sharp like a blade…” Liu Tiandao smiled and waved his hand as he continued, “Since that’s the case, then I wish to test you out.”

He knew that Mu Chen wasn’t simple, but he was confident since he had been in the Lesser Earth Sovereign for years. Mu Chen was new to this realm, so he was optimistic that he could suppress him.

Naturally, they had no intentions of completely suppressing Mu Chen. They only wanted to grind away Mu Chen’s sharpness and let him know that it’s impossible for him to confront the five of them alone.

“I wonder how you are going to prove to us. Are we going to have a head-on fight? If that’s the case, then I am more than willing.” Liu Tiandao said forcefully, as if he wished to fight with Mu Chen. If that happened, then he would be able to suppress Mu Chen’s sharpness. At the same time, his position in the alliance would also rise.

Seeing Liu Tiandao being so forceful, Mu Chen gently flicked his finger and smiled. “Although such a fight is practical, it’s not satisfying enough.”

Both of them were in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, so they would have to engage in a life-and-death fight if they wanted to win, something that Mu Chen wasn’t willing to see. After all, he didn’t want to lose a general.

Someone like Liu Tiandao wasn’t a radish that could be found anywhere.

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Liu Tiandao thought that Mu Chen wasn’t confident in fighting him. “I will accompany you regardless of how you want to fight.”

Mu Chen lightly smiled before he stretched out his hand and a spiritual lustre gathered on his palm. “Since Old Liu is so confident, how about this. I will set up a Spiritual Array, as long as Old Liu can last for an hour, I will admit my defeat, and I will even acknowledge you as my superior.”

A commotion rang out in the hall as everyone looked at Mu Chen in disbelief. They knew that Mu Chen was versed in Spiritual Arrays, but had his attainments on it reach the Scholar Grade as well?

Furthermore, a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array could only trap Liu Tiandao, at most, so lasting for an hour was simple. That’s because, if Mu Chen wanted to defeat Liu Tiandao, he would need a Middle-Rank Scholar Grade Spiritual Array that could even cause trouble to a Greater Earth Sovereign!

Wasn’t Mu Chen a little too overconfident?

“You’re overestimating your own abilities!” Liu Tiandao laughed out. He never thought that Mu Chen would be so overconfident. However, he was also rejoicing from Mu Chen’s words. That’s because, if Mu Chen lost, then he would lose the chance to ascend the top.

It would be hopeless even if Mandala wanted to help him. On the contrary, he could use it to stand above Mu Chen and become the new ruler. 

“Since Little Brother Mu is so confident, then I will experience how capable your Spiritual Array is!” Liu Tiandao sneered while keeping his hands behind his back.

Mu Chen lightly smiled as he waved his hand. Instantly, spiritual seals flew out and interlinked into a profound array.

In just ten-odd breaths, a Spiritual Array had already been formed, gathering the Spiritual Energy in this region.

Draconic roars vaguely rang out from the Spiritual Array, along with a peculiar pressure. Looking at the massive Spiritual Array in the sky, the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns narrowed their eyes as they praised in their hearts. Judging from the Spiritual Array, Mu Chen was definitely a Spiritual Array Scholar.

It was no wonder why Mu Chen was so confident. A powerful Spiritual Energy rolled in the massive Spiritual Array along with three dragons taking form, emanating enormous pressure.

With his current strength, the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was several times stronger than the past.

“This Spiritual Array is truly something.” Liu Tiandao looked at the Spiritual Array with a smile. He then walked in and faced Mu Chen. “But if this is all you got, then I can break it anytime.”

He could tell that this Spiritual Array was somewhat profound, but it wasn’t enough to threaten him.

“Furthermore, this must be an incomplete Spiritual Array, seeing the flaws. If you think that you can use an incomplete array to defeat me, you’re too naïve.” Liu Tiandao indifferently spoke to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile. Liu Tiandao’s eyesight was keen since he could tell that this Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was incomplete.

“Since that’s the case…” Mu Chen smiled as he formed seals with a single hand. “Then please try out the complete form of this Nine Dragon God-Killing Array…”

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