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Chapter 1201 - Might of the Spiritual Array

When Mu Chen formed seals, the Spiritual Array roared with visible lines spreading out and interlinking together. As the lines interlinked, everyone could feel that the flaws of the Spiritual Array were swiftly perfecting. At the same time, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation had gathered within the Spiritual Array.

Liu Tiandao had also sensed the changes and narrowed his eyes without daring the underestimate it. He immediately gathered a powerful Spiritual Energy and formed it into an armour of Spiritual Energy around him. It was formed with Spiritual Energy, powerful and any attack on it would be slightly drained.


Mu Chen wasn’t bothered with his actions. His seals changed and the dragons in the Spiritual Array roared.

Spiritual Energy swiftly condensed into another dragon in the Spiritual Array, adding the number to four with the dragons staring at Liu Tiandao, while emanating an immense pressure.

Liu Tiandao looked at the four dragons with a grave expression. He could sense the intensity of pressure when the fourth dragon was formed.

If he was confident in dealing with four dragons, then his confidence had been instantly halved.

“This Mu Chen does have some means, after all.” Liu Tiandao muttered in his heart. When he saw Mu Chen smiling as he formed seals with a single hand, his pupils instantly shrunk. He’s not done?!

With this thought in his heart, draconic roars rang out from the Spiritual Array as Spiritual Energy condensed into a dragon, a total of five dragons in the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array!

At this moment, even Liu Tiandao’s countenance had turned unsightly. Even the other Earth Sovereigns had serious expressions at this scene. They felt a trace of threat from the five dragons!

The corner of Liu Tiandao’s lips twitched. If he had decided to engage in a life-and-death fight with Mu Chen, then he would have made his move by now, disrupting Mu Chen from setting up his Spiritual Array.

But it was a pity that his bet with Mu Chen was him enduring the Spiritual Array for an hour. Since that’s the case, he could only watch as Mu Chen completely set up the Spiritual Array.

“This should be his limit…” Liu Tiandao comforted the unease in his heart. According to his estimation, if Mu Chen brought out another dragon, then he would be trapped in the Spiritual Array.

Mu Chen looked at Liu Taindao with a smile. Seeing Mu Chen’s smile, Liu Tiandao felt a chill down his spine. His face turned green when he saw Mu Chen forming seals again.

The Spiritual Energy patterns started to link together, slowly perfecting the flaws. The Spiritual Energy in this region had also boiled as it gathered towards the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array.

With more Spiritual Energy gathering into the Spiritual Array, everyone’s eyelids twitched as they saw another dragon forming.

“That’s the sixth…” The other Earth Sovereigns gulped down a mouthful of saliva as they exchanged looks. Beads of sweat covered their foreheads. They clearly felt a terrifying fluctuation from the Spiritual Energy before them. A Spiritual Array that even they wouldn’t dare to enter!

They looked at Liu Tiandao’s face turning green and rejoiced in their hearts. They felt fortunate that they weren’t the ones standing out. Otherwise, they would be in the same spot as Liu Tiandao.

“I never expected that your attainments in Spiritual Arrays would reach this level! Impressive, let me witness how powerful this Spiritual Array of yours is!” Liu Tiandao’s eyes flickered as he looked at the Spiritual Array and roared. He took a step forth and clenched his fists together. The massive amount of Spiritual Energy that gathered into his hands turned into whips as he brandished them, tearing space as they bolted towards the six dragons.

Rage rose in the hearts of Nine Nether and the rest. That old fellow was truly cunning, he wasn’t willing to wait since he saw that Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array was growing stronger, so he wanted to make a move to disrupt Mu Chen.

Mu Chen faintly smiled. Liu Tiandao was underestimating him if he thought that he could obstruct him from perfecting the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array in this manner.

Mu Chen flicked his finger and the Spiritual Array blossomed. The entire array spun at this moment and the six dragons unleashed six draconic breaths towards Liu Tiandao, completely blocking the latter’s attacks.

As the two of them confronted one another, a violent wave of Spiritual Energy swept out, tearing space apart. If it wasn’t for Mandala, the entire hall would have been reduced to ashes by now.

In ten-odd breaths, Liu Tiandao had already fought a few hundred rounds with the six dragons. Even if he had placed his best in his attacks, he still couldn’t defeat the six dragons. At best, he could only maintain the deadlock.

“This Spiritual Array is this powerful?!” Liu Tiandao’s heart trembled as he realised that even when he had brought out all his powers, he couldn’t break free from the six dragons.

That meant that this Spiritual Array already possessed the power to trap a Lesser Earth Sovereign!

He knew that unless he went all-out, without holding back, it’s impossible for him to break free from this Spiritual Array.

With this thought, he had quickly given up the intention of breaking free from the Spiritual Array. After all, his deal with Mu Chen was holding on in the Spiritual Array for an hour.

Although Liu Tiandao couldn’t do a thing to this Spiritual Array, this Spiritual Array also couldn’t break his defences. If this went on, he would be able to drag the time for an hour.

It wouldn’t be too glorious for him to do this, but since Mu Chen was so confident, then let him learn a lesson today.

A massive Spiritual Energy surged with a myriad of beams of Spiritual Energy forming into a robust defence around him, allowing the six dragons to attack as they wished.

“That old fellow is too shameless!” Nine Nether and the rest shook their heads as they cursed in their hearts.

The other Earth Sovereigns inwardly curled their lips and kept their silence. After all, if Liu Tiandao won, then they wouldn’t have to acknowledge Mu Chen as their ruler. So they had no qualms in letting Liu Tiandao be the shameless one.

At the same time, they were also rejoicing in their hearts. Fortunately, they did not stand out, or they would be the ones in Liu Tiandao’s shoes.

Despite everyone having different thoughts, Mu Chen smiled as he looked at Liu Tiandao with a ridiculing arc rising on the corner of his lips.

At the same time, he raised his hands and formed an ancient seal. In that instant, the array blossomed with lustre once again, and gradually developed into another dragon.

This commotion had attracted everyone’s attention, with many of them having a change in their expressions since no one expected Mu Chen to continue perfecting his Spiritual Array despite having to multitask and deal with Liu Tiandao at the same time.

Furthermore, that Spiritual Array is still not at the limit? Just what grade of Spiritual Array is that?!

Everyone was shocked as they witnessed the seventh dragon being formed. Liu Tiandao’s face instantly turned unsightly. He could vaguely sense the array becoming terrifying with the seventh dragon taking form.

He had a premonition that if the seventh dragon joined in, then he wouldn’t be able to stand his ground anymore. 

Liu Tiandao did not dare to hold back and unleashed all his power. A massive Sovereign Immortal Body was formed behind him. As the Sovereign Immortal Body breathed, it had transformed into a massive ocean and blew the six dragons away.

It was also at this instance that a brilliant draconic roar resounded. An endless lustre gushed, and the seventh dragon was formed, turning into a beam of light as it pounced forth.

The six other dragons had also turned into beams as they combined into a wheel of dragon scales, penetrating through space and bolted towards Liu Tiandao.

The destructive attack caused Liu Tiandao’s face to turn pale with fear climbing on his face. In the end, he finally couldn’t bear the pressure. He clenched his teeth and hollered, “I admit defeat!”

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